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  1. XFL 2.0

    I was right!
  2. That article states those assistants are staying in Indy. Still an awkward situation. Do the Colts give them the option to terminate their contract now that Josh McDaniels is not going to be the head coach?
  3. Payback for what?? Cheating?? I am grateful McDaniels isnt gonna be our guy. Hes a laughing stock outside of New England. I really effin hope that Kraft used him as a pawn and will manurecan him after Belicheat retires.
  4. NFL draft 2018

    Colts are rumored to be all in for Chubb, even if Barkley is there.
  5. McDaniels backed out of his commitment to Indy. Damn.. and we coulda had Vrabel.. What a clownshow.. That dude can kiss any future HC job goodbye, unless he was promised to be Belichicks successor. Hopefully Kraft decommits on that after Bekichick retires.
  6. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    Rileyrot & Alchico (again) after Q3
  7. Superbowl 52 Chat

    That halftime show was, eh..
  8. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    Junkyard & Alchico bigger winners Q2
  9. Superbowl 52 Chat

    There's going to be a lot of memes coming out of that Brandin Cooks rush
  10. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    Bonedaddy & Irish1 big winners Q1
  11. Superbowl 52 Chat

  12. Superbowl 52 Chat

    Since the site chat is no more, figure its time to open this up..
  13. Superbowl Proposition Bets

    Fun to look at these
  14. Alex Smith

    Local rumors are that the Cardinals are going to be heavy bidders for his services
  15. XFL 2.0

    Dartboard and beer