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  1. Jets Trade up

    love this as a Colts fan. It's a good trade for both sides. Jets get a shot at their qb of the future and the Colts will still get a top 10 stud (unless they keep dealing) along with two additional quality 2nd round picks to further enhance their rebuilding process.
  2. Cleveland is dealing today

    So that the Browns could wreak havoc on opposing QB's for years to come
  3. Cleveland is dealing today

    I wouldn't count out the Browns taking Chubb at 1.01, Giants taking Barkley at 1.02, Colts trading down and the Bills take Darnold at 1.03 and Cleveland then takes Rosen at 1.04
  4. Free Agent Thread

    Is Ryan Grigson KCs General Manager?
  5. Free Agent Thread

    Call me crazy, but don't overlook Cleveland drafting Chubb. Sure they need a QB and Barkley looks promising, but why did they just make it rain for Carlos Hyde? They'll get their QB at #4. I have a pretty good feeling the Colts will trade down to stockpile picks - but it won't happen till draft day.
  6. Free Agent Thread

    Colts are on the board with DE Denico Autry (formerly with the Raiders) Long-armed and efficient with his power, Autry makes his living as a three-tech sub-rusher in passing situations — although he was asked to contribute in a variety of ways in 2017. He was on the field for 593 plays a year ago — 57% of Oakland’s defensive snaps. He earned five sacks, and swatted away seven passes at the line of scrimmage. Autry has some quickness off the snap, is adept at executing his stunt and game assignments to free up his colleagues, and has even developed a bit of nuance with his interior pass rush.
  7. FAs: what do you want for your team

    As usual - we disagree. What I said above is an opinion and it differs from yours. It's frustrating to see these names going to contenders, but lets be honest. Outside of Allen Robinson or maybe Norwell, who could make an immediate difference on this team this year? The Colts are still gonna suck regardless. Why waste the money just cause you have it. Dion Lewis or Malcolm Butler? I'm glad the Colts didn't overpay - they're both slightly above average players, not difference makers. Dude - we were all giddy a few years ago when the Colts seemed to be on the cusp and they signed both Frank Gore and Andre Johnson amongst a few others. Going balls in on big "name" free agents rarely works. The Jets tried it a few years ago and flopped about as bad as the Colts did. I read an article yesterday about how Ballard said he can give a shit that the fans are pissed off at the lack of signings. This isn't fantasy football, nor is it the days of Ryan Grigson who did just want the fans were bitching about Ballard not doing now - and look where that got the team. Had Grigson properly managed Free Agency when he was here, the Colts WOULD be in a position now to make a play for one of these type A players as they wouldn't have as many holes as they do now. Last year he started trimming the fat and had a solid draft. This year he continues to do the same. The way I see it - I say kudos to Ballard. This is the type of GM we need.
  8. Free Agent Thread

    As a Colts fan, I'll get chub if both the Browns and Giants pass on Barkley.
  9. Free Agent Thread

    He got cut for the fact that he's just a shell of what he once showed. He's not the difference maker that he was when he got that nice contract. Local rumors were that the Cards were asking him to restructure and take a pay cut - and rightfully so he told them to pound sand. The Cards f'd up giving Bradford $20M - but that's their problem.
  10. Packers release Jordy Nelson

    As a Colts fan - this is where I'm really taking to Ballard's hard stance on not overpaying people, unlike what we had in Grigson in who made too many of these Albert Wilson types of signings.
  11. FAs: what do you want for your team

    You got to hand it to the dude so far. He's had 1 year to clean up Grigson's mess. You don't rebuild through Free Agency. Kind of cliché, but there's meaning to "these guys are free agents for a reason" - they're either too old and only shells of their former selves, or they're too ungodly expensive to have that much $$ wrapped up into one player for the forseeable future - like Suh for the Dolphins. Butler would have been ok, but dude isn't a shutdown corner. Lewis - I'm glad they didn't lock up $$ in him when they can just draft someone or sign a warm body who will be about as successful as Lewis would have been. I think Ballard is doing it right, as much as you nor I want to see it. Don't budge - don't overpay for names unless that one name is someone who meets a need and masks the issues at two other positions (like a stud QB or a massive presence on the D line). I would like to see them make a play for Suh, but the Colts have never been a team to take on loose cannons. If they could get Jordy Nelson on the cheap for a 2 year deal, that would be a good fit too - but it won't happen. Nelson will want more years and someone else will pay him more based on what he did in his prime. Hell, as much as I want to see the Colts take Barkley or Chubb at #3, I am pretty much hoping they flip that for more picks. Focus on the O-line and defense. Sure - they're gonna suck for a few years, but a team like Seattle didn't get good through Free Agency. If you have someone who is better at judging talent (unlike Grigson who was only good at judging cheesesteaks), they'll be relevant in another two or three years - unfortunately right around the time Luck has to retire for medical reasons.
  12. Free Agent Thread

    As a backup. Read somewhere the Jets already told McCown hes the starter
  13. Free Agent Thread

    RB Jonathan Stewart to the Giants
  14. Free Agent Thread

    CB Malcolm Butler to the Titans
  15. Free Agent Thread

    Donte Moncrief to Jacksonville per Adam Schefter
  16. Free Agent Thread

    At this point, they owe it to him to trade him to a contender. If they can get picks and work on this youth movement - I wouldn't like it immediately, but I would accept it.
  17. Case Keenum to the Broncos

    Per USA Today (news feed) USA TODAY: Case Keenum expected to sign with Broncos
  18. Free Agent Thread

    Teddy Bridgewater to the Jets
  19. Free Agent Thread

    Colts have decided to just play the fuckit game. What is the fuckit game you ask? "Thanks for playing, better luck next year". Seriously - they have money to spend and they're just watching the talent go elsewhere. I guess if I were a FA, I wouldn't want to go to Indy either unless I was overpaid to do so.
  20. Sam Bradford expected to sign with Cardinals

    This guy needs to buy a freakin lottery ticket. He can't stay healthy - yet he keeps getting these massive paydays. One lucky mo fo
  21. FAs: what do you want for your team

    LB Anthony Hitchens was supposedly a lock for the Colts - to which he would have filled in nicely. Nope - he is signing with the Chiefs now. Read an article a few moments ago about how Chris Ballard claims to have dug in his heels and said they have pre-determined ceilings for Type A free agents. They will not go over that ceiling to "help set the market" for other teams. Well - can't say that's working now... Gonna have $70M that you have to spend - and it's gonna be on a bunch of f'n scrubs. We're replacing the Browns as the laughing stock of the NFL
  22. FAs: what do you want for your team

    As a fan of the Colts, a difference maker. All this money and all the top talent is signing elsewhere. Allen Robinson to the Bears sucks. I was really hoping if the Colts did anything, it was sign Robinson and Norwell. Would have addressed two needs with some highly talented players for the next few years. Fatass Grigson showed us a few years ago that blowing your wad on names can bury a franchise as well. I trust that Ballard has a plan and will spend all this $$ he has at his disposal wisely. But then I keep reading reports that the Colts are showing a great deal of interest in Dion Lewis. Why? We don't need a f'n running back. We need a line - to which you can then draft a RB and have someone to split with Mack. We need DL, LB, DE's - goddamnit Ballard - you're giving us flashbacks of Grigson already. Fix the defense!
  23. Landry to Cleveland

    He said 1st round.. Brees - 2nd round Wilson - 3rd round Brady - 6th round
  24. Landry to Cleveland

    I don't know if you're being a smartass or trying to help make his point. But still doesn't make sense to me. Every one of these players I listed were drafted as a 1st round QB