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  1. Bengals release Vontaze Burfict

    This is the kind of player the Colts never sign, but CHRIS BALLARD, PICK UP THE PHONE!!
  2. Giants to draft QB to mentor Eli

    He's now made more money playing football than his brother Peyton did. Shocking!!
  3. Murray #1 overall to AZ

    I get why Giants fans say "No". But had Rosen come out this year, he'd arguably be the 2nd best QB in this draft. If the Giants didn't spend the #6 pick on him, the Dolphins would most likely spend a #13 on him. At worst NYG would take him at #16. So why not convert one of those picks to get your QB of the future? The Cardinals didn't suck last year cause of Rosen. Hell, Mahomes or Brady would have looked horrible behind that line. If Keim isn't blown away with an offer, it will cost him his job at the end of this season, but they will roster both Murray & Rosen. Not saying it's smart, but I do remember the Skins taking both RG3 and Cousins in the same draft and rostering 2 starting caliber QBs.
  4. Murray #1 overall to AZ

    Rosen will never be elite but he'll be serviceable - I really do compare him to Eli. He won't single-handedly win a ton of games but he won't lose a lot either. Having Barkley and Engram will be a QBs best friend. If Shepherd pans out and Tate plays above average, they draft a WR early this year, that offense will rival some of the NFLs best for the next few years. They're really not that far off which is what (to me) makes Rosen intriguing in that offense. They need to capitalize now in order to take advantage of low $$ at skill positions, not wait to draft and develop a rookie QB next year.. Only to be stuck with having to pay $$ to keep Barkley, Engram and Shepherd. (if they choose to). Traded away OBJ for say Rosen, Metcalf/Harry, a 3rd rounder and Peppers, yeah - Giants won that trade!!
  5. Murray #1 overall to AZ

  6. Murray #1 overall to AZ

    Had this been posted yesterday I would have said the OP is high. But with the Dolphins in dire need of a QB as well, they hold the cards (no pun intended) having the #13 overall pick. I think Keim would have settled for the #16 from NY, but he now has the Dolphins #13 as leverege. My gut says that Gettlemen hedges his bets and leapfrogs Miami. Rosen was in a horrible situation last year and like 'most' rookie QBs, hit a wall with nothing to work with. But in terms of $$, Rosen gives his team flexibility these next few years. $1.28m guaranteed in '19, $2.08m guaranteed in '20, $2.88m guaranteed in '21.
  7. Any of you in NY City?

    Had a fantastic time there. Customer was in Long Island City and while I could have stayed there I chose to stay in Lower Manhattan. I was very anxious about taking the subway every day to and from the office as well as getting around town but once I did it, it was EZ PZ, granted my first day I didn't read the signs and took the E train to Brooklyn instead of Uptown and then to Queens. By far my most memorable busines trip yet. Definitely plan to go back, but this time take the kids. Such a fantastic city. Katzs Deli and Joe's Pizza.. Heaven!!!
  8. Murray #1 overall to AZ

    Unless they get a kings ransom for the top pick (which I don't believe they will), they're gonna take Murray. A lot of local sports analysts feel the same way. The stars are aligned too well for them not to. The Dolphins trading away Tannehill just created (for now - a silent) bidding war with the Giants. They both need a QB and while Kingsbury has several ties with Murray, Rosen isn't his guy. The Giants IMO aren't that far away from rebuilding a young & talented offense. While I don't see them trading both their #1s to AZ to move up to take Murray, I do see them caving and sending the #6 overall pick to AZ for Rosen. They 'should' use the 17th overall pick on a WR - either Metcalf or a Harry. That would give them 3 young / controllable / affordable skill players at 3 key positions on offense to make a strong play in FA next year. I don't see any way Murray slides past AZ for the top pick. Makes too much sense - and ultimately will cost Steve Keim his job.
  9. Colts re-sign Pierre Desir

    3 yrs / 25M Probably one of the leagues most underrated DBs. Ballard taking care of his own!
  10. Calling Chief Dick

    Had to brother. I never miss an opportunity to be a smart-ass.
  11. Funny read!! “I think it will be good to keep Eli on the bench for a year or two so he can learn the ropes of being an NFL quarterback."
  12. Bell to the Jets

    Right. Alvin Kamara just solidified himself as the consensus #1 pick in fantasy IMO
  13. Bell to the Jets

    Stupid. He's going to prove, just like Demarco Murray did, that the RB isn't all about talent. It's the system that makes the RB. He went to a horrible spot. I for sure won't touch him in fantasy next year. No way, Jose! Or is it HoZay?
  14. Calling Chief Dick
  15. Le'Veon Bell won't be tagged

    And this is why the Jets will ALWAYS be the Jets!!