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  1. Greetings

    WHOA, there's an old-school name! What's up? Peace policy
  2. TE Witten.... worthless?

    Well, that's your own fault! Peace policy
  3. Is Dayne worth a waiver wire pickup?

    NFL general managers have been asking themselves this for years . . . THE ANSWER IS NO. Peace policy

    I've been telling you guys Culpepper sucks and is a product of the system for years. Of course, you all frickin' laughed at me for years, but . . . Peace policy
  5. King Of The Mountain

    Baltimore Ravens over Tennessee Titans Peace policy
  6. My ten-year MML's auction went pretty crazy

    Well, Parker is going to stay on the bench, because he's a developmental guy. I could keep him for $10 next year, and $20 the year after--and normally, we can only keep a guy one year for $10+ whatever we paid for him. If Bettis retires and Duce is gone, Parker could well be the starter. Otherwise, I'd completely agree. I will probably start Taylor week one, because he's the surest thing. I think Foster will start and be a monster this year for Carolina, but I want to be absolutely sure this first week. Arrington will get all the carries, but he's looked terrible in what little live action he's gotten and I can wait on him. Favre is certainly the smart start, but part of me wants to start Pennington. For starters, Favre has a long standing record of playing poorly in domes, and for seconds, I'm a huge Lions fan and would rather not taint the first game of the season by rooting for Favre and Longwell to put up big points. I probably will start Favre, but I'll be waffling on it up until gameday. Peace policy
  7. From the CrockPot...

    Well, it's my birthday Saturday, and we're planning a huge tailgate/birthday bash on campus before the MSU game. Sunday is probably going to be a small, intimate gathering of a few close friends . . . we've got some leftover wings, dogs, burgs, and beer from the Labor Day grilling so a few of us will be finishing that off. Meanwhile, we'll watch the Lions get the season rolling against Brett "If I Am Superman, Artificial Turf Is My Kryptonite" Favre. Right? Please . . . pretty please? Peace policy
  8. My ten-year MML's auction went pretty crazy

    Bump, just to separate topic from the dead one . . .
  9. Okay, quick background. This is the tenth year of my main money league (counting from when it expanded to 12 teams). It's been an auction league from the get-go, and usually is quite competitive. However, this year there were three new owners, and prices got thrown a little out of whack. The elite at each position went for staggering prices, and as a result there was a TON of value. I rounded out my main roster with a viable starter at every slot . . . Quickly, the rules: * 12-team auction, $150 cap, up to 3 keepers from the year before for (price + $10) * Auction fills out 18-man roster: 2 QB / 4 RB / 4 WR-TE / 2 K / 2 D-ST * After auction, six-round non-serpentine "developmental draft", no position req. * We start 1 QB / 1 RB / 1 RB-WR flex / 2 WR-TE / 1 K / D-ST * All TDs 6 points, 1 pt. per 30 yds. rush/rec, 1 pt. per 100 yds. passing * NO TRADES OF ANY KIND And now, the team--dollar amounts in (), keepers with * QB: Brett Favre (30), Chad Pennington (3) RB: Tiki Barber (13*), DeShaun Foster (16*), Fred Taylor (7), J.J. Arrington (7) WR: Chad Johnson (22), Hines Ward (20), Isaac Bruce (7), Keary Colbert (7) K: Ryan Longwell (4), Matt Stover (5) D/ST: ATL (7), DET (2) Developmental: Brandon Jacobs, Justin McCareins, Aaron Rodgers, David Garrard, Willie Parker, Reche Caldwell Okay, so WOW am I deep. I don't have any shut-your-mouth studs, but every member of my 18-man roster is a legit fantasy starter. Now, each of my four running backs has major questions, so I'm sure I'll need the depth. But the first few weeks are going to be tough, while I figure out who should be starting. Compounding this, we start and end the season with three weeks of divisional play, so a hot start is an absolute must. What do you guys think--would you love to have this team? Hate to have this team? Peace policy
  10. King Of The Mountain

    Okay, I'll rep my team and take a chance, save the 'gimmes' for later. I pick: DETROIT at home, over Green Bay Peace policy
  11. Any new news on Steven Davis

    GUYS. Foster was named the starter AFTER LAST YEAR. Foster's been the game one starter from the get-go, regardless of Davis' health. Even if Davis if 'healthy' he's got nothing left in the tank. He's done. Foster is the future, Foster is the present, and Davis isn't even ON the depth chart. Peace policy
  12. DeShaun Foster is my #2 RB, am I screwed?

    No, Foster was named the starter before the start of training camp, regardless of Davis's condition. Peace policy
  13. Harrington's questionable?

    Harrington is "hurt" just like every other signifcant Lions starter is (or will be by gametime). Peace policy
  14. Tiki on PTI

    Uh, you guys all know that Tiki had like 1 TD two years ago, right? Anyone who drafted him expecting another 15 TDs was living in a fantasy world to begin with. Smart Tiki owners such as myself also picked up Jacobs. Peace policy
  15. MNF - Rams vs. Lions - No Skybox?

    PATHETIC line play on both sides of the ball. This was a very, very, very depressing outing. I mean, truly sad. This is Jeff Backus' last year in a Lions uniform, guaranteed, write it down. Are there going to be any good LTs in the FA market? Peace policy