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  1. Dead body found in CB Janoris Jenkins home

    Jenkins is rumored to have been out of town when all this happened.
  2. Possible suspension for Jameis Winston

    From an incident that took place over 2 years ago..
  3. Im not falling for Amari Cooper again.
  4. Giants release WR B Marshall

    Its just a formality
  5. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Well, youre just a fairweather fan anyway - according to some of these bafoons
  6. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Whhaaaaaaaa! You already got a nasty D.
  7. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Really like the Colts pick of Nyheim Hines. Read a few articles where some analysts are calling him the most explosive RB in the draft. He had the fastest 40 of all RBs at the combine. One analyst just compared him to a hybrid between Brian Westbrook / Warrick Dunn.
  8. The 2018 NFL Draft

    You and I disagree a lot, and I again disagree. The picks arent sexy, but this OLine is gonna be nasty! Ballard is building a team the right way. Sure, we need help on D, but the #1 priority is keeping Luck upright. Hes not just up there throwing darts like fata$$ Grigson used to do. Im excited about the future.
  9. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Well the Browns just showed everyone how to fk up the 1&4 picks.
  10. The 2018 NFL Draft

    And that's why the Browns will always be the Browns
  11. A lot of the original crew has been ran outta here or turned away due to too many changes with the coorporate takeover of The Huddle and all. Not to mention all the newbie tools that have taken over these forums. Pair that with the offseason, yeah - this place is a shadow of what it once was.
  12. Per Adam schefter Twitter
  13. Pick a team to draft for. When your team is up, you make the pick. I was gonna take the Colts but BeeR will probably screw it up less than I would
  14. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

  15. The first 6 picks will be.......

    Indy will get a kings ransom for their 6th pick if only 2 QBs are of the board at their pick. They'll trade down again IMO. Not a fan friendly move but id rather have more picks if we don't get one of Barkley/Chubb/Nelson
  16. You should have atopped there
  17. Darnold killing it at pro day

    Yes. Two hosts of the same show with conflicting speculation
  18. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    Yeah - stop being such a fanboy, Taz!
  19. Darnold killing it at pro day

    Was listening to a local AZ sports radio show yesterday. 1 of the hosts were saying that "his sources" were saying that the Cardinals reps who were at Darnold's pro-day said it wasn't overwhelming. He was throwing to receiver(s) he had rapport with along with no defensive pressure. The co-host then said that he heard the Cardinals were considering trading up with the Browns at pick #4 if Darnlod was still available. Cardinals would give up this years 1st, 2nd, and 3rd along with next years 1st and 2nd. If that happens - welcome back to being the irrelevant Cardinals of 15 years ago..
  20. I'd be willing to gamble a pretty strong wager that he will be a 1st round pick in most drafts regardless where he lands.
  21. Eric Ebron to the Colts

    Maybe they got stickier glue in Indy?
  22. Eric Ebron to the Colts

    Overpaid if you ask me..
  23. Jets Trade up

    Not sure they'd be so quick to trade down again per an article I read this weekend where Chris Ballard said this trade was possible as they can move down a few spots and still get "their guy" along with picking up 2 quality second round picks this year and another next year. He did say he's not opposed to moving down further, but it will require some "premium" picks. It all depends on who "their guy" is. If it's Chubb or Nelson, makes perfect sense. If somehow both those guys are off the board at #6 (possible), then maybe they make a move with the Bills for Buffalo's two firsts round picks this year and possibly some high picks in the future. I don't see this trade happening (until potentially draft day) though. The Cardinals are still rumored (local insiders and local radio) to be trying to work a trade with Indy to move up to #6, but AZs dangling carrot isn't anywhere near the size Buffalo's is.
  24. Fresh league #1 draft in 2018? WWYP?

    Gurley for me
  25. Jets Trade up

    love this as a Colts fan. It's a good trade for both sides. Jets get a shot at their qb of the future and the Colts will still get a top 10 stud (unless they keep dealing) along with two additional quality 2nd round picks to further enhance their rebuilding process.