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  1. 3000

    who are you
  2. December 7th, 1941

    all the lives that were changed that day forward The troops that fought for freedom
  3. Need on replacement for a playoff team

    how much can i win?
  4. our next president

    DMD, dig up yer guns it's safe ta decorate yer home again
  5. our next president

  6. our next president

    has anyone ever taken the oath from an all womans federal prison before?
  7. Food and Bev Thread - Hoboken BBQ

    A good friend of mine (SEC=UGA) highly recommended "Smoked Berrie" sauce on pulled pork, thoughts
  8. our next president

    now where did i put that flour
  9. our next president

    the debbil made me do it
  10. our next president

    Trump looks like the lead pipe lock, thoughts?
  11. Best double album ever?

    beastie boys
  12. Baton Rouge

    probably can't live by any schools too
  13. Hey Chargerz

    lube the fence up ta get her head out
  14. Minneapolis Huddlers, am moving up in June!

    big mistake, walkaway
  15. potentially the dumbest question ever asked here

    tie off a vein and shoot up then it's in his court