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  1. Thought other Football Fans can relate!
  2. Anyone else doing something different next Sunday?

    I'm in on the no Thursday game (save those die-hard fans of the teams playing) and no NFL Network. Note to NFL Owners: this boycott started on The Huddle!
  3. Things ya like ta stare at, besides tatas

    That crease that separates a woman's thigh from her torso.
  4. The NY soda law

    Just to be clear, my point was NOT that I think we should just "add this to the list of things we expect our teachers to take care of and call it a day". It was:" My point here is that even a 12-year-old can self regulate if they truly understand. And that this took no laws to achieve."
  5. The NY soda law

    All the money and time put towards creating and enforcing this law should be put toward education and easy access to information. My son, 12, used to crave sodas all the time, and would incessantly bargain with me about how many he could have a day etc. Then at his elementary school, his gym teacher had them plug in what they ate and drank every day into an online nutrition calculator for two weeks. He did not tell them what to eat in any way. This calculator would keep track of dozens of vitamins and minerals ingested everyday and graph those against what a child his age should be getting. It also kept track of how many calories he consumed every day against how many he should get etc. The results were amazing, he was flabbergasted when he drank a soda, and the needles on the vitamin and mineral graphs did not move at all, whereas the calorie graph would skyrocket. He also began to experiment with green vegetables because he enjoyed watching the needles move up! He has not asked for a soda in 6 months now, as he has voluntarily declared sodas "stupid". (I tried to tell him that, but he would not listed to me, because he's 12, and I am his Dad, so I obviously know nothing about anything) My point here is that even a 12-year-old can self regulate if they truly understand. And that this took no laws to achieve. This type of information should be easy to get and understand for everyone. My issue is more with the big food companies lobbying to be allowed to NOT disclose what is in their food or how it is processed, only with full transparency can we really ask for full personal responsibility.
  6. Rate My Groceries!

    Ah yes, my 2007 season. did not do too well. I will never draft Bugels again, just too brittle, starts strong, but never seems last a whole season.
  7. Rate My Groceries!

    Thanks for the advise guys, knew I could count on you. Based on the feedbackI took Bananas Foster in the 5th. weige:I find I can usually get salted butter really late, like in the 10th round, saves me a roster spot.
  8. Another NFL labor dispute

    My concern is game flow. I think we'll see alot of early whistles stopping plays that were not actually over, and longer "ref huddles" as they figure out more complicated scenarios. Also worry about a much larger variation between ref-teams with the more subjective calls (pass interference specifically). As much as we like to complain about them, I think we will miss the seasoned refs if this comes to pass.
  9. Rate My Groceries!

    12 team, full re-draft league. I picked 3rd. Round 1: Baby Back Ribs - After seeing the expected taken off the board (Beer with the 1st pick, and Steak with the 2nd) I opted to quickly take the second best meat available. Last year, I opted to skip drafting a meat in round one and will never make the mistake again, as I was left with only Beefalo and Slim Jims as my 1st and 2nd meat by the time I got around to drafting them. Obviously, it was a very long season. Round 2: Mashed Potatoes. I toyed with the idea of taking Kung Pao Chicken here, knowing what a premium the meat position is (pork chops were drafted already or I would have taken them) However, with Baked Potato (1.9), Potatoes Au Gratin (1.11), and French Fries (2.1) already off the board, there was an obvious run on starch, and I did not want to get stuck with a Rice Pilaf or an Olive Bread as my starch. Round 3: Hard Cider: Probably waited too long to draft a drink. With Beer (1.1), Scotch (1.5), Red Wine (2.3) and Margaritas (3.2) all gone at this point, I opted to go with Hard Cider. This, I believe, is an undervalued sleeper pick. I may regret not taking Gin Martini here – but I sometimes you just have to go with your gut. Hard Cider will certainly perform better than the other options still available (White wine, Mexican Coke, Vodka tonic) Round 4: Caesar Salad: Was really hoping to get broccoli here, but the owner just in front of me took it (don’t you hate that!) I considered Green Beans or Snap Peas, but decided to go with the consistent performer, very safe pick, good vegetable value in round 4. Round five coming up – I am either going with my second meat (duck is still available, as is Dried Genoa Salami) but run the risk of missing out on any decent desert if I wait any longer (Cheesecake (4.5) and Apple Pie (4.7) are gone, naturally. So is, Boston Cream Pie (3.2), but that guy is such a homer, took it waaaaay too early. What do you all think? How am I doing so far? What should I take in round five?
  10. YouTube Videos

    Pretty funny, probably more so for football junkies:
  11. Shula's

    According to ; the "tradition" of popping corks is immensely overstated at best, downright false at worst.
  12. Rate My Groceries 2007

    Thanks for all the help again this year guys. I trust this year I will do better than last with all the advice. Although I am still lacking a soup, there is still both Corn Chowder and Tomato Bisque availalble on waivers, and I am being offered White Bean Chili for my Bugles straight up - so I should still be able to address this hole even thought the draft is over. I open up next week against a Blackened Codfish with a side of Glazed Carrots - I like my chances.
  13. Rate My Groceries 2007

    Meat: Ribs 1:3 Dairy: 2:10 Muenster Cheese Vegetable: Caesar Salad 3:3 Snack Foods: 4:10: Bugles I ended up with the third pick in a twelve team league this year–, as expected Steak and Pork Chops were taken with 1.1 and 1.2 respectively. Not wanting to risk getting stuck with the likes of Game Hen or Ostrich as my starting Meat, I scooped up Ribs with the third pick, although I admit that either chicken or Turkey would have worked here as well. After the long wait, and a run on vegetables (carrots, green beans and snap peas were all already taken), I decided to take Muenster Cheese with my 2:10. I am afraid I may have reached here, as I was the first to take a dairy, and both Swiss and Provolone were still available in the third. However, I believe it is a safe choice, even if it lacks "upside" Five picks later and I am up with my 3.3, I was delighted to see Caesar Salad still available at this point, and feel I got very good value here. (both the next two people absolutely groaned and exclaimed that that was what they were going to take!) Unfortunately, before my turn at 4.10, there was a HUGE run on snack foods. Doritos, Cheese-its, Ho-Ho's, and Ruffles (both Cool Ranch and Salt and Vinegar) were all gone, as well as more marginal starters in the category like Funions and Baked Lays. I did NOT want to be stuck with Brazil Nuts like last year, so I grabbed Bugles while I still could. Call me crazy, but I see big things this year for this overlooked snack food. So what do you think so far? And do you think I should go Vegetable again in round five?
  14. Official Super Bowl commercial thread

    I really liked the careerbuilder trilogy. I thought there was some really clever and funny use of office supplies, and they were really well made overall.
  15. Jets/Patriots Game Thread

    Thanks Vet! I take it from your avatar you are a Jets fan. So - J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!