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  1. Patriots - Steelers Avatar / Sig Bet Anyone ?

    Belichick I'm in.
  2. Congrats to the Cats

    Get out the running shoes!! 5 False starts??
  3. Portfolio Pool

    The best would have been if someone took Oakland!!
  4. King Of The Mountain

  5. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    Baltimore How about that?
  6. Pats/Giants Preseason

    Never been in person. Although the last time I saw them on TV was Christmas last year and the stadium was far from full. Not doubting the loyalty of the fans. I know last year was a tough one. I'm just defending your first post indicating that free tickets to a sold out Pats game are comparable to the dump you took. Far from it. Peace.
  7. Pats/Giants Preseason

    There's a difference between sold out and used
  8. Portfolio Pool

    Texans Cards Bucs Titans Giants Dolphins Niners Browns
  9. Pats/Giants Preseason

    Unlike Titans regular season games, the stadium will be full for this game.
  10. Pats/Giants Preseason

    I have 5 tickets that are available if anyone wants to go. PM if interested
  11. Weapons of DMD

    Bump for 1 more team
  12. Weapons of DMD

    We go with what Yahoo gives us. Been that way for the last two years. Overall it's just a fun league with no $$ involved and something else to spend a few minutes a week doing besides working.
  13. Patriots left tackle Matt Light injured

    Because a lot of coaches are egomaniacs who think that because they are a head coach in the NFL, they deserve as much face time in the media as possible. Saying "no comment" will make the cameras go away.
  14. Boston Area/New England Huddlers

    Jealous?? I'm in. (for the league, not the homo erotic fantasy of Hugh)
  15. Weapons of DMD

    Done. Sept 1 might be tough for me as I will be in Alabama, but I will definitely pre-rank just in case. Looking forward to it.