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  1. Who do I start

    I agree chubb and lindsay, but i like keenan allen better. Both detroit and the jags have shutdown corners, and rivers has been red hot in what should be a high scoring affair sunday night against pittsburgh.
  2. Mack or Adams

    Mack is in, Adams sounds likely for Monday night.
  3. I like white, cant say i like the defense he faces nor the increasing timeshare.
  4. josh adams now listed as questionable, so i may have to pick 2.
  5. Conley?????

    Ware will get his touches too, the running game will still be a factor and ware catches passes out of the backfield as well.
  6. Choose the best WR for this week

    I’m going with Thomas in my lineup. Nuk will have one on one with denzel ward probably all game, should open things up for thomas.
  7. Names i figure to start this week are ekeler, josh adams, kittle and D Thomas. For the 5th spot I’m hung up on my choices are James white against minnesota (with burkhead back will likely be more of a committee), marlon mack if he plays against jags, david moore against sf and chris conley against oakland.
  8. Week 12 MNF - whatcha need?

    I need this annoncer to shut his cornhole. Goddamn he’s obnoxious.
  9. Week 9 Milk Carton

    Trubisky. David Moore...terrible game by him. Wilson looked for him all day and connected I think only twice for 16 yards, one of the targets went for a pick 6 and he also committed two penalties in the first half.
  10. Who’s the better play here?
  11. Week 7 Milk Carton

    Gabriel 5 of 5 targets last week, 7 of 7 week before, has rolled up 233 yards and a touchdown in that time, yet has been targeted only once today, that came at the end of the first for a short, 7 yarder.
  12. Week 7 Milk Carton

    Taylor Gabriel??
  13. Deeper Sleepers

    Carson's a pounder and seems to be a good one, but I have a hard time seeing him as more than just a part time back, especially with a 3 cone drill of over 7.5. I mean it's possible that he could have slipped during the drill or just had a bad run, but still... I'd sell high on him and buy low on Penny when able to, especially in dynasty.
  14. Deeper Sleepers

    Darboh and Moore are both athletic physical specimens who are also in the mix for Seattle. Keep a close eye on how Seattle's receiver group fares in the preseason games and if anybody seems to stand out.
  15. The league I'm in has existed since 2001, and over half of its members are original owners. $40 a year fee, 12 teams, IDP, 0.5 ppr, 30 man roster, cut 10 prior to draf, start one QB, 5 offensive skill players, one kicker, 6 defenders. The team we're looking to fill is currently named Jdinkalage Morgoon. It has Aaron Rodgers at QB, Jordan Howard, Marshawn Lynch, Brandin Cooks, pick 1.08 in this year's rookie/FA draft, and a few good defensive players. Not a juggernaut but it did win its division last year despite Rodgers injury. Link is here, if interested in joining respond to me here or PM: