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  1. Arizona vs Dallas (MNF)

    Somebody was wrong on this one...
  2. Graphics links broken?

    I was just coming to post this same question. It's been this way for several weeks now. Just another black eye for what this place used to be.
  3. Chiefs - Patriots being moved to Mon/Tue

    I just heard on the radio that the week 4 game is being postponed outright just like the titans steelers
  4. Artificial crowd noise

    Its HORRIBLE in this MNF game tonight. Ravens are at home but the crowd is cheering when the Chiefs move the ball..
  5. taking a chance on Claypool today

    Is Claypool even playing? 0 targets
  6. End A Fight In 3-5 Seconds

    I never intended to call anyone out but not only did BB make one not funny post (to which I mentioned no names at the time), his guilty conscience most likely got the best of him and he then came back and tried to double down. If you wouldn't make comments like that on the subway - cause you'd get popped square in the nose - then don't make them here.
  7. End A Fight In 3-5 Seconds

    Says the one making controversial posts. Your poor attempt at humor is not funny.
  8. End A Fight In 3-5 Seconds

    Racism and hate apparently
  9. Dolphins vs Jaguars (TNF)

    Jacksonville is sorry!!
  10. Dolphins vs Jaguars (TNF)

    This game has the makings to be one of those dreaded Thursday Night Borefests!
  11. How bout them Cowboys!

    No I'm not a Cowboys fan but that was awesome. And what happened to these forums? Seems like not long ago it was all about the Cowboys. @Cowboyz1 @CowboysDiehard Haven't seen these guys post much of anything lately.
  12. Week 2 Chat

    I did. Amazing. May sit next year too
  13. How many leagues?

    Where's Henry??
  14. Opening Week Talk

    Didn't watch Thursday or much of anything yesterday. Watched a little of the Titans/Broncos tonight. Meh.. I'd rather watch my butt cheeks jiggle when I fart - that is until they get all this BS back out of the game.

    Anyone else not watch the game or am I on an island alone? I just watched the highlights, or lack thereof, on Sportscenter - doesn't look like I missed much..