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  1. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

    Or USA Today
  2. I like the idea. Onside kicks always give hope but the success rate is minimal. 4th and 15 from your own 25 is risky as if you don't get it, the other team is already in field goal range when they take over on downs.
  3. WTF is going on lately???
  4. Undrafted Free Agent Tracker w/Teams

    Keep this in mind...
  5. Winston to sign with Saints

    Either way he should slide right in. After all, he does have more experience throwing to Saints players than Taysom Hill does.
  6. Winston to sign with Saints

    You're right - I read it wrong. Says Winston and the Saints are still negotiating a 1-year deal.
  7. Winston to sign with Saints

    I thought it was just a 1 year deal, but apparently it's 2 years for $21M, with $16M guaranteed.
  8. I am thinking tonight's draft may be . . .

    What are you talking about? Aaron Rodgers is one of the best ever.. Kidding dude. DMD rightfully locked the other thread and I was going to start fake fighting with you here. 🤣🤣🤣
  9. Eagles trade for Marquise Goodwin

    I was just pointing out that your implication that Marquise Goodwin is better than Nelson agholor is not a very sound implication. That is all.
  10. Eagles trade for Marquise Goodwin

    Not being an ahole.. Just pointing out the clear upgrade at WR
  11. Eagles trade for Marquise Goodwin

    Welp, I tried to find Marquise Goodwin's career highlight but there isn't one. Come on man.. You're a homer with some of the thickest homer goggles around. All you did leading up to the superbowl was talk about how bad Andy Reid was and how much better off Philly is without him. I think the superbowl pretty much put a cork in your Andy Reid sucks comments there.. As for Goodwin vs Agholor, dude.. Numbers don't lie. I wonder if you really look at this stuff before blabbing stupidity.. Marquise Goodwin has been in the league since 2013. His best year was 3 years ago where he had 56 catches and 2 TDs. His career averages: 20 receptions a year; 332 yards a year; 1.8 TDs a year. That guy is a MONSTER! DAMN!!! Agholor (5 years): 45 receptions a year; 503 yards a year; 3.6 TDs a year. So Goodwin has 2 more years than Agholor and half the production. Yeah, dude is DEFINITELY an upgrade over Agholor. 🤪🤪🤪
  12. Eagles trade for Marquise Goodwin

  13. Eagles trade for Marquise Goodwin

    Like Agholor was terrible. I'd rather have Agholor over Goodwin based on what each has done to this point in their NFL careers. You sound like a scorned woman again.
  14. Matt Breida to the Dolphins

    Isn't McKinnon still there? He was supposed to be their workhorse last year until he pulled a pube
  15. I am thinking tonight's draft may be . . .

    Kliffs is better. No traffic. Less pollution.