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  1. Ppr. Who would you rather have?
  2. Melvin Gordon Questionable?

    Andrew Luck has a fractured vulva
  3. Melvin Gordon Questionable?

    It's no joke
  4. Trade on the table: McCoy for Michael Thomas

    Melvin Gordon is now listed as questionable. That'd leave a you with hunt & gillislee
  5. Which defense to start?

  6. Melvin Gordon Questionable?

    He sprained his vagina at practice today
  7. 10 Team PPR. Another manager in my league is trying to be active in trading, but he's very hesitant to come up with an offer - at least a reasonable one. He's pretty desperate at RB, and even with losing David Johnson, I still have the RB's to move to get a better WR. Would you consider trading away CJ Anderson for Demaryius Thomas? My team: QB: J Winston RB: E Elliott, CJ Anderson, T Cohen, C Carson, J Charles, David Johnson WR: D Bryant, S Diggs, JJ Nelson, M Lee TE: J Doyle, T Eifert PK: M Crosby DEF: Cardinals, Vikings
  8. This is more of an angry rant than anything

    Oh boy.. Someone's making a run at the 2017 NTOTY!
  9. WR question

    Garcon plays on Thursday night so I'd discount him. Thursday night games are always duds as the players usually just treat it like a practice. Funchess - eh. I'd probably roll with Diggs. Bradford is back and that's where Digg's value lies. If it were me, I'd play Diggs over the other two.
  10. WDIS - Dez or Kupp

    Kupp plays on Thursday night - and these games are ALWAYS letdowns for fantasy players. I would normally say Dez, but he's gonna have Patrick Peterson and T Matthieu to deal with on Monday night. Not saying don't start him, but I wouldn't expect much more than 4-50 and no TD. Maybe roll M Thomas out there this week and see if the 3rd time's the charm??
  11. Need Flex Help

    J Doyle & A Thielen - although I would give Carson a lot of consideration
  12. Murray concern.

    J Allen should have a big game this weekend..