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  1. Week 11 Milk Carton

    Is it too early to start this thread? Jimmah!!
  2. Milk Carton - Week 10

    We do not speak her name
  3. go out and get this guy

    I moved Smith yesterday ahead of the Dez news. Not sure if this hurts or helps his value.
  4. I'm done with FF Fellas

    Gotta take chances. You can draft a good team on paper but when you have David Johnson last year or Leonard Fournette this year - need to be able to make moves to overcome those. Some people refuse to trade and I don't get it. Others (me being one of them) get too trigger happy on the waiver wire. You have to be able to look past those dumb adds/drops you made and move on. I about being proactive and swinging for the fences too. I just dropped Njoku for Heuerman (my other TE is Doyle). I also just dropped Doug Martin for Tyrell Williams. Neither are moves that would win me the championship (at least now). But who knows. They both could blow up moving forward and I would have two studs when I need them the most. Mostly wishful thinking - I get it. But gotta be willing to swing for the fences and hope for a grand slam, but at minimum settle for a sac fly. Edit: I was in 8 leagues 3 years ago. I was miserable. It ruined fantasy football for me. Every single week I was playing against someone in whom I owned elsewhere. I had to manage free agent acquisitions everywhere. It was a goddamn full-time job in itself. I was literally miserable. And the worst of all? I only made the playoff's in 3 of them, and in all 3 I was 1-done.
  5. Dez officially signs with the Saints

    I don't think he'll make that big of a splash this year in fantasy but could prove to be useful in the NFL (not fantasy) playoff's if he is able to get up to speed by then
  6. Advice on a Melvin Gordon trade

    Hopefully, you did not do this. HORRIBLE trade for you
  7. Trying to Trade for Roethlisberger

    Agreed. I'd hang onto DT
  8. Trying to Trade for Roethlisberger

    I'm not sure that's enough to get it done. Why would he trade away Roethlisberger for a lesser fantasy QB? I too have Jack Doyle and am hoping for big things out of him in the coming weeks, but he's not a top tier TE at this point. I would say propose it - you're definitely not giving up too much - in my eyes you're not offering enough.
  9. Hopkins/Lockett for Cooks/Gordon

    I showed my hand too early and told him he has my interest, and countered for Adam Theilen instead of Hopkins. He turned it down, and removed his initial offer. He's 1-8, I'm 6-3. I then got a text from someone else in our league asking me if he should accept an offer for Hopkins as he was just proposed to him. At this same time I got another offer, but it wasn't as good as the first. Knowing that dude was shopping Hopkins I panicked and accepted. It's not horrible, but I got the short end of the stick in my opinion. I got Hopkins and Lockett for Cooks, Gordon, and Tre'Quan Smith. I now have an open roster spot but am out of FAAB$$. Will have to see what's left after tonights waivers My team now looks like: QB: P Rivers; D Watson RB: M Gordon; J Howard; L Miller; D Martin; A Ekeler WR: D Hopkins; TY Hilton; T Lockett; D Parker TE: J Doyle; D Njoku PK: M Crosby DEF: Texans
  10. So I just gave up Brandin Cooks, Josh Gordon, and Tre'Quan Smith for DeAndre Hopkins and Tyler Lockett. I'm 6-3 and in the playoff hunt. Problem is I just depleted my WR depth and Hopkins if off this week. To compound that issue, I'm out of FAAB$$, so I have to wait till everyone else gets their waiver claims. I know some of these guys will get picked up tonight, but I have an open roster spot and need a WR in the worst of ways now. Corey Davis Adam Humphries Allen Robinson Anthony Miller Nelson Agholor Marquise Goodwin Donte Moncrief Jamison Crowder My team after this trade: QB: P Rivers; D Watson RB: M Gordon; J Howard; L Miller; D Martin; A Ekeler WR: D Hopkins; TY Hilton; T Lockett; D Parker TE: J Doyle; D Njoku PK: M Crosby DEF: Texans
  11. 2QB league trade question...

    You're definitely getting the better players here but giving up a lot of depth. If he takes it - good move for you ROS. I'm not sure that he takes it though. If he takes it, I'l probably take a flier on Bortles (this week), although Mariota did look good last night.
  12. I was just offered Deandre Hopkins and Tyler Lockett for Brandin Cooks, Josh Gordon, Devante Parker. 10 team PPR. QB: P Rivers; D Watson RB: M Gordon; J Howard; L Miller; D Martin; A Ekeler WR: B Cooks; J Gordon; TY Hilton; Tre'Quan Smith; Devante Parker TE: J Doyle; D Njoku PK: M Crosby DEF: Texans
  13. I'm done with FF Fellas

    Theres always time
  14. I'm done with FF Fellas

    Just started RDR2. Just finished Tomb Raider and been foolin around with Assassins Creed.
  15. I'm done with FF Fellas

    I'm kinda with @CowboysDiehard on this one. I've been playing fantasy football for 20 years or so now. I've had some success in the past, but these past 5 or 6 years - every season I wonder why I do this? A few years ago I was in 8 leagues. That's when it all went downhill. This year I'm only doing 2 and I feel that it's 2 too many. These past 3 weeks I haven't even watched much. I got the ticket and RedZone channel, but I've found myself wanting to play Xbox more than I have wanted to watch football. It's not directly related to fantasy as I'm 5-4 in one league and 7-2 in another. I know @irish took the year off last year and not sure he came back to play this season. Wondering how that went - did a year off make a difference? Did you miss it last year? Did you regret not playing? My loss of interest in the NFL is (I think) more to do with how much of a paddy-cake league it's become. Can't touch the QB's helmet, let alone tackle him. Can't tackle a defender if he's not prepared for the tackle. Can't celebrate a score. It's like the NFL wants these 55-53 scores each week. What's the point of defense then? I enjoy watching a good defense more than I enjoy watching someone run up the score. I don't know. Maybe it's just me getting old - who knows...