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  1. Dallas Clark

    hook, is'nt it true that Clark struggles with his blocking?...could it be he is mostly in as a reciever and they are not completely comfortable with his blocking?
  2. Housh!

    Have him in two leagues...did'nt play him in either!- I love him this year. It's tough to convince yourself to start him......could be the difference.
  3. Bettis' days as TD vulture are numbered

    I've liked Willie right from the start this year. Starting the season as one of the NFL's best rushing teams #1 back... Staley sucks...Bettis will have some impact,...I think Willie MAY have keeper potential.
  4. What's that little red light...

    instead of wearing pencils behind his ears, he's gonna be selling them on the corner!
  5. I'm in the Albany area...-it's on.
  6. Strahan

    Strahan held out of Friday practice with back spasms. He has had a chiropractor teating him for the last couple of days. Strahan has had back spasms in the past, but has never missed a game as a result. I might play him anyway. ...-any opinions on starting him? ( I figured this was worthy of this forum because of the potential impact on the offense.)
  7. KC offensive line injuries

    butt out.
  8. KC offensive line injuries

    Do you really think I don't remember the f'n thread? You said the IDP, keeper league I've been in for about 12 years "must not be much of a league" -why can't you take responsibilty for being out of line? I think an apology may go a little further than your excuses. Your a grown man and you should accept responsibility.
  9. KC offensive line injuries

    Maybe you should think twice before being so critical of others. I know you think you know everything, but you don't. What's the matter? You don't like it when someone is a smart-ass on your threads?...-WELL NIETHER DO I! You made your bed old man, now lie in it! I'll be here all year.
  10. Start/Bench List: McGahee?

    WW, they really are miserable are'nt they? A bunch of computer geeks sitting around just waiting for a small oversite or mistake so they can all jump on it. Here's a little advice...try stepping away from the computer for a minute...maybe have a beer, or get laid or something. There's more to life than living off the mistakes of others.
  11. KC offensive line injuries

    Something you don't know??? I better note the date and time.
  12. Maddox to start?

    I'm sure Cower will be calling for your opinion any time now.
  13. The "Get Pumped for Willie Parker" Thread

    Oh your so informed!...will you ever get over yourself?
  14. Mike Anderson?

    of coarse he was