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  1. Random draft rumours

    I didn't think they would draft a QB anyway. It would be stupid. Manning is still playing at a high level and the most glaring hole on that team is RB and Barkley will likely be there. I'd be shocked if they passed on him for a QB or Chubb.
  2. NFL Draft chat room

    Making the playoffs isn't "relevant?" OK.....
  3. Random draft rumours

    Where Guice goes is an interesting thing. Most have the Lions getting him which makes sense, but....
  4. NFL Draft chat room

    In case anyone around/interested:
  5. Random draft rumours

    Hope it's OK to post this here...FWIW
  6. C.J. Anderson released

    Yeah he's like Hyde can drive you nuts with hot/cold stuff. A teaser.
  7. *** NFL Draft Contest ***

    So just the first 12 players, regardless of who gets them? Given that I say (PS R Smith is an ILB not OLB): 1. QB SAM DARNOLD - USC 2. RB SAQUON BARKLEY - Penn St. 3. QB JOSH ROSEN - UCLA 4. DE BRADLEY CHUBB - N.C. State 5. G QUENTON NELSON - Notre Dame 6. CB DENZEL WARD - Ohio St. 7. S MINKAH FITZPATRICK - Alabama 8. ILB TREMAINE EDMUNDS - Virginia Tech 9. DE MARCUS DAVENPORT - Texas-San Antonio 10. ILB ROQUAN SMITH - Georgia 11. S DERWIN JAMES - Florida St. 12. QB BAKER MAYFIELD - Oklahoma For all the trade talk I think things will go as generally expected (or at least no big "wow" moves). BUF does not need to overspend to move up again and I think AZ and MIA are content to see if their injury-prone QBs can stay healthy - if not, they're likely in position for a top QB next year. The one guy I can see moving up into the Top 10 is DT Vea. In fact the Colts could do worse than to nab him. I can't remember the last great DT they had. You'd have to go back probably before most of you were born to the "Sack Pack" days.
  8. C.J. Anderson released

    All the more reason for DEN to snatch Barkley if he falls
  9. Thx for the attempt but this is obviously not happening, I'm out - g/l
  10. Generally or specifically: I HOPE they get Barkley or Chubb with that first pick. In the 2d I hope they get the best RB avail since they won't get Barkley and if they get Chubb at least 1 maybe 2 OLs. At least 1 CB or DE in the 2d as well pending those other moves. I THINK they get Nelson, Fitz or Ward with that first pick. In the 2d I think they will pass ALL the RBs and draft undersized LBs and injury-prone safeties. After that it's anyone's guess....probably draft a RB in the 4th again who will be as useful as Mack has been. Hopefully they get lucky and someone falls who shouldn't since they have needs almost everywhere and can afford to go BPA.
  11. The first 6 picks will be.......

    ? So you think everyone else will be so blown away by this pick they'll just go home and not make any picks?
  12. Bears shopping Jordan Howard?

    Well God knows the Colts won't make a play, despite a horrific need at RB. "Costs too much! We have to save this $50-60M we still have laying around in cap money for, uh, for........other stuff!"
  13. General Rookie Chatter

    And yet Ballard the Colt GM turd will probably wait until the 4th rd again (or later) and draft some schlep who won't be any better than what they have. Hopefully not, as any of Guice/Jones/Georgia RBs would give hope. Very generally, I dream of Barkley but know it's a pipe dream....I'd settle for Chubb or Nelson or even Fitz/Ward (since said GM turd didn't address the depleted CB situation in FA). A trade back does not wow me but given our 800,000 needs and FA inaction can't say it'd necessarily be a bad move either. Non-Colt wise, the whole QB thing is the most interesting I can recall in a long time. IMO CLE should take Darnold, Jets should take Rosen. Giants should take Barkley and Broncs should take either Barkley or Chubb if either falls, if not, Nelson. Allen is really hard to figure. Could go as high as #1 (doubtful) or low as mid-round. Mayfield also interesting. IMO no way he gets past Bills, if that. Gesicki is an excellent receiver but blocks like Kenny G, even as Penn Stater I think he may be overrated.
  14. I wouldn't mind double or even tripling up on picking for teams but at this point I very seriously doubt you'll get even 16. If shorty wants the Colts I can defer to another team just to get it going, but I doubt it'll matter. And really there's no way you're going to get more than 2 rounds done.
  15. PS sure you want to try 3, 4 rounds? I don't have a clue of anyone much past the 2d and if I recall drafts take awhile here. Like we should be starting about oh now lol