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  1. Who should I start, Humphries or Kirk in a ppr league? Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know if Jones will be starting? I like him a lot if he gets the majority of the carries. I also think the Cardinals will get behind and have to throw a lot. This is a tough pick. Who should I start?
  3. I have Thomas and was offered Thielen in a straight up trade. This is a ppr league.Should I do it?
  4. I was wondering with the coaching changes, head and assistant, what players should have a better year? Two players I think will be better are Amari Cooper and Derek Carr.
  5. Also, if I keep Johnson, I give up a third-round pick. If I keep Hunt, I lose a fifth-round pick.
  6. I can only keep one player and it's a PPR league. It's between Kareem Hunt and David Johnson.
  7. Anyone else? I like Green, thinking the Bengals will be in a shootout. I am thinking of sitting Bryant.
  8. What 3 wide receivers should I start in a PPR League? Michael Thomas Sterking Shepard AJ Green Martavis Bryant
  9. Kicker question

    I picked up Dawson as the game is against the Giants in a dome.
  10. I have Sterling Shepard as my flex, should I play Green and sit Shepard?
  11. Who should I start in a PPR League? AJ Green or Martavis Bryant Rivers or Foles
  12. I have Green in my starting line-up but it looks like weather will play an issue. It's suppose to be raining and snowing for the Bengals game. Should I stick with Green or play Bryant?
  13. I am in the championship and I need to play 3 wide receivers in a PPR. Who should I play? Thanks. Mike Thomas AJ Green Martavis Bryant Sterling Shepard Stefon Diggs Josh Gordon
  14. Don't know who to start, Josh Gordon or Sterling Shepard in a PPR league. What is your take? Thanks.
  15. I know the Giants defense is horrible, but Rivers is on a hot streak but his history at Arrowhead is not good. Who would you start?