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  1. High scoring idp dynasty looking for 1

    H24Adams I have sent you everything you need if you want to be in let me know if there are any issues
  2. High scoring idp dynasty looking for 1

    Hey guys I used to be around this place a lot a couple of years ago and actually the first 4 leagues of the series were all set up here. Unfortunately when we got to league 5 my time to read forums went out the window on top of 2 young kids so I made my own forum simply dedicated to the 5 leagues. Anyway if your interested please hit me up I use paypal always have and there has never been any provlems with anyone for payments. Just send a private message here and I will respond
  3. Keeper

    Yea definitely keep the RBs then see where you can get Ryan Shazier think he will have a big rookie year.
  4. We are getting together a new IDP Dynasty league for the 2014 season. The league has a unique scoring system making defensive players every bit as valuable as offensive players http://www16.myfanta...13/home/71860#0 this is the league site it is still being put together but the scoring should be all complete now as I don't think anything will be tweaked there now. We will be running a draft which will have salaries assigned to the draft picks league will run with a salary cap 2nd and 3rd year Taxi Squad players will be able to be bid on by other owners in the same conference we are aiming for a 24 team league which will consist of 2 12 team conferences which will both have a full player pool to draft from we have a home field advantage for home teams of 3 points except for championship game leagues cost will be $30 per season I use paypal this is the 5th league in the series and never had any issues If your interested please message me on here and I will get you some more details we are still going over the rules right now so nothing is final we currently have between 13-15 owners just waiting on confirmations look forward to hearing from you
  5. Start up IDP Dynasty League for 2014

    No worries man I will
  6. Start up IDP Dynasty League for 2014

    Position has been filled thanks again
  7. Start up IDP Dynasty League for 2014

    I have had a spot open up in this league we are currently looking at an early February draft contingent ofcourse that the league is full. Anyone interested please message me and I will get you more information.
  8. Your 15 2014 Hall of Fame Finalists

    it is funny that we actually add letters to our spelling considering our usual every day speech guess it all comes back to the monarchy
  9. Your 15 2014 Hall of Fame Finalists

    Derrick Brooks was one of my favourite players would love to see him get in not sure if he will or not though
  10. Bears sign Cutler to 7 year extension

    That's the article I was talking about interesting that all those contracts included the cause thanks for the link
  11. Bears sign Cutler to 7 year extension

    Apparently there is a clause in the contract that allow the Bears flexibility to go after an impact defensive player and move the cap number around it is part of an article the tribune put up but I can't read because I live outside of America and it is part of there premium content. The contract annoyed me a little but I got over it the sheer fact was we were going to struggle to get another QB of equal talent in the offseason and most of this team is built to win now if they can get a defense built in the offseason who knows
  12. Start up IDP Dynasty League for 2014

    league is now filled guys thank you
  13. Start up IDP Dynasty League for 2014

    we are down to our last available spot if your interested hurry as this is filling fast
  14. Start up IDP Dynasty League for 2014

    we are sitting at 18 owners with 2 or 3 possible additions to come in the next day or so the league filling fast
  15. Cardinals' Misfortune

    yea that's it what comes around goes around it is just the way things are these days they need to win and who knows what will happen with the Saints they have been ice cold lately
  16. Thursday Games - Yea or Nay?

    I enjoyed this week the most so far this season was great having no Thursday games I had to check the schedule a couple of times to make sure it was right
  17. What Do You Need Tonight?

    Wesley Woodyard to not to much can live with 7 tackles anything more will make things interesting
  18. Julius Thomas

    I started him in the one league that I have him I had Rudolph and Gates with him in that league but last week traded Rudolph in a deal to get Chris Givens so far so good cause if I still had Rudolph I would have had a much tougher decision to make this week.
  19. Troubles logging in

    Hi guys I have tried to send a private message to DMD but for some reason it won't allow me so I figured I would post here one of the guys in my leagues is having trouble logging in believe he has forgotten a password and has requested help but without any luck. he posts as ALL PRO if you could help out that would be greatly appreciated. Also why does enter no longer work when posting on this site so you can put things in a paragraph it is a pain in the ass sometimes I go to the effort of typing it up in word and copying it over but it shouldn't have to be that way. thanks for your help anyway
  20. If I were a Brandon Marshall owner...

    I would say this came up as a result of a lacklustre performance from him in Oakland while the rest of the offense fired, I wouldn't be too worried yet as I think he could be talking more about conditioning in saying he isn't where he wants to be this is one where only time will tell the true story
  21. I'd be happy to give it a crack if needed
  22. Dustin Keller injured

    yea he has to be gone really ugly injury
  23. Trade Advice Involving Percy

    I like Wallace and Garçon this season quite a bit and Harvin basically offers you nothing this year by the look of it I guess Wallace would be the better option given that he has 2 years left on his deal maybe see if you can extract a pick to go with them
  24. Keeper question

    pending scoring I will always keep a good RB and WR over a QB in this case that would mean McCoy and Bryant over Brees unless the scoring is so horribly lopsided for me there is so much depth at QB I usually cant even bring myself to keep one.
  25. Neither "Enter" key on my keyboard works

    yea I have had the same issue for quite some time now really annoying