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  1. David Johnson

    It's a mess that I wouldn't want to be a part of. The problem is they have no passing game, the O-line is sub-par, they have a 35-year old WR who is a shell of his former self, and well, that's about it. Teams don't have to protect against the pass that much, and now with an inexperienced rookie QB, I think opponents are only gonna gameplan against Johnson that much more. If I owned him and didn't already trade him, I would look to see if I could find a taker for him.
  2. Tom Brady

    I think Edelman and Gordon will change the dynamic of this offense. Hogan is NOT a good slot WR. He will be better served out the outside opposite Gordon. Edelman excels in the slot. They will be a lot better at stretching the field when they get their skill players back and all on the same page.
  3. Week 3 Milk Carton

    Nah. Jerrah needs someone to clean his glasses..
  4. Week 3 Milk Carton

    Hardly even looks for Graham
  5. Week 3 Milk Carton

    Vikings D. Even the TV says lol
  6. Week 3 Milk Carton

    Nelson Agholor - being shut down by these lockdown Colts DBs!
  7. Week 3 Milk Carton

    Apparently the Vikings defense said "hold my beer".
  8. Week 3 Milk Carton

    Texans Defense. Getting carved up like roast beef!!
  9. Week 3 Inactives

    Fournette owner here happy hes sitting again. Rest up that hammy! Gordon & Howard carrying the load at RB and Lockett filling in nicely @ Flex.
  10. Flex advice

    Wrong forum, noob. Check the Advice Forum
  11. Wrong forum, noob. Check the Advice Forum
  12. I want Hopkins

    "May" being the key word. He may be released in a week or 2 as well. If i wete the Hopkins owner i would turn it down and not even counter.
  13. Breida or Sony Michel