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  1. Since for some odd reason I couldn't reply to the other one... Are they flaming out? Or is this a wake-up call they they'll answer? They're still good of course and anything is possible, but I say flame out. From what I've seen and am hearing, Goff looks lost half the time, misfires a lot, and the D I never did think would get that much better with talented but overrated poop4brains like Suh and Fowler. This is obviously more than losing Kupp but that seems to be about when it all started, it's like he brought it all together, when they needed something they could always count on him.
  2. Rams/Eagles

    I don't think it's any secret that Fowler is all but done in this league. Suh I would guess is playing at half speed because he is a turd. As for the O, I think losing Kupp hurt more than most realize but that still doesn't explain Goff.
  3. IND-DAL

    Leave it to BJ
  4. Rams/Eagles

    I don't have the game. WTF is up with the Rams lately?
  5. IND-DAL

    I don't know what some of you are smoking but that officiating clearly favored the 'Pokes (though calls were botched on both sides). Hilton called for unsportsmanlike when he didn't do anything and on the same play a DAL player throws a ball at him, nothing called was perhaps the most ridiculous. Not that any of it would've mattered. Nothing quite like not just beating DAL, but a shutout - when was the last shutout by the usually anemic Colts' D? Seems like forever ago ("1980s" would not surprise me for an answer). Pretty impressive considering how uneven Luck was. That and the Cheatriots* lose, such a nice Sunday
  6. The Browns...

    This past summer who would've bet the house that this late in the year it would be lunacy to say the Browns... - have a better record than the Eagles, Jags AND Falcons - will not have double-digit losses this year - are (tho a longshot) alive for the playoffs
  7. Chiefs/Bolts

    I swear refs are getting worse and worse. For all the talk about protecting the QB and miss that one was a joke. Far from the only one though. Can't believe Chargers pulled this out. They have me to thank, I stopped watching at 21-7. Gutsy call to go for 2 at the end and KC's achilles heel (D) strikes again.
  8. Chiefs/Bolts

    For any chance to win I figured Chargers must play near flawless. Obviously Rivers isn't interested in that with a stupid INT, which (surprise) Mahomes quickly turns into another passing TD. Looks like this could be a laugher early.
  9. General game day observations

    Finally. I'd love to see them go all the way, pref beating the team from stealing-your-team-is-OK-but-we-still-can-whine-about-the-Colts Baltimore.
  10. General game day observations

    Didn't see that one. Meanwhile the Rams are also having a wtfo far at least
  11. General game day observations

    WTF are the refs smoking in Dallas? I just saw the 2 worst back-to-back calls ever. First Goeddart is called for a laughably stupid offensive PI on his TD catch, then DAL is flagged for roughing the passer which also might be the worst roughing call I've ever seen. Let's just put a big red shirt on the QBs and say you can't touch them or else you're ejected for actually touching the QB.
  12. General game day observations

    Whoever the OC for the Ravens is he's an idiot. They were running the ball very effectively, so in a tie game needing a go-ahead drive...they pass a lot. Colts handling the Texans. Talk about a no-name defense
  13. To the shock of no one except the idiot decision-makers in DC, Sanchez is sucking more than a cheap hooker lol - I literally laughed out loud when they signed him. The KC OL gets nowhere near enough credit. They are blowing up the #1 ranked D right now. Except KC to pour it on in the 2d half as that D runs out of gas.
  14. Thank you, someone else gets it isn't all about stats.
  15. TNF - Jags vs Titans

    What a no-class move by TEN going for it on 4th down already up 30-9 and the game obviously over, just to pad Henry's stats. I hope they lose every other game they play this year (unless they play the Cheatriots).