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  1. Start / Bench list ? Seems off to me this week

    It's all a matter of opinion
  2. Start / Bench list ? Seems off to me this week

    You could start your own site
  3. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    It's gonna backfire and could in turn hamper the Cowboys playoff hopes. Just do your f'n time already. I don't live in Dallas but I have several co-workers who do, all of which are big Cowboys fans. Three of them are saying how the Cowboys fan base is also with the same mindset. Do your time. You'll be back before the playoff's. Morris and DMC can weather the next 6 weeks. It'll give Elliott some time to heal up a little and not take a beating or suffer any potential setbacks. One of my co-workers is fearful that Elliott is thinking he's doing the right thing, but in turn has the potential to turn the fanbase against him.. Far fetched, but possible.
  4. I like Dez and the opportunity in front of him. Allen has many other talented skill players he has to compete with, not to mention Mike Williams is now playing.
  5. Luck?

    Hang tight. Stevegrab will show up and tell you what to do..
  6. Murray out?

    Henry is just the better back..
  7. What do you need for the W?

    Tough call. You wanna get flucked up and miss work tomorrow or go in with a bitch of a hangover.
  8. What do you need for the W?

    I'd start drinking now if you haven't already
  9. What do you need for the W?

    I need a refund on my fantasy teams. I should have taken the path of Irish and taken the year off. Injuries are a MoFo, but man - seems like every major injury this year has been to a player on my team with the exception of Rodgers (although I do own Nelson). IDK what I did to piss off the fantasy gods for a 3rd year in a row - but I have received the message loud and clear - take a year off.
  10. Who's FF team hit worst by injury bug

    David Johnson (drafted) Allen Robinson (drafted) Greg Olsen (drafted) Chris Carson (free agent pickup in week 2) Brandon Marshall (free agent pickup in week 4) OBJ (traded for him in week 5) Jameis Winston (drafted) Edit: On my way to a solid 2-4 record
  11. Milk Carton

    Mike Wallace
  12. Bad trade request?

    THIS!! Well, and this too! What drives me nuts is I've been in the same local league for 17 years now. Pretty much the same core group of guys with the occasional noob. This year we got a noob who is offering players like D'Onta Foreman and James Connor for Todd Gurley. Two players who don't even start on his team (in whom is desperate for a RB) - in return for the best fantasy RB so far this year. His reasoning is this guy has both Leveon Bell and Lamar Miller as his other two starting RB's. "If one of those guys go down, you don't have to worry about finding a replacement, and you'll have a stud at that." I have Jordy Nelson, Dez, S Diggs & D Thomas as my core WR's (and flx). I got offered Brandin Cooks for S Diggs and J Nelson. "Who wouldn't want a stud WR on a team with the best NFL QB throwing to him?" I replied with "Thanks, but I already have Jordy Nelson." He's also told me that S Diggs is garbage and it the ultimate sell high candidate. lol. Told him to re-read his statement. If doesn't get what's wrong, read it again. Repeat until you get it. People like this don't get re-invited, or if they do - they're dubbed as a manager not to even consider as a trading partner. We have a few others in this league who have that title after their name, but that's mainly cause any starting player on their team is instantly regarded as the best possible fantasy player at the position, and if you can convince one of these two guys to budge, you have to overpay two-fold to get one of them. Not worth it - and every year at the draft they bitch that no one trades. haha. I've completed 4 trades in this league so far this year..
  13. Bad trade request?

    There is now
  14. Adrian Peterson trade to ARI

    Craziness! He went for $454 out of $500 in one league, and $437 of $500 in another. Guess they think this is the AP of old - and he plays all 5 O-line positions too.
  15. Adrian Peterson trade to ARI

    No, I think all it says is the Cardinals are f'n desperate for a playmaker. Steve Keim and Bruce Arians are throwing darts at this point in hopes of keeping their jobs the remainder of the season.
  16. Bears Vikings thread

    That was probably one of the worst NFL games I have ever been witness to
  17. Is Hopkins out?

    As said no better than the site police, aka Stegrab - google it. Dont come here and make a post about something you could find on Twitter or Google. It annoys him. Thank you.
  18. Rawls or Gallman

    PPR. Who's do I start at RB2
  19. Rawls or Gallman

    David Johnson owner. CJ Anderson on bye, D'Onta Foreman my only other option
  20. Patriots/Bucs thread

    I watch these Thursday Night games and just think to myself, these Thursday Night games just need to go! But a week later, another Thursday Night game and I tune in. Guess I'm part of the problem, not the solution.
  21. Patriots/Bucs thread

    Apparently you're a Martin owner.
  22. Julio Jones

    Someone said he got hurt. Red Zone Channel hasn't mentioned much. What happened?
  23. Keenan Allen's Fantasy Value

    Last night, no. 21 hours later, yes.
  24. Julio Jones

    Cant we all just get along?
  25. Keenan Allen's Fantasy Value

    Lol no. You're in the right spot. Sometimes people here just think it's their world..