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  1. Official Super Bowl 50 Thread!

    Newton needs to run the ball a little more to throw DEN DEF off.
  2. A tale of two over rated teams

    I remember when nobody believed in the Royals either.
  3. KC vs HOU

    That crapass Chiefs team just won their 11th game in a row. I know I know, they haven't beaten any good teams. I'll just save you from having to write that weak come back.
  4. So we meet again...RTS championship

    I am a firm believer that things happen in 3's. Good luck fellas!
  5. What the heck was Tomlin thinking?

    Steelers blew that game.
  6. Drafting Aaron Rodgers

  7. Tom brady record and stats post cheating

    Member since 2004, been a doucheee the whole time.
  8. Raiders cut Richardson

  9. Super Bowl Sunday! Pats vs Hawks

    I'm screaming, LET HIM SCORE to perserve clock. They stop him at the 1. You HAVE to take a T/O now, right?! Then they throw a PASS?!!! wow!
  10. Colts @ Broncos

  11. So we meet again...RTS championship

    Congrats Muto! Love my new sig as well.
  12. So we meet again...RTS championship

    You just took the lead!
  13. Good read about Priest Holmes

    Great read, thanks for sharing.
  14. MVP so far.....

    I think Watt will break the season sack record at some point. Maybe not this year, but within the next 3 years would not surprise me one bit. He's been dominating even with Clowney injured, imagine if he can get healthy and that other threat is there to worry about.
  15. They dominated you, in your house. If not for some bonehead turnovers this one would have been a clear cut victory. You're delusional!
  16. wr battle

    Is water wet?
  17. Panthers/Steelers SNF Thread

    Panthers getting embarrassed at home.
  18. Toby Gerhart

    Thats highway robbery, assuming injuries dont come into play of course. No way I'd have accepted that one.
  19. That's gonna leave a mark. OUCH!
  20. SNF Bears-49ers thread

    Geez, I'd hope so
  21. SNF Bears-49ers thread

    on the play.