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  1. Andrew Luck "Good to go"

    Since the only one worth mentioning is that fourth guy (Hilton) and Ebron is the TE2, I don't see a downside there. That is true. And oh btw they have jack squat at RB. Basically I wouldn't expect too much from Luck this year, and that's IF (a big big if IMO) he stays healthy.
  2. Who has been here since the 90s?

    Sounds kinda like Andrew Luck Alive and kicking is good. Just careful who/where you kick.
  3. Who has been here since the 90s?

    what up you old f#ck?
  4. Is this why everyone is calling him "Shady" now?
  5. Who has been here since the 90s?

    ? I don't remember "spain." That was grid? Aliases are so gay.
  6. Who has been here since the 90s?

    No mention of Gridiron Assassin? Shame on you old farts. As big of a contributor and supporter as anyone back then. Anyone ever hear from that goat humper?
  7. Anyone remember this league? In the early days of the internet as well as FF I spent my share of time reading their drafts (which were useful as they were always earlier in the year and gave you some early thoughts into player pro/cons) and the rationales for who they drafted - had some fun as a guest commentator on the draft picks as well here and there too. Here's their 2018 draft info:
  8. Robert Turbin suspended 4 games, PEDs

    Yeah he's gonna tear it up
  9. Robert Turbin suspended 4 games, PEDs

    Wow what a huge, shocking blow. Fortunately the Colts' RB crop is so deep it shouldn't hurt much, thanks to some deft drafting and FA moves by Ballard.
  10. Frankly I couldn't feel much worse. If - I say if - Luck is actually healthy and manages to stay that way all year (hold your breath), they will still be lucky to win 7 or 8 games. They have Luck, what might (finally) be a decent OL - and that's it. Their running game is a joke and their D even more so. Grigson was a joke of a GM, but Ballard isn't proving much better. See you af the 2019 draft.
  11. Well you could've drafted Nelson so we could take Chubb but noooooo.....
  12. Possible suspension for Jameis Winston

    Gotta wonder about those college rape allegations more now.....seeming more and more like he's just another in a long line of POSs in the NFL
  13. Jim Kelly to Win Jimmy V Award

    I know it's trivial in comparison but I hope someone emerges as a stud QB for BUF and they become a "legit" SB contender. i.e. this year. Be a nice warm fuzzy for a guy going through hell on Earth.
  14. RIP Dwight Clark

    Wow that blows. By all accounts not just an excellent WR but a great human being too. And one of the all-time great catches in NFL history.
  15. Giants release WR B Marshall

    DMD nailed it as usual. Marshall is done. I think he was done before he joined the Giants. I will be very surprised if SEA gets much of anything out of him.
  16. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    Hard to say with Brissett. He did pretty good with a bare-bones team last year, but not sure he's the real deal. I wouldn't want to bank the future on him. He showed enough at least to be viable trade bait, which I hoped they might take advantage of in the off-season, but I didn't realize what a schmuck Ballard was. This is reminding me somewhat of Manning's neck injury and how Irsay re-signed him to a huge contract anyway because "he'll be fine." Put the pills down Jimmy.
  17. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    I guess. Wishful thinking maybe, they grab the stud OL and pray he isn't done. And given the choice of Allen or Rosen, it'd almost have to be Allen...I think Rosen (and Luck maybe) would have been in a major snit if they drafted him.
  18. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    Still hasn't thrown anything better than a nerf ball. I think he's done unless compelling evidence to the contrary pops up. This is ridiculous. Hindsight of course but maybe Colts shoulda nabbed Rosen or whoever.
  19. Hunter Henry torn acl

    Wow that blows. Say what you will about Rivers but he deserves better luck than he's had. He's routinely one of the best QBs in the biz but the Bolts can never put it together...and this year looked so promising (not that it's exactly over now, but that's a huge blow IMO).
  20. Thank God the Colts haven't shown interest. They only have about $50-60M cap space left and look at those stud LBs they have anyway.
  21. Far as I know the following are looking for a team: - Fleener - D Murray - A Peterson (yeah supposedly he's working out hard and not giving up on a spot just yet) - Bryant Anyone else? None of these guys likely to do much, true, but for needy teams can it hurt to give them a look? esp Bryant, who while a flaming ahole and well past his prime, isn't worthless.
  22. Maybe you didn't watch enough UGa/LSU football. You seem to be implying Barkley can be brought down easily/has no power, which is ridiculous. I'm on the bandwagon. He has everything you'd want and a solid passing game so the focus won't all be on him. True he hasn't proven a thing yet, but neither did Elliot coming in and he tore it up too. RBs rated THAT high almost always do. No guarantees but about as safe of a bet as you'll get. I'd gladly snap him up at 1.05.
  23. Hyde-Chubb-Duke: Browns backfield

    Yeah they could resolve this easy, trade one to the Colts I don't even care which.
  24. C.J. Anderson released

    Glad the Colts didn't make a move: we're just overflowing with RB studs.
  25. Classy move, the right move

    Rooneys have always been about class, which is more than many (most?) owners can say.