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  1. Brady or Rodgers?

    Same boat have both and rolling with Brady
  2. Ajayi or Lewis

    Patriots homer here, my guess is Brady will be looking at lots of short passes to RBs and Lewis should get his share
  3. Who's actually playing Rodgers???

    I drafted Rodgers, traded for Brady and now I’m debating who is the better option. Leaning towards Brady even with a questionable line. I thought about Rodgers but 2 months off and cleared to play doesn’t state completely healed.
  4. So I drafted David Johnson and Aaron Rodgers, during the season I traded for Brady and now I’m in the semi finals. Brady at Pitt and Rodgers at Carolina. I’m a Patriots homer but the offensive line scares me. Rodgers been off a couple months and returns clinging to a playoff chance. I am seriously thinking of starting Rodgers. Who’s the better start?
  5. Brady or Rodgers

    So if Rodgers starts who is the better Play? Brady in Pitt or Rodgers in Carolina. Semi finals in playoffs, all tds 6 pts.
  6. 12 team ppr, would you do this trade straight up? Cincy might have QB issues and Elliott, well we know his issues.
  7. I have OBJ and even if he does play will he be on a snap count or basicly a decoy with limited options tonight? For now I have Beasley as an option since it's a ppr league.
  8. 12 teams, ppr league, start 2R, 3W and a flex. Would you trade AJ for Howard and Marshall.
  9. Julio at 4, 2nd & 3rd round I'd go another WR and RB who is playing now. E is tempting but if not back till week 8 that's a ton of time off. Does he come back in shape or does he need to get back to football shape. I believe he can have no team contact when suspended.
  10. Decker, when health has put up solid numbers and now moves to a team many are high on and appears to have a potential Top 10 QB for the first time in years. We start 3 WR's each week plus a flex. This is a 12 team keeper league as well so 36 players are off the board already. Will he be a weekly starter this year and where would you draft him?
  11. Seems like they are in full tank mode this year. Besides Powell, is there any one who might be a junk time producer when they are way behind almost every game?
  12. That's what I'm thinking and then probably go wr end of 2/beginning of 3rd.
  13. So we had a bet, closest to total preseason game points for Pats/Texans gets to pick where they pick. Total score was 50 and I guessed 47. So 12 teams, std scoring, ppr, start 1Q,2R,2W,1T and 2 Flex. I'm thinking either top 3 or 10-12. Your thoughts?
  14. I can keep Brady for a 5th this year in a 12 team ppr league. Is Garoppollo a must QB hand cuff this year thinking he could step in for Brady and produce decent numbers and possibly be a starter next season?
  15. Championship Blowouts + SB Prediction

    Pats win and this time it's the Defense that's the difference, hoping for a good game. Le'veon Bell, your a win away from the Super Bowl and sitting on the bench. Reminds me when Chargers LT sat on the bench during AFC Championship game. Seriously a win away, you play and help your team anyway possible.