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  1. Tyler Lockett taken to the hospital after the 49ers game

    Meanwhile, @Roamingbullcalls it a dumbass move for not playing in overtime..
  2. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    Fantastic game!!
  3. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    It looked to me that Russell Wilson take a knee on that last snap
  4. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    Homer goggles maybe on a little too tight. It was close, but obviously inconclusive.
  5. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    This is why I'm considering not playing FF next season. No dog in this fight and I gotta say I'm definitely entertained!!
  6. WTH your best receiver sits in OT

    Lol. Clearly someone is clueless
  7. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    What a hell of a game! Best MNF game this year by a long shot!!
  8. Is David Johnson dead?

    Kingsbury said today that Drake has been playing much better than 'the rest of the RBs' and he will stick with the hot hand.
  9. Mid season Super Bowl Predictions

    Kansas City / 49ers
  10. Chargers vs Raiders (TNF)

    Phillip Rivers is a goddamn trash can. Singlehandedly ruining everyone on that teams value.
  11. Week 9 Milk Carton

    For the 6th week in a row, my entire fluckin team!!!
  12. Brissett down

    Hoyer is fluckin HORRIBLE!!!
  13. Brissett down

    There goes all hope for Colts fans
  14. Pascal or Dorsett?

    Think I'm gonna roll with Pascal as I have Hilton
  15. Pascal or Dorsett?

    TY Hilton out. My QB is Brissett not that it matters. Both available. Who do I pickup & start?