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  1. Steven Jackson...

    Man, with the right "HEAD" coach, there could be at least 4 excellent FF starters every week on the Rams Offense. And Jackson should be a stud FF RB. But with Martz calling the plays I just had to stay away from him. My blood pressure couldn't take it.
  2. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    Looks like somebody has Dallas in a 19 point pool I will go with 34 - 17 Dallas
  3. Leave him in...

    I find it interesting that when one player says "just give me the ball" he's called an obnoxious ass who needs to remember he is part of a team and while another player who says, if he's playing well and we're winning, leave him in there, is considered a player that no longer wants to play football. Kurt Warner did it with the Rams a few years ago when Martz was thinking about pulling Bulger and Warner said to Martz, if he's your starter stick with him. Since then Warner has moved on to 2 different teams to try and get another starting job so he still wants to play, as I am sure Staley and even Bettis do. I think it's great that Staley would say something like that rather than try to divide the team by demanding more playing time or a trade the way Henry did in Buffalo last year. I am one of the first to rip on players like TO when they do something stupid but when a player shows class and/or maturity, let's give credit to them for doing so. Nice job Duce.
  4. I don't care why it happened I am just glad the Cowboys won. Now if they would just make ROMO the starter they would be unbeatable.
  5. I liked the line where he said "how about some cheese on that Roethlisberger, gotta get me some" that was classic
  6. Communicating of league rule changes

    In the league I am the commissioner of we actually have guidelines regarding rules changes. After the last game of the Fantasy Season is over, week 17 of the NFL Season, until April 1st owners can submit proposals for Rule Changes. As the commissioner I compile these prosposals into a list and I add to that list any of my own proposals that I would like to see changed and/or added. I contact the owners who submitted each proposal to make sure I understand what they meant and on April 15th I send out an email with an itemized list of all of the proposals to all of the owners in the league. They then have until, June 1st to reply with a vote of either approve or disapprove on each individual proposal. All proposals that receive 7 Approvals out of the 12 owners become effective the next season, all others do not. They can, however be re-submitted as soon as the next season is over. Then after the votes are in I add the changes to the rules page on the web site and I send out another email containing the approved changes no later than June 15 which is exactly 8 weeks to the day before we have to declare keepers and by this time the owners have seen the proposals and the new rules both. At that point they are on their own to remember them. But I can not arbitrarily change any rule without it being voted on by the league.
  7. King Of The Mountain

  8. Ricky Williams

    Ricky Williams, The Nfl, The Miami Dolphins and anyone else that watches the NFL at all knew that Ricky Williams was going to have to serve a 4 Game suspension when he came back. He was suspended when he signed his contracts. He was also told at that time the dates of the suspension would be such as to encompass the 1st 4 weeks of the regular season. So he had been suspended when he signed his contract and now he is serving that suspension. So unless you drafted before he signed with the Dolphins he was already suspended when he was drafted. Which by your rule means he is not eligible for the non-injury reserve because he was not on the guys team when the suspension was handed down. I drafted him late in one of my leagues with the knowledge that he would be on the shelf until week 6 because of his suspension and Miami's early bye week.
  9. TO compares himself to Jesus

    How can the total of the entire contract not matter? It is how the entire contract is structured that determines the amount of Salary & Bonus that is paid in years 1 & 2. And it is the expectation of the team that the player honor his committment to the entire contract in order to earn the Bonus paid up front. Or the team can take it back. see Ricky Williams I don't know. Why would he tell SF to trade him and then when they do fight it like hell when they trade him to Baltimore instead of Philly? And then after fighting so hard to get to Philly why would he be in such a hurry to go somewhere else? And I am pretty sure this entire thread is about TO wanting a "whole new contract" As I said earlier in this thread, if someone thinks they can get more money then go for it. If I thought I could get a pay raise by NOT showing up to work I'd be all over it. But TO got a long term deal worth an average nearly $7 million a year. There are not more than 2 players at his position earning more money per year. He is not being underpaid by any means or through any comparisons to other WR's. TO Wants more money! That is something I can understand and even accept. TO deserves more money because he is underpaid! That's crap.
  10. TO compares himself to Jesus

    Exactly Hook. And one other thing. TO DID NOT help the Eagles get to the Super Bowl. Their record over the last 4 years has been: 2004 - 13-3 2003 - 12-4 2002 - 12-4 2001 - 11-5 The only time TO played during this entire 4 year period of time was the 1st 15 weeks of 2004, he has not played in one playoff game with the eagles. Last year the most he can be credited with is helping them win 13 games because they were 13-1 in the 15 games he played in. But that's not that big of a deal either because they had won the division 3 years running prior to TO's arrival and they won both of their playoff games WITHOUT TO. Then, despite his good play in the Super Bowl they still didn't win it. So how on earth can he come in and not help them accomplish anything more than they were able to accomplish prior to his arrival and then think he deserves more money? I understand the hold out process, if he thinks he can get more money he has the right to try. But say that's what you are doing, don't be one of, if not the, highest paid player at your position and pretend that you are being underpaid. The guy blamed his situation in SF on everyone but himself and now 1 year into his new beginning, here he is again. Is this still Garcia's fault?
  11. If they are dark horses that no one knows about how can we know who to post about? We won't know about them.
  12. Henry to be Traded?

    Rabble Rouser
  13. http://football.myfantasyleague.com/2005/home/25103 Here's a link to our site at MFL. All the rules and fees can be found there. The only prerequisite to joining is you must be able to be in Effingham, IL for the draft on August 27th at 10:00 AM Let me know if you are interested.
  14. Henry to be Traded?

    Sorry for the outburst Spain. I agree with what you just said, i was just reacting to the broken leg reference because if anybody mentions Travis Henry for any reason somenody is going to say, "yeah buthe played with a broken leg" Now I agree that makes him tougher than 99% of the other people in the league but it doesn't make him better than he is. Obviously from your last post you agree but so many others don't.
  15. Henry to be Traded?

    Posted by Spain: Is there anybody that knows what a football is that doesn't know that Travis Henry played with a broken leg? The guy is a decent back who plays hurt. but let's not elevate him to God-like status just because he played hurt. In 4 years in the league he has only had 2 seasons where he was even able to average better than 3.5 yds per carry. And he has only had one season where he was able to get more than 5 runs of 20+ yards. Compare the guy to Fred Taylor. In 7 years Taylor has only averaged less than 4.6 yds per carry once and that year he had 3.9. And he has only had less than 8 carries of 20+ yds twice and those were both injury years. So, for Gods sake let go of the idea that Travis Henry is a great RB simply because he played with a broken leg and recognize him for what he really is, a plodder at best. That's why it has been so hard for Buffalo to move him. In fact the really funny part is that, because he is such a plodder it was hard to tell if the broken leg even slowed him down, because he's already slower than molasses in January. If the Bills get a 3rd rd pick for him they will have stolen it.