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  2. Congrats to the Cats

    Ditto- We were beat. The schedule is what it is......... Let's see how the Pats bounce back against another tough team away from the Razor.
  3. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 2!

    Is there such a thing as a sure thing? I'll take Philly
  4. 12 team standard performance scoring 1pt =10yrds rush/rec 6 pts = rush/rec TD McGahee and JJ Arington (i'll get) for Westbrook and Dunn (I'm giving) My Team: (before trade) Farve/ Carr McAllaster, Westbrook, Dunn and Parker A. Johnson, L.Coles, Rod Smith, B. Llyod, Kickers and Defense..... Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR a K and a D Any thoughts?
  5. King Of The Mountain

  6. I don't have Walker (Sorry) but I do have Farve in 2 of my leagues. After the preseason showing and now Walker going down........I think I may need a new QB.
  7. This Is A Joke...

    Argentina National Team!!!!
  8. From the CrockPot...

    The Tailgate is set for Thursday Night. Parking lot will be open earlier than usual. Normal time is 4 hours before kick off! We will be in there by 4:30 pm EST! Being that we only get one or two warm weather games at Foxboro we will be taking advantage of the nice 77 degree temp with a summer time meal. We will start with Steamers (Steamaas- if your from around here) Corn on the Cobb Pasta and Taco salads End with Steak Tips - BBQ and Terriaky. All the while the chips and dip will be happening. Bub Light, Miller Light are the 2 beers of choice and an assortment of: Capt Morgan, Tangeray and Absolute Citron to mix in between. Don't forget the Cigars! Satelite TV is the new big addition to this years crew. So we can get ESPN and every other game (NFL package) when we are in the parking lot! I love my Sundays at home durning Football season. My couch and Big Screen all day but NOTHING beats a PATS home game with 4 of my great friends, especialy when it's SNOWING!!!! (Right Capt. Hook?!?!?!?)
  9. Week 1 Defense?

    Thursday Night Opener! The 3rd Flag presented! The place is going to ROCK.......Sorry the homer in me was talking. Still- Collins does make mistakes and the Pats D is still one of the best, plus the addition to a couple of special teams players may give you a score too. Go Pats!
  10. King Of The Mountain

    I'll take Washington. Thanks!
  11. 12 team league 4 pts TD thrown, 6 pts for run/rec standard performace points too. I have the 6th pick in 4 hours. The way things may go, I will be looking at a S. Jackson, B.Westbrook, C. Martin for a 2nd round pick (I'm going RB 1st round). So , my typical RB-RB-WR selections would be fine. OR------ What about grabbing the best available WR at my 2nd pick. Like T. Holt, C. Jonhson or even a T. Owens? Then looking for my second back in the 3rd round like C. Williams, W. Dunn or JJ Arington. 2 questions for you...... Would you go with RB-RB-WR or RB-WR-RB? If you would go with the RB-WR-RB, what RB would you take out of the rookies plus W,dunn? Thanks!!!!
  12. Starting 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 flex, 1 te , 1 de, 1 k 4pts for td thrown all other 6 pts standard performance scoring Here is my draft: (I had the dreaded 3rd pick) 1.3 E. James, IND RB 2.22 S. Jackson, STL RB 3.27 M. Harrison, IND WR 4.39 W. Dunn, ATL RB 5.44 A. Gates, SDG TE 6.56 B. Favre, GNB QB 7 K. Barlow, SFO RB 8 D. Brees, SDG QB 9 D. Branch, NWE WR 10 E. Kennison, KAN WR 11 P. D/ST, CAR D/ST 12 M. Stover, BAL K 13 M. Clayton, BAL WR 14 J. Galloway, TAM WR 15 R. D/ST, OAK D/ST 16 N. Rackers, ARI K Thanks for your insight....
  13. I'm in a new league this year in addition to my other 2. They have a roster spot that has to be filled by a HEAD COACH Here is the scoring by the HC: Team Win 3, Team Loss -3, Team Tie 1 25+ point Win Margin 10 20-24 point Win Margin 8 15-19 point Win Margin 6 10-14 point Win Margin 5 5-9 point Win Margin 3 1-4 point Win Margin 2 1-4 point Loss Margin -1 5-9 point Loss Margin -2 10-14 point Loss Margin -3 15-19 point Loss Margin -4 20-24 point Loss Margin -5 25+ point Loss Margin -6 All other positions are standard performance scoring. Who and when would you pick a coach. I have no idea of the tendencies of this league as I'm the new guy. Thanks!