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  1. Superbowl 2019 Thread

    Totally agree with you there.
  2. Superbowl 2019 Thread

    Ill take Jergens and Brazzers for $200, Alex.
  3. AFC Championship Thread

    Good thing Reid was saving his timeouts. Even Romo was like you gotta give these guys a breather.
  4. AFC Championship Thread

    Brady beats the Rams and then retires; comes full circle. Stay rigged, NFL!
  5. AFC Championship Thread

    I guess Andy Reid was saving those timeouts for next year. Stupid...
  6. AFC Championship Thread

    As I just said, trash...
  7. AFC Championship Thread

    KCs defense is trash. Good lawd..
  8. NFC Championship Thread

    Lets not forget the fact that Brees' accuracy was horrible and Paytons play calling was suspect. You dont burn the clock by passing on 1st down, and if you are Brees, receivers feet dont catch the ball, their hands do. Missed a 1st down on the previous drive by not leading Ginn like he shoukd have. Drive before that he fell short of hitting his TE on the sideline. The refs didnt help the outcome by a horrible no-call, but lets not let Payton and co. completely off the hook.
  9. AFC Championship Thread

    Wow. Chiefs D looks good!! 6 first downs on the Pats opening drive.
  10. NFC Championship Thread

    Haha. I noticed it too..
  11. AFC Championship Thread

    @Chief Dick Have to imagine the pants are on..??
  12. NFC Championship Thread

  13. NFC Championship Thread

    On Brees too. Another shotty throw
  14. NFC Championship Thread

    Robey-Coleman has to be the luckiest mofo. Thats his 3rd non PI call today
  15. NFC Championship Thread

    Ugh. Saints tryin togive it up. Come on Payton!!
  16. NFC Championship Thread

  17. NFC Championship Thread

    Unless Brees continues to underthrow receivers and gives it back to the Rams, tied, late in the 4th.
  18. NFC Championship Thread

    Drew Brees and his errant throws gonna cost the Saints this game..
  19. NFC Championship Thread

    Kind of like Wentz. All hype, little substance.
  20. NFC Championship Thread

    Saints RB duo lead the league in pretty much every stat
  21. Annual Huddler Super Bowl Box Pool (2019)

    Lol I was just having fun and thought I'd mess with you. I didn't send anything.. Busy traveling lately and I missed the sign-up.. Next year..
  22. NFC Championship Thread

    This game already looks to be over
  23. NFC Championship Thread

    Why is this not the 'official' thread?