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  1. WDIS?T. Housh or Fitzgerald?

    I vote for Housh; match-up looks great and he's been gaining momentum making him and Chad J and real tandem to be reckoned with.
  2. J. Lewis or S. Jackson

    FYI, I, Sccoby, did not start this topic, only added a reply; another idiosyncrasy of our beloved message boards of late.
  3. Ronnie Brown or J.J. Arrington

    yuck! Almost as bad as my Dunn or Thomas Jones; I lean slightly in favor of Brown; JJ hasn't looked that good, setting up a showcase of old Warner hooking up w/ Fitz and Boldin all night to get things done.
  4. which rb to start

    another vote for Willie; NE's def will still be a powerhouse this yr and I think Oak will be tossing the ball around to play catch-up tonite.
  5. which def,do i start?

    considering your scoring system, NYG sounds like the better option
  6. WDIS, Jordan or Anderson?

    gotta go w/ Mike this week
  7. TJ Houshmandzadeh or Kerry Colbert

    Start Jamal and don't think twice about it; can you also start S-JAx as your second RB? This would be a nice duo as Stl is playing SF. Also, I'd go w/ Brees despite the new and improved Dallas def (and I'm a Dallas homer). Anytime I think about Joey I wanna puke.
  8. J.J. or Caddy

    Another vote for Cadillac; the only thing we have to gauge a rookie with is preseason action, and JJ's having trouble; the Shipp's about to arrive at port and take over I'm guessing.
  9. Worry about collins?

    NO's FF players of interest tend to handle carolina quite well; I'd go with Brooks and hope for the best in spite of their unfortunate circumstances. Maybe this will be the proverbial "rising to the occasion." I still see NE's def stuffing Collins even with the exit of "TEddy & Ted."
  10. Help With A Week 1 Starter

    I've been hearing all over the place that Foster is NOT starting... I'd go with Dunn, since Vick still hasn't gotten this west coast thing down pat and TJ is not being used as a TD vulture like he once once, they'll need Dunn and they will use Dunn extensively.
  11. Collins or Harrington?

    I'd go with Collins and consider your NE defense an insurance policy, negating any deductions for int's and fumbles.

    Int deductions make Palmer a slightly better choice and I think Cincy will make a run this yr similar to what the chargers did last yr. Definitley Dunn--they love this guy and it seems they've been phasing out TJ on goal line carries; Bennett's a bit knicked up and I would rather have an injury-free player in the mix for week 1.
  13. Pick one

    This is a close race, and I am assuming this is your 3rd WR slot. All 4 will probably be relatively equal. If I had to choose: 1. Coles has appeared to get right back to the good old days with Penny as his QB and looks like the go-to-guy. 2. If Jimmy hasn't dropped so many passes of late, I think he'd be at the top of my list, but I'm ranking him 2nd. 3. Lelie (Rod Smith and a focus on the running game w/ Mike Anderson puts him 3rd IMO 4. Keenan-this will be LT's day for sure I know I've used preseason info to give you my opinion, but I think it definitley plays a factor with wideouts and the trends they will be following at the start of the regular season.
  14. Thoughs on QB

    One of my FF teams has the same QB's; I have Brady in the mix as of now--I just think the Oakland def is lacking and I don't see much improvement in the unit over last year. Jax can be tough, as you know.
  15. Football in New Orleans is over. Both the Govenor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans were and are opposed to partly fund a new arena for the Saints orginization to play future games in. The Saints were entertaining the idea of moving anyway, and Katrina will make their decision for them. So who pays for the next franchise?
  16. Hottest NFL PLayer

    Oh I forgot about him--down south in Texas we say "Pasote' spelling I'm not sure of pronounced "Pa-so-tay" meaning fine Mo Fo
  17. Plummer or Favre -- Week One

    Since no deduction for int's I would start Plummer; Favre doesn't do too well in the dome setting especially at the beginning of the season.
  18. RB Dilema

    I can start 2 RBs outta these... 1/10yds 6/TD -2/fumble lost Ahman Green @DET Chris Brown @PITT Willie Parker TENN JJ Arington @NYG Which two should I start? Please Help. ty.
  19. M. Faulk Value

    If your league awards points for receptions, then he is worth a late pick and may have to be used in one or two weeks tops.
  20. Mike Anderson/Tatum Bell?

    Not when Anderson is healthy. Remember he is a 1000+ rusher when healthy and is excellent around the goal line.
  21. Anyone else pick 12th

    WORSE I had first in 12 team league.
  22. Trent Green info

    Chief Dick (great name BTW).....we have some friends in Overland Park and we're thinking about taking them up on an offer for a visit this fall for a Chief's game and tailgating party. Will have to find a babysitter (grandma and Grandpa) or take our baby up with us. Looking forward to it. Will you be at every home game this year?
  23. Trent Green info

    blood clots, huh ? Doesn't sound good no matter what euphuisms you use to explain it away.
  24. Warrick signs with Seattle

    Tell me more about Bannister if you will--never heard of he a better pick on a FF roster than say, a Troy Williamson, Jenkins, or Brandon Llyod--(my last 3 WR late round picks).