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  1. Robert Turbin suspended 4 games, PEDs

    Marlon Macks stock should be rising. I traded for him about 3 months ago in a Dynasty,, get him now if you can, while the price is relatively low.
  2. Keeper League Keepers

    Tight between Collins and Engram.
  3. Todd Gurley #1 pick next year?

    its Whey Ghey
  4. Thank You Todd Gurley

    You made me spit bourbon through my nose buddah.. lol but on a serious note, in one league Gurley saved me but in another, he broke it off in me as well. The downside of playing in multiple leagues I guess.
  5. Could Aaron Rodgers become a FA?!

    Was a PR move to save face after the fact.
  6. Kapri Bibbs expected to play a lot

    Thomas is also
  7. Kapri Bibbs expected to play a lot

    Volume is never a guarantee either, but at this point, already down Brown, possibly Thomas, I have to flex the high volume prospect. Bibbs is going in win or lose.
  8. Could Aaron Rodgers become a FA?!

    Granted, athletes can't sign autographs for everybody, but it's generally a bad move to ignore a cancer patient. Google it/
  9. Could Aaron Rodgers become a FA?!

    protect the shield Roger, do your job. integrity of the league and all that.. nothing will happen, but how hilarious would that be if scumbag Aaron Rodgers got released and the Browns snatched him up
  10. Kapri Bibbs expected to play a lot

    seriously considering Bibbs over.. Barber Gallman Davis
  11. All I could do was start the thread for us alley dwellers,, but the chest pumpers had to take over. This wasn't the original context, this thread was supposed to be about the worst assembly to play in the big game, not "look at how great my lineup is." Guess it drifted a bit.... More respect to the sorry ass teams..
  12. That's the line up Ive been looking for in this thread... You have done a good job, scratching and clawing your way to the Championship.. Hope you pull it of with that crapstacular lineup.
  13. Actually not a lot of total garbage, some worse than others... those that own Bell/Hunt, or Gurley/Gordon combos, sorry but this thread wasn't for you. The Gurley/McCoy owner that I'm facing this week for the title actually texted me offering insurance. 1 - 830 2 - 200 split - 515 each. Ive never done it before, but considering my matchup this week, I'm considering it.
  14. Joe Flacco Kenyan Drake Duke Johnson Jerick McKinnon Martavis Bryant Brandon Cooks Robert Woods Will Lutz Blake Martinez Bobby Wagner CJ Mosley Sean Davis Earl Thomas These Rag Tag Warriors have got me this far, but going against the McCoy, Gurley owner so probably wont get the title, but at least they got me to the big dance, my IDPs have carried this team. Whats your crap fest.
  15. Assembled the best team possible and still lost...

    2 weeks ago I was bummed that earlier I had traded away Wilson at the trade deadline for a donut in ADP,, ended up rolling with Flacco, other wise I would have started Wilson, the best QB in FF and lost..... Onward to the Championship now with probably the worst starting line up in all of FF. I have nothing to lose at this point, cant believe I made it this far, been saying I'm toast for the past 8 weeks and I'm sure it has pissed off my entire league that Ive made it to the big dance with my crap fest assembly of misfit cast offs. Its all about the matchups baby!