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  1. Divisional Game Thread

    You mean like last year? Don't hold your breath. Agree on all of above, esp a great edge rusher. Mack has his moments but will never be the guy.
  2. Divisional Game Thread

    Nothing nearly as potent as what you've been. lol @ anyone who thought the Bolts had a prayer.
  3. Divisional Game Thread

    They do. Not helping is Colts look pathetic. I didn't expect to start drinking quite this early.
  4. Divisional Game Thread

    A case against recreational drugs for sure. The Chargers aren't even that good IMO; they repeatedly struggled against even bad teams. Now against NE at home? lol - NE will have little trouble there.
  5. Divisional Game Thread

    KC Is not the same team without dipsh## Hunt. Gordeau nailed it I'm afraid. NE vs either NO or LA for it all.,
  6. Wild card game thread

    Amazed how the Colts owned that first half. Lucky Texans didn't score on that last drive. Be interesting to see if they can keep it up or the Texans rally. Definitely need to contain Watson, I'm surprised they aren't mixing it up more.
  7. Wild card game thread

    Weird...I saw it listed 4:15 one site, but just saw 4:35 on another. Oh well. The beer won't go bad.
  8. I wonder what time the 4:15 game will start This one could go any direction IMO.
  9. Week 17 thread

    Isn't hindsight great? I wouldn't count him out just yet. I didn't see him much, but I heard their OL was a mess. Let's see what next year brings. I would if it didn't mean the Ravens were in. The Chargers, for starters. They aren't exactly great, but they are good enough to upset a supposedly better team. Colts sure as hell not looking like a playoff team right now, not that that surprises me. Their record was inflated with a weak schedule. Still, they seem to be on the right track. Hopefully next year Ballard actually spends a little on FAs.
  10. Week 17 thread

    Wow Browns are determined to have the Ravens win this game. This is the Browns of old - Mayfield is wildly inconsistent, the D is like paper mache, and Landry of all people just dropped an easy 93-yd TD bomb. bye-bye Steelers (which maybe is just as well).
  11. Week 17 thread

    Yeah I so hoped against hope the Colts would get him in the draft I had zero doubt of his success in the NFL. They do need to find a new QB prospect though (and continue to work on the OL). DId you see that leap for the TD just now? Reminded me of Walter Payton.
  12. Week 17 thread

    Anyone watching the NY/DAL game? I just saw what might be the worst missed tackle (by NY) I've ever seen. It was like he purposely held up not to tackle the guy. I can't believe this is the best game on. Edit: of course I say that and suddenly they ramp up the action - huge run by Barkley and now a 50 yd toss by Manning
  13. The (?????) Raiders

    Do you really think the Raiders would go to a city that isn't going to spend any money to make it happen? Very seriously doubt it.
  14. That would make far more sense.
  15. That sounds like something they would do. Sadly, for Fins fans.