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  1. Mike and Mike in the Morning

    Can't understand how anyone likes Herm. Classic example of "spouting nonsense in an authoritative tone" syndrome.
  2. Chris Givens

    Hate the matchup, but starting him in a must win game. :fingerscrossed:
  3. Destination - Atlantic City

    Would love to hang, but I kinda relocated since last we saw each other. Too bad, but enjoy your trip!
  4. highest scoring team not making the playoffs

    Inversely, last year I was 1 win away from winning the regular season with the fewest total points in the entire league. Every team I played against crapped the bed that particular week. But then I got blown out in the last game of the year and finished 4th.
  5. 3 way tie for 2 wildcard spots, who gets in?

    Total points. End of thread.
  6. Bryce Brown

    OK, that's a little scary. Are you from the future?
  7. Ravens Use of Ray Rice

    Hey diddle diddle....
  8. Who's starting Amendola this week?

    chives this activity.
  9. Julio Jones

    My dream season continues. . .
  10. Dan Rather -Reports

    How's that gut doing now?
  11. Dan Rather -Reports

    Gut beats Math every time.
  12. HOLY

  13. Apparently, there is an "I" in team after all

    "There's no I in team, but there is in WIN" - Michael Jordan
  14. Is this accurate

    No, you process information way too slow.
  15. Sproles has a broken hand, out Monday.

    For the love of crumbcake. . .