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  1. An interesting observation ...

    Suddenly, my post wondering why Visanthe Shiancoe was getting dissed by DMD in the TE rankings doesn't seem so silly, does it? (sorry, if I knew how to find and link an old post, I'd have done it, but his name is in the post if you want to find it)
  2. One year later....

    The dude has some skills. 84-yard swing pass TD called back Sun for a holding penalty on opposite side from play. Put a few great moves on some runs and other passes as well. He might be their actual 3rd receiver. He's not gonna get many carries (Rudi, while he has not been great in 1st half, is BRUTAL with a lead in the 2nd half), but he is gonna get a fair share of touches. If the Bengals offense continues to click, then Perry is definitely a worthy bye week fill-in, because he will get chances to score TDs every week, and will probably put up 40-50 yds, minimum. (Boy, I remember a time when Dillon was the only Bengal player on any FFL team, and even then only because of his 2 or 3 monster weeks. Now you've got a boatload of players on your roster. And the backup RB is worthy of a roster spot!)
  3. Hear Them Bengals Growling!

    Restoring the ROAR to the Jungle! Will be a great test against an excellent Bears D this week. Should the cats come home 3-0, this town is going to be freakin' crazy next week (we deserve it here by the way, IMO) The thing I love about this start is not just the pastings they've put on a couple of struggling teams, it's that no one on the team is satisfied. They had 17 penalties last week, so Marvin's gonna make 'em pay for that in practice this week. That should work to keep them focused on the game at hand. (Actually, that's all any player is talking about, the game this week. It's the fans who are starting to make the ridiculous projections) The run defense has not been good yet (>5 ypc), but it hasn't been necessary so far. That is a legitimate concern and must get better. But they don't have to improve to a top 5 defense! If they can improve only to middle-of-the-pack, with the firepower on offense (and pretty good special teams, I might add), they will have every chance to compete for a playoff spot at the end of the year. The last two years have been a joy in Cincy to merely have an actual NFL team again. Now (and perhaps for a few years to come), we may actually have an NFL team with some skill that can contend in our division and league. Saaweeeet!
  4. Twenty Questions - message board contest

    -------------------------------------------- 1. LaDanien Tomlinson 2. JJ Arington 3. Peyton Manning 4. LaDanien Tomlinson 5. Terrell Owens 6. Peyton Manning 7. Edgerin James 8. Chad Johnson 9. David Akers 10. Buffalo Bills 11. Washington Redskins 12. Detroit Lions 13. JJ Arington 14. Cedric Benson 15. Braylon Edwards 16. 55 yds 17. None 18. Kansas City 19. Philadelphia 20. Philadelphia Tiebreaker - 41 yds -------------------------------------------------
  5. My Addiction To This Hobby Grows Every Year

    I thought this was gonna be a poem . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...which is why I wasn't even gonna open this post
  6. Six Man League advice

    Hey, I did say "IF" to everything. Now, now, he was good (enough) natured about it. Giving people sh!t is the one of the best parts of this place.
  7. draft grid

    This is a great tool which I think I used pretty effectively last year! I highly recommend it. This year, it won't do me much good, as I have the #1 pick in a 12-team, and #8 in a 14-team. I'm gonna use it in the 14 -team to see if I get any benefit, but that is still too many picks to "see" any great advantage, IMO
  8. Six Man League advice

    Amen! If you really are just gonna join a 6-man "normal" league (lineups, starters, etc), you deserve to be mocked. If you start a post (like this one) to ask advice about strategy for a 6-man league, you deserve to be mocked and scorned. If you paid the Huddle Membership just so you could ask for advice on strategy for a 6-man league, you should be mocked and scorned, and have your Huddle Membership revoked. If the 6-man league you joined and asked advice for is a FREE LEAGUE, you deserve to be SHOT, and we will mock and scorn your corpse, and send the Huddle Membership revocation notice to your dad or whomever your legal guardian was.
  9. Edwards moving toward the starting lineup

    Got him in the 13th round in my 1st draft last week. Here's hoping he makes me a genius by catching numerous long TDs during mop-up time when Cleveland is losing bad in most games.
  10. The Forgotten

    Ken Anderson
  11. Stealing LJ

    Good Topic! It only counts where he's been taken in money leagues. There is no risk in taking him in any round in a FREE league. Why, because FREE LEAGUES SUCK!
  12. Explain Your Login Name!

    Named after an affliction. No cure (really wanted one in the 90s, believe me) Many across the nation will "catch it" this year!
  13. Chiefs Out of Control

    I can't wait until a Chiefs/Raiders game. Hopefully both teams send out their kickers for the coin flip Maybe they'll do shots, last one standing gets the wind at his back
  14. Predict the # of Manning TD Passes and win.....

    We're gonna have to wade thru all of this chit again just to determine who the winners of the contest are. Thanks a bunch! Start your own post to circle jerk each other, for cryin' out loud. The three best teams, based on Superbowls, of the modern NFL era are the 49ers the Cowboys the Patriots don't like any of 'em, but I can't deny it. You could make additional arguments for a couple others, but these are the teams that WON superbowls The Bengals have been to more Superbowls than either the Ravens/Browns or the Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts, so bite me! (Note to self: Don't tell others to take the argument elsewhere, and then join the fray! D'oh!)
  15. Predict the # of Manning TD Passes and win.....

    look 2 posts above yours