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  1. WDIS-WR

    Hard to bench Chad even with the formidable opponent. Jimmy should also fare well against a pourous Chicago D.

    Bledsoe has surprisingly picked it up lately and the match-up is delicious. Westbrook a lock, as you say....DD is a good start, very active in both the running and passing game. Duece most likely won't "rebound" and continues to disappoint many a FF owner. Since Moss now has some back spasm thing (and the ailing hammy), I think Burleson is a good start. Seems to at least find the end zone. Evans continues to impress, but Lloyd might also have a good game---just depends on if you're comfotable in starting the QB/WR combo Bledsoe & Evans---your playoff hopes would rest largely on the success of the Buffalo offense this week.
  3. kennison,j smith, drew bennet

    I'd give Jimmy a try against the pourous Chicago D....Kennison & the Chiefs have nothing to play for now but pride, since their play off hopes are officially in the crapper. Bennett has been solid lately also.