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  1. Is Eli really done?

    Not really. Some QBs aren't that great even when they have time. Again I haven't seen much of him this year, but I seriously question whether he's suddenly "done" because he stunk it up on one prime time game behind an OL made of paper mache. He might be, but IMO it's more likely that it's just ESPN and the other talking heads once again just latching onto something for "click bait."
  2. Is Eli really done?

    OBJ is your classic highly talented/poop for brains. His attitude has and will continue cost the team in ways that don't show up in stats IMO. Barkley obviously is a huge boost; if only they had addressed the OL more than they did, I say they're contenders. But back to Eli...
  3. Is Eli really done?

    ESPN in their infinite brilliance has already declared this....apparently having a POS OL shouldn't matter to them. But that said, I haven't seen much of him this year...does he really look that bad, even on those rare occasions when the OL gives him time?
  4. Ironically, refs (and the NFL) are a lot more forgiving during the game. Which makes sense; heat of the battle and all. But even there I agree there has to be a limit.
  5. So I guess you were on the ref's side for those Clay Matthews "penalties" then? And no one should have dared speak out? And again: $25K just for saying a ref made some bad calls? You think that's reasonable? Most of them, I believe, but IMO 1 is 1 too many, again within reason (granted that's subjective). So if it doesn't cost them the game, it's OK and how dare they say anything? ? I'm no big Tomlin fan, but IMO this was lame. It's less defending him and attacking the idiotic rule, or at least the severity of its enforcement. Why should they not be allowed to question or criticize a bad call, esp one that is overt or even upheld after review while everyone else is going "wtf??"
  6. I'm not suggesting people should be able to say anything they want, but $25K for saying a ref made some bad calls? It's not like he went off on some way out potty-mouthed rant. You really think no one should ever be allowed to criticize a ref for a bad call/bad game, esp if it's glaringly so and made a diff in a game?
  7. Thread prompted by this: Not only is the amount ridiculous, but even fining him in the first place. Anyone else tired of this nonsense? Why do refs get such silly over-protection and why are they/the alleged mgt of the NFL so thin-skinned about it?
  8. I was almost unbeatable the year LT had a zillion TDs. More than a few weeks I'd be down by X pts and think well there's a loss........and he'd score like 4 TDs with 100+ yds, 8 catches etc. Total scoring machine. "Championship" Or not. Unfortunately, the week of the title game he decided to come back down to Earth and I lost to some guy who's not nearly as great RB went off
  9. Congratulations Brees!

    And he did it without cheating
  10. can DEN beat KC?

    or not.
  11. can DEN beat KC?

    And the DEN meltdown begins....
  12. Count On Losing This Sunday

    Apparently he flunked math. Nobody is crazy about ties, but FYI a tie is better than a loss, and the odds of a loss on that play/decision were far greater than a win. This game vs NE could get ugly in more ways than one.
  13. Fitz benched, Winston in

  14. Fitz benched, Winston in

    How quickly they turn. Did TB/everyone else expect Fitz to toss 400/4 every week?
  15. Rams vs Vikes

    If the Colts had a run game or a QB with more than a noodle arm I'd be more optimistic......I will say so far their D has achieved well beyond what I expected (knock on wood). Just glad they don't play the Rams!