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  1. **** 2015 NFL Draft Contest ****

    1.QB Jameis Winston Florida State 2.QB Marcus Mariota Oregon 3.DE Dante Fowler Florida 4.DE Leonard Williams USC 5.WR Amari Cooper Alabama 6.DE Alvin Dupree Kentucky 7.WR Kevin White West Virginia 8.LB Vic Beasley Clemson 9.OL Brandon Scherff Iowa 10.OT Ereck Flowers Miami 11.CB Trae Waynes Michigan State 12.WR DeVante Parker Louisville
  2. America has spoken as Obamacare pushes on

    hope you enjoy your premiums going wayyyy up
  3. Stay Classy Philly

    philly fans are more knowledgeable then the average sports town. like it has been said before we are intense and full of emotional and sometimes it boils over. but it is very few idiots that make philadelphia look bad but i wouldnt object to having more attractive women in the area
  4. Nicks

  5. Tebow stinks.

  6. Premier League

    some top notch goals. hate man u but showed why they are the champs
  7. MyFantasyLeague

  8. Realistic expectations for Mark Ingram?

    not a fan of Ingram. something about him just scares me, i like the later round RB's in rookie drafts
  9. Conspiracy Theories

    ive watched all the videos and i still have one question. Tons of people would have to know about the cover up and not one person feels guilty or wants to make a few dollars and share the story? please.
  10. Pool owners

    my brother works for a pool company he said while salt is a good option it can get real pricey. And depending upon your budget it may be too expensive to really get and afford. While you also have to put salt in every week because like chlorine it changes on a weekly basis due to sun and rain. He suggests to get a normal DE chlorine pool with a chlorinator. It is the easiest to maintain. This all the stuff he suggests. If you have questions i can relay them to him. But after all said and done if you have the money to splurge on a pool salt is worth it, but if your running on a tight budget DE with chlorine is the best.
  11. The Royals will win the World Series!

    ha when i looked at the standings this morning i thought of you CD and your Royals. I just picked up Gordon, hopefully he can continue to get 4 hit games
  12. RUMOR: Gruden to replace Reid

    heard eagles scheduled a 2pm news conference but it seems that it is not true.. http://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2011/2/...simply-not-true
  13. What website should I use

    fleaflicker.com is free and have been using it for the past 5 years. alot better then espn and yahoo
  14. Weather in Philly predicted to be horrendous

    what about the fans going to this game? like me. it will be insane trying to get there and trying to get home.
  15. Huddler Forum Favorite mentioned in WCOFF news page

    good luck muto!