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  1. Waiver Wire Targets

    Galloday just screamed 1-week wonder to me - I do think he'll have another big week or 2ish this year, but mostly squat the rest of the time. I thought Algodar (sp) for PHI had/has more potential but hard to say just yet. Just too many people to spread the ball to esp for those first 2. Richardson has share problems too. Kupp doesn't but disappointed this week, but I think is one of the better FA plays if avail, even though rookie WRs generally aren't exactly point machines. Kearse almost demands a look despite being on such a joke of an O, ditto Higgins. RBs, Carson, C Johnson (really?) Allen look like best bets if avail.
  2. NYG/DET game thread

    Both TEs got a lot of looks but I'd be leery of either as an alternate (desperate?) TE option as both teams have a lot of other options to spread the ball to. I wouldn't count on that many looks week to week to say the least.
  3. NYG/DET game thread

    If not for one play that Abdullah broke for 20+ yds, they're very similar. p-u
  4. NYG/DET game thread

    Hard to decide which team's run game is more pathetic...
  5. NYG/DET game thread

    Both TEs getting involved early - both avail in my league and since my TE is POFS Graham, there's a vested interest Not a single target to FA darling Galloday yet. ?
  6. Get RB Henry or Carson?

    I hear you, but WHEN this year is my concern...I think this is less who's the better RB and more who's getting more touches, which again I realize it hard to say for both of these guys. argh. I wish he'd just offered me one or the other vs giving me a choice.
  7. Jimmy Graham droppable?

    If you can afford to stash him on your bench, I would. Too much ceiling to give up just yet, despite the bad start. But clearly this aint the Saints' Graham and if you can pickup someone decent, yeah, might be worth considering (esp in smaller leagues).
  8. Kupp or Garcon

    I would've went Garcon. Looks like neither did much though
  9. Like: TEN: Henry got way more carries, not sure why-? Is he becoming "the guy" now? SEA: Supposedly and suddenly Carson is the guy in SEA now? Not sure what's up w/Rawls who I thought was healthy (let's not even talk Lacy, I don't want you to spit up all over your keyboard in laughter) Others?
  10. Starting D?

    NY, IMO. It's the Lions. And ATL had problems with the Bears of all things.
  11. Olsen is he droppable?

    Depends on the specifics (can you afford to stash till late in the year, do you have a good enough TE otherwise etc), but probably. Not his fault but boy that burned a lot of FF owners I bet.
  12. I have a chance to get one of these in a trade. I am being offered my choice. Who would you take? Both looking good - it seems Carson has less to worry about with sharsies, but he's less proven than Henry. PPR.
  13. Week 2 Milk Carton Thread

    Jimmy effing Graham. POFS. And Blount. I didn't expect greatness. I DID expect more than one point (and that on a reception no less).
  14. Freeman for Hunt..

    He did that last year. Freeman was still a great RB to have (PPR).
  15. Freeman for Hunt..

    PPR? Yeah I would. Freeman is a known, Hunt might yet fizzle, he's unknown. Even not PPR I might.