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  1. Dynasty league advice

    I have some roster space available, any keeper sleeper advice? Hidden gems on the waiver wire maybe?
  2. Huddle IDP rankings

    I think you do a fantastic job. I'm in 5 leagues, 2 with IDP and last week I went 5-0. I'm in first in one league, and top 3 in all the others, mostly thanks to info I get from the Huddle. I just thought that weekly IDP rankings would be great since so many stud players are getting hurt. Keep up the good work.
  3. Current IDP rankings wouldn't suck. No more Watt, no more Bowman, bring the goods Huddle! Stop resting on your laurels!
  4. If the first pick is Antonio Brown, I think I should take Gurly, If the first pick is Gurly, I think I should take A.B. Then if I get Gurly, I'll target the next 2 best WRs 23rd & 26th Pick. If I get Brown, I'll target the next 2 best RBs. Does that make any sense? What would you do?
  5. IDP draft strategy needed

    Thanks FastSteve, I think you're right. I have used IDP before, but this leagues separates the Dline and the DBs, most stardard IDP leagues combine them.
  6. Should I make this offer?

    I'd do it. I don't know why he'd want to though.
  7. 2 Keepers - Antonio/Julio/AP/JC25

    Brown and Julio, then go get your "practically" B2B "best RB available" in the next 2 rounds. What do you bet Charles is still available? If he is, go get Spencer Ware later.
  8. Who to Pick at #4?

    I got Julio Jones 4th, but if I bet one of the managers in the top 3 makes a mistake so maybe OBJ or Gurley is available. I also like AP and Doug Martin.
  9. Lamar Miller and Rob Gronkowski, Is L'veon Bell gone? you could take Alshon and Bell. IMHO
  10. Selecting Keepers

    Hilton and Landry are Keepers, but I can understand Hilton & Hyde. Depends who everyone else keeps and who is left.
  11. If Gio clears

    Disagree, consider this, Cousins plays against the Browns, at home, in an early season 4th week bye for Aaron Rodgers. Cousins could have a big day, when your stud is off. Then you can drop him and hit the waiver wire for a RB you're not got gonna play anyway. I like all 5 of your RBs over Gio, Woodhead just barely, but still.
  12. Draft choice for WR's

    In this order, Landry, Floyd, then Edelman. IMHO
  13. What to do in Round 5 and 6?

    Normally I'd say take CJ, then Carlos Hyde, but I was burned by CJ last year so I don't trust him, although he got a big contract and his competition is nill. SO, I like Demarco then Hyde. IMHO
  14. Which RB/WR duo you prefer

    I like AB & McCoy, then I'd go McCoy / Elliott
  15. Keeper League Draft Help

    I agree with DirtyHarry319, Keep Luck, Cooks, and Hilton, target the first two rounds RBs, then the next two rounds top available WR/RB. Next 2 rounds best available, W/R/T.