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  1. Knock on wood but I like Doyle a lot. I just wish Allen had gone elsewhere.
  2. For a 4th rounder, basically. Of all the teams to trade him to. Now watch him stay healthy.
  3. lol BUF = QB hell. Well, purgatory. CLE is hell.
  4. You mean the team that has gone 14-6 without him and the same "greatest ever" who threw a pick 6 in the SB and was off more than a few times in this game but was saved by incredible catches (and handed the SB win on a platter by ATL)? LMAO @ this thread
  5. They should still sign him if for no other reason than to see how the fans react when he does the Lambeau Leap. And can you imagine him at the goal line?? TD gold! On the other hand, if the other team has signed a terrier at LB, I dunno...
  6. ...but I'm still not convinced the squirrel is 1st round talent.
  7. Could definitely see that. I also think Griffin will surprise a lot of people and play well with a new start. If only he had more weapons.
  8. I am probably the only person who will predict less than 10 wins for the Colts. People will say Luck is back, they "fixed" the OL etc etc, so look out. Not quite. Old fart Gore will be worse despite an improved OL, Allen will get hurt and teams know they can hinder the Colts by simply stuffing Hilton and letting Luck get what scraps he can from the rest. Irsay glares at Grigson and goes "why tf did you sign Allen instead of Fleener" while Grigson goes "you agreed with it, remember, it was right after you popped a few more pills and...." Grigson also mentions that he slept with Irsay's daughter after slipping roofies in her martini, but Irsay still refuses to fire him. The D has another up-and-down year, more down than up and Irsay has more sacks around his eyes than the team gets on the field. Between that and all 3 other division teams improved and at least 1 greatly improved (not sure which), I give them 9 wins tops and a wild card at most and less wins would not surprise me. Excellent draft but this is still a team with a lot of holes and it can't make up for the last few years of numerous big personnel blunders. Course if Luck stays healthy you never Manning before him, he can make up for a lot of those holes on the team, you just have to wonder how much.
  9. I have to give the Colts at least a B, maybe an A. Finally they got serious about the OL and somewhat the D. I wish they'd nabbed Sean Smith in FA and drafted a better DL, which still needs a ton of help, but overall their best draft since the Luck draft (not that that's saying much). Side note: if Jack's knee holds up, JAX had the best draft of all IMO.
  10. Most of the so-called "sports writers" anyway. They've really gotten laughable. I will say I was kinda surprised Cook wasn't nabbed in the 3d, though I'm not surprised the Browns wouldn't touch him with a 10' pole. They wisely realize last thing they need is another poopforbrains QB. I feel kinda gipped that the Cowboys got Elliot. Not just because I didn't want them to get him, but it was going to make for a very interesting story line. Does CLE stand pat and take him? Fins move up? etc. Oh well, pretty solid draft IMO. I didn't see many "wtfo" picks (tho TB's kicker pick comes to mind). Colts had at least on paper best draft since the Luck draft easily (granted that isn't saying much).
  11. 3d round and that stud Conner Cook is still there. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you. lol
  12. Gee a hypocritical crybaby (and/or troll) on thehuddle, there's something new. Your ignorance of Cook speaks for itself. And lol @ quoting Gruden as if that backs you up. He also said he'd be shocked if Hackenberg wasn't drafted in the first round. What an expert you chose there. I won't even get into calling Rivers and Big Ben "below average QBs." buh bye