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  1. Jackie Doyle

    Would you play Doyle vs Jags over Engram vs 49ers today?
  2. Deeper Sleepers

    Im holding Penny for now, trade offers have been coming for low ball offers. Other top owners are aware of the Seattle back field mess and are recognizing possibly a late season value at this point. My advice is if you already own him, hold him, may be good value late, but if Im trading for him, don't give up much.
  3. Raiders vs 49ers Game Day Thread

    I like Breida in this one.
  4. Mixon Thompson Jones
  5. Even Ricky Seals-Jones? In a desperate market?
  6. can DEN beat KC?

    Oh that's true,, all mistakes are in hindsight. Just saying that its just part of the love of the game is all.. sometimes love to hate the game...lol We all make the same mistakes in hindsight. Im 0-3 in a couple leagues where I should easily be 3-0 from 1 single lineup error..
  7. can DEN beat KC?

    Hindsight Is always 20/20 loaf, everyone that has ever played this game has made the same mistake. I hate when my bench scores more than my starters..lol
  8. Robert Turbin suspended 4 games, PEDs

    Marlon Macks stock should be rising. I traded for him about 3 months ago in a Dynasty,, get him now if you can, while the price is relatively low.
  9. Keeper League Keepers

    Tight between Collins and Engram.
  10. Todd Gurley #1 pick next year?

    its Whey Ghey
  11. Thank You Todd Gurley

    You made me spit bourbon through my nose buddah.. lol but on a serious note, in one league Gurley saved me but in another, he broke it off in me as well. The downside of playing in multiple leagues I guess.
  12. Could Aaron Rodgers become a FA?!

    Was a PR move to save face after the fact.
  13. Kapri Bibbs expected to play a lot

    Thomas is also
  14. Kapri Bibbs expected to play a lot

    Volume is never a guarantee either, but at this point, already down Brown, possibly Thomas, I have to flex the high volume prospect. Bibbs is going in win or lose.
  15. Could Aaron Rodgers become a FA?!

    Granted, athletes can't sign autographs for everybody, but it's generally a bad move to ignore a cancer patient. Google it/