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  1. NFL draft 2018

    Yeah it's a classic hindsight is 20/20 thing. But the safe/logical play is Barkley first, whoever second. Worst case if NY takes Darnold, trade down, they should likely have suitors who are chasing another Wentz/Goff hopeful.
  2. GB that trade. Not sure how Reich will work out but well worth trying over ahole McDbag.
  3. NFL draft 2018

    Or Aaron Rodgers at 1.24. Sure an extreme exception, but it's pointless to play the such-and-such happened like this so it will happen the same way the next time. It depends on the specifics. And IMO the Browns taking Barkley would be wise. Much more of a sure thing and there is no QB head and shoulders above any other among the top few so they could still get one at 1.04. I'd much rather Barkley plus Allen or whoever (or even Fitz and nab Rudolph later) than Darnold and whoever after that.
  4. It's a Cheatriots* tradition. Not saying it was but would not be at all surprised to learn this was the plan all along.
  5. :confetti: I wonder what Marchibroda is up to
  6. The NFL Hall of Fame 2018 Class

    :barf: Yeah the talent/production was there, just that thinking of a class that includes 3 POFSs with no class whatsoever including an accomplice to murder.........well that's the NFL for ya
  7. NFL draft 2018

    That figures Chubb is good, but he's no Myles Garrett type of talent. Not near the diff maker Barkley is. But if they can't trade down and Barkley is (as expected) gone, Chubb is probably the best pick. Fitz is a sweet alternate choice and I know they need to try and (for the first time in forever) build a legit D. I'm just sick of half-ass RBs and Barkley is, at least on paper, Peterson-level good, if not better. But if he's there and the Colts pass on him I will personally drive to Indy to beat the living shat out of Ballard.
  8. Thank you McD##khead, you just did the Colts a favor IMO. Wasn't exactly wild about that ahole as the Colts' HC anyway. The only problem is now who do we get. Hey Harbaugh cmon back, please?
  9. AFC Championship Game

    And wow shocking, Philly is hammering the Vikes. Not saying it is but I would not be even a tiny bit surprised if it turned out this was all choreographed.
  10. AFC Championship Game

    OC is in on it too. Fournette up the gut for 100th time despite how it hasn't worked about oh 99 of those times. God forbid a pitch outside or a reverse.
  11. AFC Championship Game

    Apparently at halftime the Falcons donned the Jag's jerseys and are now playing. PS nice anti-adjustments by the JAX defense; why are they putting zero pressure on Tommessiah Brady? Another game being handed to NE on a tedious
  12. What is going on with the Browns?

    Starts at the top. Their owner is a retard.
  13. Oh goody. Irsay must be back on the pills.
  14. Assuming salary demands aren't crazy, they sign Keenum. Bradford can't stay healthy and Bridgewater has proven nothing, unlike Keenum.