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  1. Should OU be eligible if they lose?

    Yo idiot. KSU has a better defense that any you listed above except LSU. Oh and OU will win this ballgame and play USC in the title game. I think LSU is better than USC, JMO though.
  2. Should OU be eligible if they lose?

    21-7 KSU
  3. Should OU be eligible if they lose?

    All day I have been hearing that if LSU wins then they are in. Anyway, I still think they should be given the shot at the title if they lose, everyone else has a loss at this point and they have clearly DOMINATED all year long. I don't know who will win the championship, I feel it could go either way depending on who gets in, but for some reason I have had a hunch about LSU.
  4. Kansas Beats #23 Missouri

    angry They sure do have a nice offense brewing there. I thought the score would be reversed. Oh I am bummed doah
  5. MU Tigers

    How about them Tigers? Brad Smith is a freshman and runs for 209 yards against the OK defense eek!
  6. DMD / WW ... what is the deal with the Search function

    I must say that it isn't working for me as well. One good example is: I am looking for a topic I started a few months back in the tailgate called "Sueing a multimillon dollar insurance company" and I get no results. The search engine isn't performing up to par as I have searched for other topics as well and they are not found.