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  1. Jamal Lewis hurt worse than we thought?

    I know this sounds like I'm an old fart (30 yrs to be exact), but I've had bone spurs in my foot and they hurt like a(n) SOB...
  2. Huddle depth charts

    Kinda muddled w/ the Vikings WR depth charts, execpt that Burleson is a lock for the go-to guy as we all know. I drafted Williamson 13th round out of 16 in a 12-team league, who knows what will happen, although Culpepper fed the ball continuously last yr to 3 WR's and they all had the stats to warrant a FF roster spot, especially in the deep leagues. As far as NE TE's, there's too many spoons to spoil the pot; on the one hand you have Fauria--been there, done that, old Mr. Reliable and Daniel Graham to boot.
  3. Ahman Green possibly suspended!?!

    Sorry guys--that was my hubby's reply--I let him use my account for FF and betting info--he's just scared that he drafted Green as his #1 RB; he had 1st pick in our 12-team draft and chose to get Peyton--on the way back he passed up on Rudi, Westbrook, Jordan, Chris Brown, Dunn Cadillac, Foster, Anderson, TJ, Taylor----the list goes on and on while I'm reading our draft board. I told him the same thing--this won't have anything to do w/ his atty's once Tagliabu takes a stand. Guess he should have read the Huddle info last May when this all went down. I'm laughing all the way to the bank (so far) with LT2 in my pocket.
  4. Ahman Green possibly suspended!?!

    surely u dont think that greens atty cant get all that time (IF he had to do 30 days) put off til next year
  5. Who will you absolutely not draft this year?

    Willie Green for Heaven's sake.
  6. The Best WR Corps in the NFL

    I voted other John Stallworth/Lynn Swann--you didn't say current
  7. TOP 10 RB

    Jamal's the man; out of prison and a changed man from all accounts as far as maturity level goes. He is the prototype for a premier NFL RB in terms of size and physical ability. Plus you don't get much better than the Baltimore Def, which means the offense will be out there, wearing down the clock with Jamal at the helm.
  8. Trade 1:04 to 1:07

    if you can have an extra pick then hell yes, but if there are roster limits as to how many players you can have, then what would an extra pick be good for?
  9. RBs look good enough... but WR's a little weak. Of course, Manning may have another big year, and he should lead league in TDs. A. Brooks could work for trade if he gets hot early.
  10. Bettis, Staley or Branch?

    why is Branch in with RB's? i like Branch this year, but with Staley nicked up, you might like Bettis. I am also in 12 team league
  11. 10 Team-Just drafted

    I'm also seeing that you can wait on a QB till the later rounds; after all, once Manning and Culppeper are gone (and they go quickly), the next line-up of QB's is pretty much even. You've got a fine QB in the 8th round. Your team looks great.
  12. TOP 10 RB

    1. LT2 2. Alex 3. Priest 4. Jamal 5. Dom 6. Edge (had him in my FF teams the last 3 years, and feel he just doesn't quite fit the bill for a top 5 back) 7. Julius 8. KJ 9. McAllister (too many bone-headed mistakes by the Saints offense in general makes him a latter top ten RB) 10. Portis--only thing going for him is a weight gain, otherwise a pathetic o-line like last season
  13. kevin curtis

    This is pretty much my sentiment. Could be a Stokley-like WR, but I can't get that Dane Looker cat out of my mind and am wondering if he's in fact the Stokley for StL. Good name--the Holy Roller by the way; I have a sister who's the Holy roller for our family; 5 kids under the age of 7, all home-schooled because of the evils/ perils of the public school system she says.
  14. Juggling defenses

    Call me crazy, but I am getting some good vibes from the Cardinals "D" this year and will probably sneak them in on one of my last picks; Of course, I had the same feeling about Minn last year and ended up tossing them a few weeks into the season. I picked up the Jets thereafter and rode em out all season (and they were'nt too shabby I might add). Pitts, Baltimore, Philly are pretty sure things, with NE and Carolina close by.
  15. Draft Day Food

    A poll for accross America...
  16. Dallas Cowboy WR's

    I think Witten will be the only WR/TE from Dallas worth drafting in the first half of any draft. I see Witten catching 10 TD's this season. Of course, that will be half of Bledsoe's TDs. Any nay sayers?
  17. Low down and dirty!

    detroit is always a good last pick for Def. also I think AZ will be a cheap sleeper D
  18. Weapons of DMD

    i recently re-joined this league of whacko's and they reward +1pt for 40+ and 2pts for 50+ and I think that Vinaterri will lead this league.
  19. Draft Day Order

    With the 10th pick, even if it is RB heavy, you can still get 2 really good RB's, then come back and get who you want. the later in the order is looking pretty good.
  20. Edge vs. Priest

    i would take Shaun Alexander if there he is the man, otherwise Preist or Culpepper
  21. The Forgotten

    Totally Pete Rose, and possible Bert Blyleven, 60 shutouts on crappy teams. Lots of complete games, and 14th on strikeouts all-time
  22. The Forgotten

    don't forget Bob Hayes, Rayfield Wright, and Micheal Irvin.
  23. The Forgotten

    Bob Hayes and Michael Irvin, for sure. Hayes changed the way teams passed the ball vertically, and Irvin is simplythe Playmaker.
  24. Travis Taylor wins starting job.

    all Taylor needed was a QB with confidence, of course, having Burleson et al. helps.
  25. Thank Braylon Edwards!

    antonio bryant is still the go to guy, for now