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  1. $125 Dollar Dynasty League needs 2 owners

    now full thanks all
  2. $125 Dollar Dynasty League needs 2 owners

    Down to just Team 1--the "Hitter" has claimed Team 2--- Anyone want to jump in?
  3. $125 Dollar Dynasty League needs 2 owners

    sorry these are the 2 teams Open 1 Qbs Delhomne Moore Orton RB J. Charles A.Brown Q.Ganther D.McFadden L.Washington Wr J.Avant J.Cribbs D.Driver N.Burleson J.Gage B.Gibson B.Hartline Te F.Davis B.Pettigrew K-Tynes; D-Cinn-Cleve draft 4 rounds 2 rookie followed by 2 free for all 1.02, 2,02, 3.02, 4.02 Open2 used to be C.Thomas Howells Californicators but way to busy Qb-Hasselbeck-Wallace-N.Davis RB-MJD, J.Jones, L.Johnson, W.Parker WR-Breaston, Collie,Evans,Garcon, Ginn, MacLin, Wayne Te-Gates, Scaife, Cook K-Gostkowski D-Pitt, No Draft 1.05, 2.05, 3.05, 4.05 send me an P_M if interested or just go the site and then check things over
  4. MFL # 44495 2 open dynasty teams 21 person roster 1 ir starting lineup QB-2RB-2WR-TE-D-K-2Flex league has been around 10 years--I've been there for 4 started with ehhhh and it's better now
  5. florida question

  6. Fantasy Baseball

    Wouldn't worry about the first three rounds on which leagues they're coming from--use whatever draft stragedy your implementing and then reevaluate at that time----would think about getting a SS in the first three picks if viable-Ramirez,Tulo,Reyes,Rollins and then cherry pick your cheat sheet for value--also make sure you have a up to date draft sheet of your opponents NL picks
  7. Lets talk Shots

    Hand Grenade Rum Gin Vodka Everclear Top with Melon Liquor wait 3 seconds then toss down
  8. help, my first year with a keeper baseball team

    several reservations on Stewart--probably will not hit 260, his bat will have pop but you will have to draft someone just to offset in average; also if Young gets 300 at bats will diminish his value even more--if this is a 12 team league in the seventh round their is someone else with far greater value--would rather go Sizemore later in the draft
  9. help, my first year with a keeper baseball team

    Would keep 4 to 5 Kemp-No. 1 Haren Bay Howard Carp--maybe Figgins-check other teams for speed --definite plus 2 base If you just took over team look for health and youth to build with--and the mantra is never keep a relief pitcher unless he gets 75 K's and is dominant think there are 3 this year Broxton, Mariano and Nathan--maybe Pap-- Speed--Bourn, Everth Cabrera, R. Davis, E. Andrus and maybe Span a little later in draft good luck
  10. LSU/Ole Miss - lol @ wt*

    still trying to understand why the field goal team wasnt ready to run on the field
  11. Breeders' Cup

    on a lark Quality Road
  12. Movies You Can't....

    Doubt many remember these B flicks but they had there moments Golf movie-Dead Solid Perfect with Randy Quaid and a western called the Glory Guys the female lead was a lady named Senta Berger
  13. What a great game

    Guess they went over on the point spread----
  14. WR/WR to start the draft

    Did a NFFC 12 teamer for their online Championship last night PPR-(rb only .5, Passing Td-6)-Starters QB, 2RB, 3Wr, Te, D, K and Flex- 1.08-Moss Rd2-Jennings Rd3-K Smith Rd4-Housh Rd5-Addai Rd6-Wells Rd7-Felix Rd8-Olsen Rd9-Ryan Rd10-Z.Miller Rd11-Nicks Rd12-L Robinson Rd13-GB d Rd14-Flacco Rd15-M.Bell Rd16-Kelly Rd17-Ware Rd18Elam Rd19Clowney Rd20Murphy Went the WR route and came away pretty happy --waited on QB and TE so ended up with usable RB but all 3 were picked without their handcuffs so we will see
  15. Warcraft

    My 12 year old daughter just started and has that gleam or blank look in her eyes--don't know if I should be proud for carrying on the tradition of gaming or scared to death for carrying on the gaming tradition