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  1. Milk Carton time

    What's up with Derek Carr?
  2. ASJ Touchdown Reversal

    Im sorry, but that was a touchdown. I have no vested interest in that game, but what gives? He caught it, elbow down. Done. Touchdown.
  3. Possible suspension for Gronk?

    But he apologized afterwards. At least hes a gentleman.
  4. Can Vernon Davis be trusted vs Cowboys?

    Might wanna get that checked out, or at least get some ointment.
  5. Coach of the Year

    I voted Pederson. Sophomore QB, and like Beer said, not really any superstars. Not an Eagles fan by any stretch, but he has his team so focused and playing championship caliber football. If we could pick 2, Zimmer would also get my vote.
  6. How many players have you lost this season?

    No BS.. This is THE worst season of FF Ive had in the 17 years Ive been playing. Im 3-8 well on my way to 3-10. Can not wait for this season to end. Im really finding myself wondering if i wanna do this anymore. David Johnson (drafted) OBJ (trade) Greg Olsen (drafted) Allen Robinson (drafted) Brandon Marshall (FA) Chris Carson (FA) Jameis Winston (drafted) Chris Thompson (FA) Carson Palmer (drafted) I didn't draft Aaron Rodgers but he f'd Jordy Nelsons value. I currently own Jordy in whom I aquired via trade pre Rodgers shoulder.
  7. Week 12 Milk Carton

    My entire season. Where did it go? After this soon to be 3-10 season, im taking the path of IRISH next season and staying away. Far, far away.
  8. Kroft or ASJ

    Im gonna play Devils Advocate. I like ASJ better this week.
  9. Flex play??

    PPR SCORING Adrian Peterson Danny Woodhead Jeremy Maclin
  10. The CLOWN SHOW

    Just now? Theyve been off a few weeks
  11. The CLOWN SHOW

    Lol. Clown show it is!!
  12. The CLOWN SHOW

    WTF was the safety Jones doing on that 40-yard touchdown pass to Keenan Allen. He didn't even try. He was trotting towards Allen and then just stopped.
  13. But id go with Murray
  14. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too, brother!
  15. Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??

    I like beejays
  16. Odds of winning tomorrow?

  17. NBC Skycam/view fail

    BJ secretly works for the NSA. Don't piss him off, please!
  18. NFL investigating Jameis Winston for sexual misconduct

    Wow.. i wanna say i hope your joking but afraid youre not..
  19. Why Can't More Games Be Aired?

    Cause AT&T pays the NFL $1.5 BILLION dollars a year for exclusive rights to air all the games. It will be this way until at least 2022 when that contract expires.
  20. Week 10 Milk Carton

    My entire fluckin team
  21. Do you think Hunt will rebound after the bye?

    Denver winning games? With that line and running game??? Hahahaha..
  22. Any News On Zeke Hearing?

    Fun?? FUN??? You call this fun???