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  1. deleting a post

    Agree! Sometimes the motivation or the reason to make a given post no longer exists. It seems unusual that one can not delete an unnecessary or redundant entry. Perhaps even an inappropriate post that was foolishly submitted in a moment of anger. If any original writer deems his post no longer adds anything to the thread they should have the right to remove it. Might even make the moderator's job easier.
  2. Usernames

    Will do in the AM. Thank you again.
  3. Usernames

    Now I have another problem. I seem to be unable to sign into the links off the Homepage that require a members only login. Any ideas on that one WW?
  4. The Valvano "myth"

    This is really a weird thread produces a lot of negative vibes and takes a dead man to task. Not usually considered good manners even if it is true. Incidently, Cordo you have a misquote in your SOA sig. What is SOA anyway?
  5. Usernames

    WW, Thank you kindly. That was so sucessful that I am going to take a shot at another problem I am having. I seem to be unable to open any links at this site. I can freely move around the boards but am unable to open any link that is posted by a member. This does not happen to me on any other site. I use IE6 and Windows XP if that somehow makes a difference. PS: Is this the right way to ask about these type of problems? If you would prefer that I email them just give me an address and I'll sure do it that way. Again, thanks for my "HappyFace" it goes way back with me and identifies me at a lot of local places. PPS: It is several days later now but I am going to edit here because I think my problem was that my ad stopper ADD-SUBTRACT was blocking some of the links. Their latest update allows their app to learn and I think I have got it fixed now!!!!
  6. Usernames

    I continue to wonder why I can't have my HappyFace user name back. I see that you ( the powers thatbe) are carrying both HappyFace and HappyFaces on your roster. Since I have used HappyFace for some twelve to fifteen years and have always had the same email address I can't figure the reluctance to allow the correction. I once had an additional email address at Hotmail. It was mytopper@hotmail.com but is long since defunct. I guess it is possible I used that early on before I knew your board had some integrity. PS: I am not trying to hijack keggerz thread but this did seem like a place where someone with clout would see it and give me some action.