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  1. SNF

    ATLs run blocking is trash. Doesn't matter who is carrying the ball
  2. SNF

    My wife just asked if Chris Collinsworth keeps saying "flex your Cox"?
  3. SNF

    Al Michaels just said "It's General Hospital here on Sunday night" referring to all the Eagles injuries.
  4. Who are you done with?

  5. Adam Theilen dropped..

    My team name is Slump Buster. I got him.
  6. Adam Theilen dropped..

    Raised it to $615.
  7. Adam Theilen dropped..

    2nd team in my signature, someone dropped Adam Theilen. He's from Canada and clearly knows nothing about football. We have $1000 budget for the year. I've already spent $95 on TJ Hockenson and only have $915 left. Is $315 an overbid for Theilen, or should I bid more. I play with a few guys who know what they're doing and I imagine the bids will be huge.
  8. Hockenson or Njoku?

    It's team 2 in my signature
  9. Which RB to get on WW?

    I like Thompson short term but Hyde ROS
  10. Bears DST is on waivers...

    Depends how defenses are scored. They are the best fabtasy D based on last year, but if you don't get points for yards/points allowed, eh.. Who knows. If you don't have a glaring need, you won't have to worry about your fantasy D the rest of the season
  11. Who to Add

    Marquise Brown & Chris Thompson
  12. Who to drop

    Henderson for Brown. Brown got the goal line carries and had like 19 snaps. Henderson had 2 snaps.
  13. Williams v. DJ v. Tyrell v. DJax

    Who is DJ? Tyrell Williams is the #1 WR in Oakland. Mike Williams is the #2 in LA. I like Tyrell Williams chances this year.
  14. WR2 help

    I like Godwin's potential, but to call Famous Jameis trash is an insult to garbage. I would roll with Robinson