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  1. Deeper Sleepers

    Carson's a pounder and seems to be a good one, but I have a hard time seeing him as more than just a part time back, especially with a 3 cone drill of over 7.5. I mean it's possible that he could have slipped during the drill or just had a bad run, but still... I'd sell high on him and buy low on Penny when able to, especially in dynasty.
  2. Deeper Sleepers

    Darboh and Moore are both athletic physical specimens who are also in the mix for Seattle. Keep a close eye on how Seattle's receiver group fares in the preseason games and if anybody seems to stand out.
  3. The league I'm in has existed since 2001, and over half of its members are original owners. $40 a year fee, 12 teams, IDP, 0.5 ppr, 30 man roster, cut 10 prior to draf, start one QB, 5 offensive skill players, one kicker, 6 defenders. The team we're looking to fill is currently named Jdinkalage Morgoon. It has Aaron Rodgers at QB, Jordan Howard, Marshawn Lynch, Brandin Cooks, pick 1.08 in this year's rookie/FA draft, and a few good defensive players. Not a juggernaut but it did win its division last year despite Rodgers injury. Link is here, if interested in joining respond to me here or PM:
  4. Week 10 Milk Carton

    Gordon Gordon Gordon What sucks is this is looking to be a timeshare moving forward with Ekeler.
  5. Kareem Hunt - Chiefs

    The jags have one of the stoutest defenses and maybe the best talent/defensive personnel on the field across the board in the league. Anyone who knows football knows this. Whether or not they're "number 1" in someones rankings is irrelevant, the talent itself is obvious. I suspect Hunt will likely be getting a "random" drug test from the NFL sometime in the near future. For someone whose combine numbers were quite marginal his start in the NFL is rather unbelievable. Granted 3 games is a small sample size and he obviously can't maintain an 8 yard per carry average throughout the entire season, but!!
  6. POLL: Week one flex play, pick one

    .5 ppr, everything else standard.
  7. POLL: Week one flex play, pick one

    i like gillislee, concerned that he may not get enough touches in that crowded backfield though. I've been leaning towards Henry up until now considering that murray is coming off a hamstring injury and was unimpressive in his only preseason action.
  8. Epic Championship battle this year

    Wondering if I should pull Gostowski. Rainy in New England tomorrow and wind from 8 to 10 mph. Plus the scoring is likely to be mostly touchdowns against the Jets I'd think.
  9. It has the makings to be one of the better matches in our league's 15 year history. Tell me if you think I have my best team out there, if not what you would change and why. I am aware of Levy's questionable tag. Trying to get info on his particiaption. He had 8 tackles last week and I have a feeling that he will have a big Monday night with against the run heavy Cowboys if he's good to go. The stars come out on Monday night as they say. I am ready to pull him tomorrow though if I find that the tag is anything more than a formality, or if I can't get some clarity. My team is Overpaid Dumb Jocks:
  10. Mariota Week 15 @ KC

    I've got 10 degrees on my weather channel app, but no wind. A lot better than what they'll be dealing with in Chicago. I don't know about Mariota, but I feel Smith will be alright. Also the Titans run game.
  11. Think I'll go against the group and say Carr. Rodgers has the calf strain and there's risk that such severe cold could exacerbate that. The Bears are actually ranked 6th against the pass where the Chargers are ranked 25th. The chargers were not even competitive last week on either side of the ball. Cobb has not been healthy either, and then there's the wind in the windy city. Right now weather channel says 15 mph with gusts up to 20. Definitely something to keep an eye on. No matter how good a QB is if the wind is strong enough that QB will not be accurate with the ball for anything more than very short throws.
  12. Would you start Kap over Brady?

    I'd go Brady too. Denver passing D is very good but not unbeatable, and don't have to worry about Brady getting benched.
  13. Kaepernick week 15 @ Atl

    He has over the years, but it's kind of hard to trust him given how awful in general he has been recently. Over the last 8 games QBs have averaged 324 passing yards a game against the Titans, and none has finished lower than QB13. They've given up at least 316 yards to the likes of Trevor Siemien, Matt Barkley, Blake Bortles, and Cody Kessler. I will need to be mindful of the weather and wind in KC though. Not a potential concern in Atlanta (dome) nor as much of one in Oakland.