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  1. MB League #2 10 teams

    You guys are turtles. Leagues 1 & 3 are almost done
  2. Cardinals also released Kevin White
  3. I didnt think it would be so hard ( draft grid)

    Just use excel. It should take you about 3 minutes. Put the appropriate headers, make the cells as big as you can so that they all fit on one page, and then use a border on the cells where players names go.
  4. Probably meant for a different forum, but this is all about me getting access to NFL Football on Sundays - I know there was a thread in here somewhere about what sort of deals everyone is getting. I'm curious if any of you fellow Huddlers have had any luck in getting DirecTV to budge this year? I've tried 3 times this summer and the last person I spoke to a few weeks ago pissed me off to the point where I cancelled my service for good. We had DirecTV since 2003 - the whole reason we got it 16 years ago was for the NFL Ticket - I'm an Indianapolis Colts fan living in the Phoenix area. It was cheaper than going to a bar every Sunday. However, like the rest of you with DirecTV, I've always been very successful in getting not only the Sunday Ticket for free, but the MAX package that offers the RedZone channel as well. Not to mention they would always give me bill credits that would (most the time) knock my bill below $70/month. Last year my bill was $29.99/month for 12 months. It was fantastic! My bill credits fell off on 7/27, so I called and asked what they can do. Was pretty much told to go pound sand as AT&T isn't giving away free services anymore. Before making and emotional decisions, I hung up. About 2 hours later, my wife called. She's the one who got our bill down to $29.99/month for 12 months last summer. She was pretty much told to go pound sand. At this point I was pissed. I called back and got someone else - I was polite and acted like it was the first time I called. The kid I was speaking with told me we had some sort of promotional offer that was $60/month in bill credits due to having the Entertainment tier. I was like well what can you do for me now? I'm not paying you guys $93/month for service to one (1) TV, no movie channels. Just the entertainment tier and DVR. He was like we can give you $5/month in bill credits for 3 months. I was like dude, that's not going to keep me with DirecTV. I asked if they have any promotions for the Sunday Ticket. He told me no, AT&T is not giving away any promotions this year for the Sunday Ticket. If I want it, it's full price. Frustrated at this point, I was like well what about the RedZone channel? I know you guys have it and you force me to have the Sunday Ticket MAX package for channel 703. Honestly it's the only channel I watch on Sundays. He was like we can't give you that channel without you first having the Sunday Ticket package. I know that Cox Communications offers the RedZone channel as part of their 'Sports tier'. It's $10/month to add the entire tier. I told dude that I can get this channel with my local cable provider for $10/month, a hell of a lot cheaper than what they want for the Sunday Ticket and the MAX add on. He was like (no bs) "Well, sounds to me like you'd be better off going with your local cable provider then." Wait.. What?? Did you just tell me to leave, after 16 years of being a customer - you're encouraging me to leave? He told me that customers leave all the time, but they come back. Both with DirecTV as well as mobile service. I laughed. Told him to turn my service off now. I want nothing to do with AT&T or their DirecTV service any longer. He flagged my account for termination, but that day, July 27th was the first day of the new billing cycle. They will not pro-rate my termination to that date, nope. I have to pay for service through August 26th. All $93 of it. I didn't care. I was like can I pay you now? Tell me where to send this POS cable box as well. He took my payment but instructed me to hang on to the cable box. I have to wait until after August 26th to return the box, or I will receive an additional bill of $135 for the unreturned box. If I send it back before August 26th, I have to pay a $50 early termination / restocking fee. WTF kind of BS is this? Can't make this stuff up. Regardless, I called Cox Communications (local cable provider) immediately after getting off the phone. I ended up getting not only a cable box for my living room, but we decided to get a 2nd one for our bedroom again. I got about 150+ channels that I didn't have on DirecTV. I got all the movie channels, HBO, Showtime, Skinemax, Starz & 'The Movie Channel' packages. All of them. On top of that I also got the sports package and the variety package. Sports package includes Fox Sports AZ, NFL Network, ESPN, MLB, NBA, PAC-12, and the RedZone. All for $10/month. The variety package was free - that has all the kids channels for my youngins. I also ended up getting some of their home automation at no cost. Smart light bulb, a door sensor, and a video camera. What am I paying? Price Locked for 2 years.. My cable bill is $82/month. F' you, DirecTV!!! What's even better than that, about a week ago I received a letter from DirectTV telling me to take my cable box to my nearest UPS store, and give them my account number - they would send the box back for me. It also stated that they box must be received no later than September 1st to avoid receiving a $135 fee for not returning the box. Took the box to the UPS store about a week ago, did what the letter said. No where in that notice did it say anything about billing me $50 for some sort of early termination or restocking fee. Today, I got an email from DirecTV stating that I owe them $50 for sending the box back early. I replied back with the picture of the letter they sent asking me to send the box back via the UPS store and very unprofessionally informed them to read the notice they sent me. It does not state anywhere that I will be billed if sent back early - it just tells me to send it back before September 1st. Sue me. AT&T will never get another penny from me.
  5. Big John, sorry if this is not in the right forum, but I'd be doing all my football friends a disservice if I did not share this. If any of you have HBO and watch Hard Knocks, this was on last night. No worries, it's right at the beginning so it's not 'really' spoiling anything. The quality of this video is not the greatest, but it's good enough. If any of you are watching this at work, listen to it with headphones on or wait till your break and watch it on your phone away from co-workers due to language. It's short, only like a minute and 40 seconds, but man.. It's hysterical!! John Gruden
  6. Melvin Gordon to sit out training camp

    When your backup puts up the similar numbers (per touch) that you do, your leverage is gone. You agreed to and signed a contract, honor it already.
  7. HBO Hard Knocks /Oakland Raiders / John Gruden
  8. MB League #1 12 teams

    In a best ball league, you can't completely ignore QBs or RBs, outside of the top 3 or 4 RBs who are PPR whores. I mean you have to have a few in the event of injuries, but it's the WRs and TEs that will get you the most points on a consistent basis. In years past I drafted a team like I would draft one I would manage all season long, and would at best come in middle of the pack. Last year, @LordOpie reminded us that it's the receptions that win a best ball league, and to load up on WRs and TEs. Low and behold, I took his advice and took the trophy!
  9. MB League #3 8-man

    Yes - it will wait for you to select someone
  10. MB League #1 12 teams

    Clearly @michaelredd9 did not hear me
  11. myHuddle not saving my league

    I am trying to name it 'Marvs League', and I tried to create a different one called 'EIFFL'. I've tried this from my phone, as well as my laptop trying all 3: Chrome, IE and Safari. It will not create/save once I enter the appropriate criteria and click save.
  12. I'm trying to create a new league (actually, 2 of them) in myHuddle. I name my league, enter all the scoring criteria, click save my team and it takes me back to the main landing page and tells me I have 0 teams in myHuddle. Ive seen a few other posts about this as well - I figured I'd start my own versus hijacking someone elses.
  13. MB League #1 12 teams

    STOP SNIPING MY PLAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. QB TDs Worth 6 pts

    Personally I don't think it makes that much of a difference, unless you think someone will score, on average more than 1TD a game over the next few QBs.
  15. MB League #1 12 teams

    We started yesterday morning EDIT: And most of us are pre-ranking our picks... Not all of us though.
  16. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket (2019)

    Right. It's free in week 1 and then again in like week 8
  17. MB League #1 12 teams

    Lol. I purposely didn't call anyone out, but that was the reason for my screengrab a few posts up. More of a but that's just my sense of humor.
  18. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket (2019)

    This ^^ I've been through the song and dance year after year. Sometimes I got hooked up on my first call, sometimes I would have to make 2 or 3 calls. I was prepared to hang with them and wait another few weeks, except this blowhole really set me off to the point where I was like really? I'm not saying you owe me anything, but 16 years of paying your employer for a service that used to be good - only for you to tell me to leave? That's fine - keep up the good work, bud! You'll be flipping burgers and dropping fries in no time!
  19. MB League #1 12 teams

    Agreed. It will slow down a little more in the coming days as the list thins out..
  20. MB League #1 12 teams

    There always has to be that ONE guy...
  21. MB League #1 12 teams

    You can say that again! Hahaha - just joking with you bud. You did set yourself up though.
  22. MB League #1 12 teams

    Who needs RB's anyway? Receivers is where the $$ is at. (Shameless plug) Just as I won this one last year with Derek Henry and Dion Lewis as my two RBs.
  23. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket (2019)

    Nice! Kudos to you. Had they done the same for me we'd still be with DirecTV. But after 3 failed attempts and the 3rd guy literally telling a 16-year customer to leave, I was like peace the f' out!
  24. MB League #1 12 teams

    All of you sniping bastards!!! Glad I'm not playing with any of you in a pay league.