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  1. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    Still more bad news for J.J. Arrington...
  2. Just when we thought it safe to start

    While I'm no fan of players getting injured, least of all Davis, a player I like and admire, I feel a little better having traded him away for Burelson last week. Then he scored 3 TD's and was showing no signs of knee trouble. I was starting to worry that I had made a very bad decision. Now is the Vikes can just stop the bleeding......
  3. RB Watch

    The Running Back watch has failed to mention Julius Jones in either week 1 or week 2. I realize the guy had a quiet week against the skins, but he did have roughly 130 total yards and a TD in week 1. I would much prefer Jones than, say, Domanick Davis right now. Am I missing something?
  4. Portfolio Pool

    Wouldn't it be based on the best ratio of wins vs. losses?
  5. Wash has no clue how to use Portis

    What's worse, go take a look at Brunell's contract.
  6. Only Week 2, but the most overhyped

    Anybody on the... Lions Packers Vikings Texans
  7. So, do you think....

    How can you go from having Moss & Culpepper to having neither? No way Tice sits him, even if not doing so is his downfall.
  8. Congrats suny. I really thought the Lions might sctually avoid it this year. What was I thinking. An just to leave no doubt, they do it to Chicago
  9. I'll be changing the channel

    I still can't believe they names something the "Clinton Relief fund" Who does the $$$ go to? Monica Lewinski?
  10. Who started Braylon Edwards this week?

    Good points by all, but at the same time, Cleveland's offense is showing signs of life. Dilfer is a capable QB, they have depth at RB, even if no one is spectacular, and some talent in the WR corps. I think they will have their share of good offensive days, not just against the likes of the GB's of the world.
  11. Sterling really likes what he is seeing

    Ditto, for the sound of his voice if nothing else. Is there any football commentator you guys do like?
  12. I had him on the bench today, figured he would need a few week to "ripen" on the bench and work his way up the depth chart. Now, I'm sure that part of his success yesterday was due to the fact that he was playing against GB, but If Burleson can't produce, Braylon may find his way into the starting lineup sooner than anticipated.
  13. 70's Show

    Donna, no contest
  14. Ricky Williams

    I've got him on my bench, as trade bait if nothing else. Ricky will start looking pretty good to a RB thin team, even before he's played a down.