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  1. What's the :coolest" rule in your league?

    also, the Pick 'em winner at the end of the year wins dough.
  2. What's the :coolest" rule in your league?

    best rule ... the silent auction each week for free agents.
  3. Jets Training Camp Report

    Yep, I think he's gonna be a linebacker; 8lbs 11 oz, 20 inches at birth 6-20-05; managed to manuever around at the last minute and was in the breech position (forcing a c-section), so he's got great flexibility and stretch; now already wearing clothes for 6 month olds.. Anyway, good reading material. I wish I was up there catching all the action. My hubby was in last place last year 12 team league; injuries killed him....Charles Rogers, Steve Smith to name a few. I missed the play-offs by one point...
  4. Aaron Brooks

    He's a smart guy, but very streaky.....if he falls to me then I'll pick him up, but I won't necessarily pursue him.
  5. Explain Your Login Name!

    Popular topic---anyway, "Scooby" is the name of my dog, a 5 yr old Min Pin
  6. Jets Training Camp Report

    Hi Rovers! Thanks for your help and insight last season--kinda hard for me to do research and participate in the forums this yer--2 month old baby boy keeps me busy----anyway, tell me about the defense--they've got some real studs (Vilma, Ellis, Abraham, and of course, Ty Law)...if they're meshing well, I'll be moving up the key offensive players on my draft sheets (my draft is next Saturday the 27th). This team thrived last year with a solid "D" and Ty Law should only enhance that. Plus I think they've got a stud special teams guy. Thanks for keeping us posted. I love the Jets, even though I'm a Southerner!
  7. The Rookie RB Poll

    I voted for JJ--cushy schedule, Denny Green's knack for developing young talent--plus the offense has real threats at the WR position in Fitz & Boldin keeping the opposing defense guessing.
  8. Here's why Owens has left

    just like any athelete, autographs are part of the game and fanbase. as fans , we remember who signs, and who is a dick.
  9. T.O. will get $$ if he is waived

    surely another team would pick him up, thus nulifying any payments from the eagles
  10. Driver, D Jax and Emmitt.....

    thanx a million Rovers, its like all of us who want to start DJax need a scout at the airports today
  11. M.Clayton or Jimmy Smith

    jimmy over clayton
  12. Any news on Darrell Jackson?

    i am like you, i want a scout at the airport telling me that he got on the plane from Fla. to Minn.
  13. Burleson or Rudi Flex

    Hands down Rudi, go with guaranteed yards.
  14. to be honest, LT and MaGahee would be my choice. Both are sure a TD and are better receivers, which they might also catch a TD in addition to rushing for one.
  15. RB

    harris and blaylock
  16. Tough Call @ WR This Week - Need 3

    Bennett Johnson and Holt All 3 are extra hot right now.
  17. WDIS at RB (pick one)

    Dunn Barber has a rookie QB against a Ravens Defense that isn't just Ray Lewis
  18. Favre

    Historically, some of Favre's best games have been in cold, icy, snowy conditions. Don't sweat it; just start him.
  19. I think you're safe in choosing: Hicks-surprisingly, the one with the most upside (other than Julius, that is) McAllister-Dallas isn't all that great on defense this year, so let's hope that Haslett gives him the chance to exploit their weaknesses. Both TJ & Tiki are facing incredibly tough defenses. On the one hand, we've seen Tiki's stats flounder with Eli at the helm, with no change in sight (especially when they face Balt). TJ's stats have suffered also, but mostly due to his recent injury....I believe Lovie indicated this week TJ will continue to be the focus of the offense (I take this to mean fewer carries for A-Train who will serve primarily as a relief back). Also, oddly enough, Hutchinson did a good job last week, so let's hope that continues. All in all, I think TJ has a bit more upside than Tiki this week. Just my opinion, good luck!
  20. What 2 RBs to start?

    All three of these are very solid RB options, and will most likely have very similar FF numbers. Something to consider: Carolina has something to play for this week and Goings will fare well against a suspect Stl run defense. Houston will be playing from behind, but DD is active in the passing game. Chester has filled in nicely, will have a pretty good game, but I would be tempted to bench him because I think his FF production will be slightly less than the other 2. Heap made his debut last week, and I'm sure Boller is dying to recharge the Baltimore passing game with his help.
  21. Hello friends! I've taken a several month sabbatical from the Huddle but now I'm back, with my play off hopes very much alive. I need some assurance from you in this critical make-or-break week. Third WR spot: Antonio Gates vs. TB (yes, perhaps a FF no-no when a TE is not required, but he's averaged better than all my WR's this year.) He took a turn for the worse last week against Denver and TB is just as tough. Clayton vs. SD--also not so great last week, thought he was the go-to-guy, so I'm uneasy with his lack of consistency. Burleson vs. Seattle--not sure about this cat either. Thanks for the advice!
  22. Chris Brown or Onterrio Smith?

    This late in the season you're better off with a sure thing, and Brown's injury makes him too risky to start.
  23. Lineup Choices

    QB: Tit for tat, but Oakland has no running game, so they'll have to do it through the air. RB: Droughns is a good choice. The other starter is more difficult to predict. SD has a pretty stingy run defense, and, if memory serves me correctly, hasn't allowed a 100-yd rusher this season (or if they have it's very few times). Green's a little banged up, but GB's play off hopes are still very much alive, so they'll need some good RB production from Green--this will be quite easy against the unimpressive Detroit run D. WR: bench Boldin.
  24. Westbrook vs. DD

    It would be nice to play both, but you've got to start Westbrook who's producing killer FF stats.