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  1. Manning to Denver?!?!

    Reports say fox and Zander were also on bowlens plane, but that the visit might only be to watch manning workout. I am commuting to work so this is all on the fly
  2. Manning to Denver?!?!

    They said that Espn is reporting that the are scheduled to meet manning but no details on why?
  3. Manning to Denver?!?!

    Ken the radio listener was legit, I had no doubt about BB
  4. Manning to Denver?!?!

  5. Manning to Denver?!?!

    Listening now, the local tv sports guy is on now with them
  6. Manning to Denver?!?!

    Not 100% sure, came in a little late on the show but he is headed to Raleigh Duram, NC.
  7. Manning to Denver?!?!

    Local radio just had a listener who followed Elway to meet Bowlen at the airport. Bowlen's plane is scheduled to fly to Meet with Manning!!!
  8. Brees only 31 yards shy of the record

    dump pass to sproles..... yea baby just as I was typing it!!!!!
  9. Brees only 31 yards shy of the record

    another shot?
  10. C'mon Roddy White !

    I'm up, here's to hoping it is enough.... cheers
  11. C'mon Roddy White !

    one more kid
  12. C'mon Roddy White !

    that a' boy!!!
  13. C'mon Roddy White !

    keep on keepin on