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  1. Annual Huddler Super Bowl Box Pool (2019)

    in for the MAX
  2. Alex Smith

    we've made our bed with Reed.. we're stuck with him and all we can do is hope he stays healthy.. not thrilled but we're stuck vernon was still running passed LBs and DBs last year.. plus i hope re-uniting with smith can only help i mean these are big what IFs and alot of HOPE .. but never said i thought they were a quality group but in my opinion we should chase other positions in free agency
  3. Alex Smith

    lol we shall see didnt take it as disrespect til the delusional comment.. stay tough
  4. Alex Smith

    time for Jordan Reed to finally stay healthy for a year and Vernon Davis still has some left in the tank we wont and shouldnt pursue any FA TE's in my opinion
  5. Alex Smith

    Skins Fan: I dont hate the move.. i think its the system that Gruden runs and that Kirk isnt as good as his stats.. he gets alot of them stats late in games when defense are in prevent... i like the dude hes a good guy but its time to part ways Ive always thought smith was underrated as a qb and an athlete and more than a game manager.. he can run and i see him taking care of himself a la brady I HATE losing Fuller though.. im a hokie fan and i always liked him and for us to get him in the 3rd few years ago was a steal.. but thats just my heart speaking i assume they think this fabian moreau can replace fuller and/or they get a DB at 13 in draft (FSU or Iowa guy) Sure hope its works out for us... but my optimism and our history have me worried
  6. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Keenum or Bortles?? Can make up my mind
  7. Championship Help Please!

    Bump Got a feeling about Keenum... Any other opinions??
  8. Decisions everywhere

    Big Ben Murray Diggs Westbrook Good Luck
  9. Championship Help Please!

    Torn at QB: Keenum vs GB.. going to be cold, could get up early and sit, Saturday game would suck to not perform well.. pretty consistent though Bortles vs SF.. been hot, Lenard expected back.. and hes Blake Bortles Torn at FLEX: PPR scoring Martavius Bryant vs HOU.. should have a bigger role with AB out Josh Gordon vs CHI.. Kizer absolutely sucks but has potential for that monster game Jimmy Graham vs DAL.. been rollin with him all year, completely disappeared last 2 games DeDe Westbrook vs SF.. never started him but hes had some good games.. volume seems to be there other than last week Appreciate any advice that i get and will return the favor on any questions yall have Good Luck!!
  10. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket offers

    i just got the Max Sunday ticket for 6 payments of $46.95.. and then 12 months of -$40 credits... over the year it will work itself out to +$200 for me
  11. i'm interested.. it looks like my other 2 BOTH leagues are going to die this year
  12. Annual Huddler Super Bowl Box Pool (2017)

    ill take 4 on each pool you fill 12
  13. Who should I start at WR? Post a link.