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  1. What do you need tonight?

    I hate fantasy football.
  2. Scam Newton

    What a turd.
  3. Jordy Nelson?

    Sell high now? Leaning toward keeping him but curious what others are thinking. I guess it just took a while for Nelson to get warmed up? When's Jennings coming back?
  4. Andy Dalton & AJ Green

    I don't think he heard you.
  5. Lloyd dropable?

    Never got the hype around Lloyd. He was never relevant prior to the fluke 2010 season and he's now on his 6th team. Last year I guess he was a nice WR3 but vastly overdrafted based on the 2010 numbers. His 407 yards so far this year is higher than his season totals for 5 of his previous 9 seasons. What a turd.
  6. What do you need tonight?

    Need 19 from Forte & Jason Hanson in a PPR. Pretty good considering I didn't bother picking up a bye week replacement for the Atlanta D because I didn't want to drop anyone, and I got a zero from Kyle Rudolph.
  7. Heading to Giants/Redskins

    I always get goosebumps when they play Hells Bells at kickoff. Let's kick some ass!!!!!!!
  8. Vick 2012 stats

    Herpes? Yes.
  9. Heading to Giants/Redskins

    Good returner and 3rd down back. I liked Joe Morris and OJ Anderson more than him though.
  10. Heading to Giants/Redskins

    Back then coke was like a strong cup of coffee, something you'd have before the game as an eye-opener. And that girl was a hooer who said she was 18.
  11. Heading to Giants/Redskins

    Yeah, LT obviously was a phenomenon that changed the game, so that's an easy one. I agree about Bavaro and he was definitely my favorite back then. Simms drove me absolutely nuts, much like Eli earlier in his career, though obviously turned in one of the best SB performances ever. Back in my teens I didn't fully appreciate what we had in Simms and wanted them to start Hostetler. With the benefit of hindsight my favorite of all time is Harry Carson. Humble, underrated, completely overshadowed by LT but clearly one of the alltime greats. I was moved when he was finally inducted into the HoF and I think he's just a class act all around and the best living representation of what the franchise stands for -- excellence, class, humility, professionalism. I hate to read that he's now suffering from post-concussion syndrome and I hope he doesn't end up a drooling vegetable.
  12. Heading to Giants/Redskins

    :jealous: Very much looking forward to this one, our first of probably many matchups with RGIII. Have fun.