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  1. Patrick Peterson Suspended

    He got 6 cause there were traces of a masking agent. He claims he took stuff for diabetes. Dude is a liar and a cheat.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Reggie freakin' Wayne. Fk'n LOL!!!
  3. Murray #1 overall to AZ

    The vaunted Daniel Jones. Man, what a steal at #6. They would have been better off trading for Rosen.
  4. theHuddle 2019 Mock Draft (selections only)

    Pick for me. I'm on my phone and can't really look at much
  5. Someone can pick for me. At the airport with no time to look at things. Thanks @Dcat for running this!
  6. Hahaha. Thanks brother!
  7. Lol one to go!!!
  8. Shameless solicitation. I only need 2 more likes to hit the '1,000 club'. Wouldn't it be cool to be the one who got me there? Help a brother out!
  9. theHuddle 2019 Mock Draft (selections only)

    With the 89th pick, the Indianapolis Colts take Jamel Dean, DB, Auburn
  10. theHuddle 2019 Mock Draft (selections only)

    Well, the Ravens got a stud. Let me take a look. No clue who I want for the Colts. Been eyeing him for about 20 picks
  11. Business trip this week. I leave tomorrow morning and I figured I should be honest with you all - I won't have a whole lot of time to focus on this - honestly I don't know if I'll have much time at all for it. I will continue through the evening tonight, and will check in on Tuesday and Wednesday evening(s). Should one of my picks come up during the day tomorrow or Wednesday - make my pick for me. Thanks!
  12. theHuddle 2019 Mock Draft (selections only)

    With the 86th overall pick in #TheHuddle 2019 Mock Draft, your Houston Texans begin throwing darts, and select, Tytus Howard, OT, Alabama State Big John's 2 picks are up
  13. theHuddle 2019 Mock Draft (selections only)

    With the 82nd overall pick in #TheHuddle 2019 Mock Draft, your Tennessee Titans select, Mack Wilson, LB, Alabama He is today's version of an NFL linebacker with adequate size, plus strength and toughness, speed pursue and an ability to handle coverage duties on any down. Wilson is like a classically trained musician who hits his notes on time, but the question is whether or not he can play as a free-form, improvisational talent when the opportunity arises. Either way, he's a solid, three-down starter in any defensive scheme. @GREENBEAN - Your Tittsburgh Feelers are on the clock
  14. Some analysts are calling Riley Ridley (Calvin's brother) the most sure-handed WR in the draft. He projects to be a solid #2 WR with a high ceiling for the foreseeable future. Really wanted the Colts to take a look at him, but he shouldn't have fallen this far.
  15. theHuddle 2019 Mock Draft (selections only)

    With the 69th overall pick in #TheHuddle 2019 Mock Draft, your Sacksonville Jaguars select, Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia @GREENBEAN - Tampa Gay is on the clock