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  1. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    It would have shown a complete lack of respect to lay down for the saints. They would not have wanted that.
  2. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    Dallas 20 Washington 10
  3. colts/jags

    I think the jags not only hold them under the 13.5, but win outright today.
  4. Betting League

    I did a few hours ago.
  5. Betting League

    where do i email them?
  6. Giants IDP

  7. Giants IDP

    He is the starting strong side line backer. Emmons was moved to the weak side. (see up thsi thread)
  8. The Well Dressed Invisible Amani Toomer

    Toomer had 4 targets, including at least 1 drop. Eli only threw the ball 23 times and only had 10 completions. I don't think we've seen the last of toomer. In closer games, the giants will have to throw more.
  9. AZ / NYG game....

    Will Peterson was out for the NYG, leaving Will Allen as the only experienced quality cb. I think he was on Boldin much of the time. Boldin also may have been doubled more. Deloatch and Webster were likely given primary coverage responsibity on Fitz, opening him up for a bigger day.
  10. JJ Arrington

    Arrington was pulled for shipp in response to the giants pass rush. They needed better pass blocking than arrington could provide. If teams have good Dlines and continue to bltiz, this may continue to happen.
  11. DMD and WW share a man crush.

    Week 1 Lineup Submitted Los Gigantes Griese, Brian TBB QB Barber, Tiki NYG RB Davis, Domanick HOU RB Williams, Carnell TBB RB Bennett, Drew TEN WR Johnson, Chad CIN WR Shockey, Jeremy NYG TE Stover, Matt BAL PK Rogers, Shaun DET DT Freeney, Dwight IND DE Edwards, Donnie SDC LB Simmons, Brian CIN LB Watson, Courtney NOS LB Davis, Thomas CAR S Harrison, Rodney NEP S Lewis, Michael PHI S Submitted Thu Sep 8 1:46:13 p.m. ET 2005 much better.
  12. DMD and WW share a man crush.

    i haven't set my lineup yet.
  13. DMD and WW share a man crush.

    remember LT? Caddy could be almost as good. Top 10 RB this year, maybe top 5.
  14. betting league

    I pick Cincy, KC, StL, and Philly
  15. DRAFT TONIGHT: Keeper League needs replacements

    Anyone interested in the league if it drafts a time that works for you?