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  1. Just swung a quick trade for Olsen, who has similar upside that Kupp has (likely to see more targets) plus his matchup is better. Murray is still a possibility given he's scoring lately even though it's PPR.
  2. Pick 3 WR

    Talk about a coin flip. The matchups make this hard. I think I'd bench Landry. Trust a Dolphins offense? No thx
  3. Running Backs

    ugh. McKinnon on basically a coin flip. More upside IMO.
  4. Wr help

    Tough call but I like Hilton. He's established a rapport with Brissett. Diggs is a roll of the dice, could go off, could fizzle with Theilen around.
  5. Flex Help on Turkey Day

    Yes you are. Murray against the Colts. Colts having a bad run D is as certain as the run rising. Fitz is second choice, even with backup QBs he's doing well.
  6. Flex, PPR, Kupp is temping with Woods out, but Murray gets a lot of touches and is scoring lately. Who and why?
  7. Time to give Mahomes a look?!?

    If it was all/mostly Smith playing terrible, maybe. But their OL is stinking up the joint. IMO the play-calling isn't dazzling either.

    Really at this point I'm not sure it matters, either for the team or him. His self-confidence will probably be zero for awhile either way.
  9. I know they're dinged up here and there but KC looked like crap, completely flat

    Not like they'd go far in the playoffs, but a reasonable point. This move should've happened around, oh May-ish, but still IMO worth doing now.
  11. Not so fast Their OL did suck today though, poor blocking and numerous penalties.
  12. If I'm the Skins HC

    I have their D run laps till their legs fall off. They just handed that last game-tying TD to the Saints. It was like watching ATL vs NE at the end of the SB.
  13. Agreed. I submitted this at 12:59 but it wouldn't take it Thx anyway and Eli for sucking as expected lol
  14. Found out Shepherd is I stick with Manning or Fitz who has Evans back?