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  1. Shooting with ChuckB

    To help answer a few questions.... I do not believe ChuckB reloads his own brass. Not at this time at least. I know he's got a Kimber Custom Target II (.45) and I believe a Springfield XD .45. I don't believe he owns a Colt made .45. But pretty much all .45's are based upon John Brownings original design for Colt released in 1911. And lastly, they only wear the matching vests to bowling on Monday nites.
  2. What current song on the radio...

    Mr. Brightside - by the KILLERS
  3. Who's your hottie actress?

    Famke Janssen from Rounders, X-men, etc.
  4. Another small biz Q

    Just put it all in a shoebox and let your accountant figure it out and the end of the year.
  5. Evolution of Dance
  6. dress Code at work

    Monday - Thursday - Business Suit Friday - Business casual Saturday - Jeans are okay. Shirts have to have a collar.
  7. Switzerland - Korea, France - Togo

    The Ukraine is weak? We're into the next round of the World Cup and we've got nuclear weapons that we have no idea how to properly secure or what to do with them. Be careful.
  8. Friday Night Lights

    I just finished reading the book. I really enjoyed it. I had seen the movie first, so I found myself comparing the two and thinking of the actors as the characters in the book. I really liked the movie also. I agree it didn't have the same depth, but I think the artistic/entertainment license they took with it didn't substantially deviate from the basis of the story of the season and the town. If they had followed the book dead on I think it would have seemed too much like a documentary.
  9. I don't care what people think

    I think I've seen every war movie ever made. I haven't seen one yet that I like better than Band of Brothers (yes that includes Saving Private Ryan). I've seen this thing about ten times but can't help but watch it if it's on tv and I stumble on it. The fact that it protrays the actual events Easy company went throught makes it that much better. Cant wait to see the pacific theatre version. Also, just picked up the book 'Beyond the Band of Brothers' by Dick Winters (the lead character in the miniseries)
  10. Need a title for this photo

    I don't get it either. Are we saying the guy driving the truck is a 'Moron', in which case I get it. But are you saying the same thing and ignoring the fact that it's not spelled correctly for the joke?
  11. Minor ethical question.

    All right, already! I'll send ya the $20. Ya coulda just called you know. You didn't have to call me out on the Huddle.
  12. Any huddle bowlers?

    I still think we should have went with 'Pocket Kings'!
  13. Folk in the Restaurant Industry

    A few other things to remember: Payroll taxes. If you're going to have employees, these become a large expense. Employers wind up matching any social security taxes that employees have withheld as well as paying into federal unemployment and state unemployment funds. Insurance - general liability, workers' compensation. Liquor license - I know in Michigan they pretty much don't issue new ones. You usually have to buy an existing one. Small business - You can hire people who are trustworthy. But no one treats a business like his own business. Be prepared to spend a lot of time working your investment (usually without drawing your own salary) for a number of years to get it started.
  14. Guns

    That last two hours has been about 2 years now. Hasn't it? For myself. Yes No N/A
  15. Michigan Huddlers