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  1. california huddlers

  2. california huddlers

    Thanks for the reminder, JoJo. As a native San Franciscan now living on the Central Coast, I'm in the NoCal division. Don't lump me with those dudes in Socal. Avila Beach Bulldogs ready to rock.
  3. california huddlers

    Thanks buddy I'm down, plus I live in the middle of the state, Central Coast....
  4. ever get a penny stuck in yer ear?

    And that he found a new orifice to play with
  5. Chris Johnson's Value

    This was pre-week 3, when Gore still had potential (and had outscored CJ by a 2-1 ratio). Dude was 0-2 and didnt have a RB2. I thouht the KC duo would fill his rb2 spot, and IMHO, the drop from Gore to CJ was worth the gamble for him. Oh yeah, Dex can start at either wr/rb in this league, which is a huge advantage. You guys are right
  6. If the season ended today...

    if my Niners were a stock, I'd be selling
  7. Chris Johnson's Value

    In a redraft, I offered Frank Gore (pre week 3) and T.Jones/Mccluster for CJ3. I was told the offer "was ridiculous, not even close, and he only makes fair trades". Course this is the type of boob who goes silent when you ask him to counter. Anyway....
  8. #1 Overall Pick In A New Dynasty League

    Good point. the guys at 6, 8, 9, and 11 all planned on taking Calvin. wallace went at 2.03
  9. 2011 Mock Draft rev 2

    Have you figured out a reason that SF would take Dareus over Prince or Kerrigan yet?
  10. 2011 Mock Draft rev 2

    Nice read
  11. Bob Sanders

    nttawwt, of course
  12. IDP help

    Due to position scarcity, here is the order you should draft: DE LB S CB The drop from Justin Tuck to DE12 >>>>> Lawrence Timmons to LB12
  13. Niners name Vic Fangio DC

    his NFL track record is uninspiring at best. everywhere he's been was worse than before he came. good news is that he will maintain the status qou 3-4, but a "more aggressive" scheme not sure how he's gonna do that with no elephant / 3-4 rush backer on the roster worth a damn. hello, von miller @#7.
  14. Attention: Menudo