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  1. N'awlins Inspired SB Grub

    The biggest challenge with an authentic NOLA poboy is finding the right bread outside of New Orleans. I've tried everything I can find and most breads don't come close. I do something similar for the superbowl, preparing foods from the cities playing so, also picking up blue crabs tomorrow.
  2. Fried Green Tomatoes

    This is as good as it gets - have had these a number of times:
  3. Gifts for men from the realm of the gods...

    Amen, but useless without pics.
  4. Need some lawyerly advice...

    Came into to post regarding DV. Differs from state to state and you won't be able to go through your own insurance company for this. As noted, after the vehicle is repaired, you can have any one of a number of companies do a Diminished Value report. Generally, you're looking at about 25% of your pre-wreck value. Not saying you will get that much, but that's what you will probably start negotiating for. Recently, I started at $14,000 for a DV claim. Insurance company started at $2700. We just settled at $11,500. I paid $299 for the original DV report and then did all the negotiating myself. Typically you wouldn't need an attorney to negotiate unless you really hit a wall.
  5. Austin Tejas

    Uchi and Uchiko are two of the best restaurants I have ever been to. Fantastic, creative food.
  6. The Eleventh Annual Edmund Fitzgerald Contest

    Week 8. 16 points
  7. Opening Sunday Food

    Braised Cardinals.
  8. Ryder Cup captain's picks

    I love match play - playing it and watching it. I don't like the alternate shot format, but that's more because I hate playing it. Not sold on Furyk either. Yes, he has experience in that he's played in 7 Ryder Cups. He also has a losing record in those Ryder Cups (8-15-4 overall). Not sure that's the experience you really want. He had a shot to win two big tournaments this year and choked down the stretch. The problem is that I don't know if I would have picked any of those other guys over Furyk. Hunter Mahan led the Ryder Cup points standing after the Masters and doesn't make the top 8? That's a huge drop and it shows. His short game has been horrible lately. Winning a match play event when your game is on is easy. Winning matches when you can't putt or chip - no chance. I definitely don't think he offered much to the team right now. Ricky hasn't done anything the 2nd half of the season. Given the length of Medina, I may have taken a flyer on Garrigus. Put him up against some of the shorter European hitters (mcdowell, donald) and let him hit his wedges for 2nd shots while his competition hits 3 irons. Frustrating as hell in match play.
  9. What song was #1 on the day you were born

    One of These Nights - The Eagles
  10. while post padding is still a sin.....
  11. iPad gen 2 vs gen 3 help

    I've got a logitech bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. Love it.
  12. Anyone else have problems renewing their subscription ?

    Mine worked perfectly. No issues whatsoever.
  13. New Restaurant in Marietta, GA

    The Varsity is close enough to South City Kitchen. I'd have a hard time choosing the place you posted over SCK (granted, when in ATL these days, I tend to stay in Midtown).
  14. What did yer Grandpa do for work

    Paternal - farmer, died before I was born. Maternal - owned a bunch of car dealerships, still kicking
  15. Going to St. Louis this weekend

    Provel cheese. I'm on the side of the people that love it for hangover food.