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  1. WDIS at flex? Ridley or Edelman?

    Should I consider Decker ahead of both Ridley & Edelman?
  2. Roster is listed down below. PPR league. Leaning towards Edelman cuz the injury to Amendola.
  3. Richardson will have way more touches than Tate. More possibilities to score you points. The only issue is that he's trying to score agaonst the Ravens D. But none the less he's still the better play.
  4. WDIS @ TE for week 4?

    Thank you for the short notice response. Was leaning towards him.
  5. Pitta or Gates

    I'm leaning towards Pitta in my league. His value increases in PPR leagues if u happen to be in one...
  6. It's a high scoring PPR league Pitta vs. CLE (Has scored 42 points in league). Pettigrew vs. MIN (Has scored 30 points in league).
  7. Difficult WR start decision

    Agree with White, Welker, & Decker.
  8. Some guy offered me this trade (Rice being my player). Is he outta his mind for even trying to offer this trade or am I over valuing Rice?
  9. BIG PPR Trade

    Megatron > Wallace... Wallace is off to an awesome start but Johnson is a TD machine. Romo> Roethlisberger... If he can stay on the filed. High risk/ High reward. Mendy< Forte... Forte is a PPR league's wet dream lol... he's being used like Marshall Marshall Marshall was used in STL. This is where u dwn grade a little on this trade. U upgrade 2/3 so thats not too bad. I'd do it.
  10. WDIS at Flex? (PPR)

    Hightower @ STL Blount vs. IND Colston @ Jac (Will be limited) M, Williams vs. IND (He's eventually gonna break through right??) '
  11. Week 2: Who Do I Start at Flex?

    Appreciate the inputs guys.
  12. Need help at TE and a little for WR

    Charles seems to be the man at KC which means he won't be sharing the rock w/ Thomas Jones like he did last season. Forte is going to be a STUD this year if he can stay healthy. Jackson and Wells are solid back-ups. So adding Tolbert would add value to your team unfortunately Charles n Forte should always start ahead of him every week except on bye weeks. Getting the 2nd def for next week makes more sense now.
  13. Week 2: Who Do I Start at Flex?

    that's who i am leaning towards at this moment. jus need some input by others.
  14. Need help at TE and a little for WR

    I actually think the SD/NE will not be a repeat of the MIA/NE game. It will be a lower scoring game. Week one is always tough to evaluate Defenses unless you are the Baltimore Ravens lol. But I's stick w/ SD. But the HOU def. is a solid match-up against MIA. Just depends on if you are willing to risk losing the SD def. to someone else. Keep Tolbert, Moreno got banged up again in the loss against OAK. Denver is going to be playing catch up a lot this year so unless you're in a PPR league let some one deal with the ups and DOWNS which Moreno brings week in and week out.