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  1. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    Cheers to that. The downfall of a forum or any other social media platform is you can't read someone's tone. Unless you really know someone, sarcasm is generally lost as well. Goes without saying, but if there were no passionate, die hard sports fans loyal to their team(s), watching sports would be blah. We love certain teams and we love to hate others. It's what makes it so enjoyable.
  2. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    I'm not tryin to bust your guys balls. I actually get enjoyment from the back and forth banter on these forums
  3. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    You said it, not me
  4. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    Please take some time to search for it, and when you find it, please inform me (and anyone else reading this) where I said "any contradiction from a 49ers fan is strictly homer bias." You read what I typed and apparently took offense to it. This may come as a shock, but everyone is not a 49ers fan. Don't be so sensitive, Nancy. You're again putting words in my mouth. Never once in this thread or anywhere else here on any other social media outlet did I ever claim to watch one 49er game. I have (and will) claim to be an avid sports fan who watches SportsCenter regularly, not to mention someone who has the NFL RedZone on for 7 hours every Sunday during the regular season. The 49ers are good. They got more air time than most. Analysts talked about them more. So no, I didn't watch an entire 49er game, but I saw the weekly highlights and analysts breakdowns. Congrats on getting the resident Chiefs fan humbly blow smoke up your ass - cause lets not sugar coat it, that's really what he did. Don't fool yourself. And, for what it's worth, he also publicly stated his affection for me. Top that.
  5. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    Clearly you did not read the OP's comments in the beginning of this thread. So.. you're a homer with a biased opinion. I'm glad you like Sherman. Actually, you didn't say that in your original post, so there's that. You are correct. The reason they don't throw his way is because on the other side of the field is the vaunted Ahkello Witherspoon. Dude got benched twice in the past 3 weeks in favor of an undrafted free agent. So yeah, put anyone out there in favor of Sherman and their stats are going to look better than they should as well. Look dude, I'm not going to fault you or any other fan for being optimistic for his/her team. I mean it's not like going to the superbowl is a yearly thing, unless you're a fan of the Patriots. With that, this is the 3rd time I've said this in this thread now... I like to root for the underdog and I will be rooting for the 49ers, and I also said I would not be disappointed to see the Chiefs win either. Whether it be here, other forums, other social media outlets, fans of San Fran (in general) are already dubbing their team the SB champs. Not saying it's not going to happen, but they are the underdogs. If I did bet on sports, I would take the Chiefs to easily cover the spread.
  6. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    I dont have statistical information. He just doesn't pass the eye test for me. I just recall throughout these past few seasons seeing more highlights of him getting burnt than I do see of him making plays. I mean even during the Packers game the other day, I didn't watch the entire game cause I fell asleep - but I woke up and the next play Davante Adams burnt him for a 60 yard reception. And to his credit, yes, I did see Sherman's interception to end the game. I'm not going to take that away from him, but I will say that it was an overthrown ball. He's a smart player, and was in the right place to catch it. I saw he was in a Twitter battle with Revis the other day. I never really liked Revis, but dude had a point. Told Sherman to cover someone all game and then talk about how great he is. Instead of Sherman saying OK, you got me, he told Revis to enjoy watching him (Sherman) from his (Revis's) couch. Pretty stupid response if you ask me. Revis is retired, and it's not like Sherman is the reason the 49ers are in the superbowl. I just flat out don't like the guy. He's talented, but he's not the best in the game, not anywhere close in my opinion.
  7. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    I'm not anti-49er. Hell, I even said I'll probably cheer for them. Not sure why you'd say that. I'm anti-Sherman cause I think he's the most overrated DB in the game, but that's not here nor there. He doesn't make or break a team. All I simply said was that I believe KC is the better team.
  8. Victory Pants 2020

    You sound like a scorned woman who just can't let it go.
  9. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    1st off, leave it to an Eagles fan to talk smack about Andy Reid. Dude is a great coach. Coaches don't make plays, they just work to get the best out of their players. Dude is probably one of the best in the game to do that - way better than Chip Kelly was and a far step ahead of Doug Pederson. Don't knock the guy cause your GM didn't put together a solid enough team to take home the hardware when he was there. 2nd off, I see some pretty thick homer goggles from 49ers fans. Everyone still wants to talk up Richard Sherman. He still makes the occasional smart play, but dude gets burnt, a lot. If SF is smart, they will NOT put him on Tyreek Hill. And sure, SF has a solid pass rush. While talented, they're tasked with chasing down one of, if not the most mobile and elusive QBs in the game. They might get to him a time or two, but it won't be enough to disrupt his game. The reason SF will struggle is their lack of a sound passing game. Sure, the SF homers will try to tell me that Garoppolo is for real, and you have (a beat up) George Kittle, (an aging) Emanuel Sanders, and (a decent but raw rookie) in Samuel. You will talk up the run game too, but look what just happened a few days ago, not to mention Colemans separated shoulder. Tennessee has (well, had) the best run game in the NFL, and ask them how well that worked out for them against KC. Their passing game is also similar to that of SF. Just like they did with Tennessee, KC will make SF one dimensional, and that D line will eat up Garoppolo the entire 2nd half. It's going to be ugly. I don't want to take the wind out of the sails of the 49ers fans, and I do like to cheer for the underdog to which that would have me cheering for SF. That said, I really don't care who wins this game, and wouldn't be disappointed to see KC win either - all I want is a close game that comes down to the last drive. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening in this one.
  10. Packers vs Niners

    Sherman got beat. Shocker!
  11. Chiefs vs Titans

    Mahomes is already working himself into legend status in KC
  12. Texans vs. Chiefs

    So this is what no defense looks like?
  13. Texans vs. Chiefs

    Where was the flag for a hit on a defenseless receiver?
  14. SMACKBOWL Week 1 Standings (revised)

    I chose the same 2 teams. Lol
  15. Titans vs Ravens

    LOL my team has only Saints and Ravens players