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  1. Did you used to run a contest called Flicks Picks?

  2. Weekly Blitz

  3. Whats everyones thoughts this week? MOSS: Plays vs. CHI Ramsey is an ok QB. Hes got David Patten as counterpart. CHI apparantely has a good D. WAS has an below par offense. I see maybe 6-7 looks with 3-4 catches. LELIE: PLays @ MIA Great QB. Rod Smith is counterpart and gets more looks underneath. MIA has lost its rep ,yet, plays a soft cover zone,which limits the long ball. I see the same amount of looks and catches as Moss. Both are same type of player with homerun potential,yet, get average looks. Anyone have a different view or advice as to who they would prefer and why? Perf. standard league.
  4. Weekly Blitz

  5. More important who is better?

    Completely agree..... SA's umbers are erratic....yet, everyone sees his ending yrs #'s. I too rather have a consistent 18-20 then 45-6!
  6. Rest in peace my UTE brethren.......
  7. ROLL CALL - Back for another season!

    Back for another promising year! Been with huddle since the free days......Superbowl bound last 3 years and expecting it again. Bay Area native...............rooting my UTE on,Alex Smith
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    cin hou ind min sf
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    bal dal den min sd
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  11. Playing 40 snaps equates to what percentage of the game. Whats the avg. number per game?
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  13. Weekly Blitz

  14. White for Heisman

    I am the representative of Alex Smith and the Utes on this site. Is he even going to be invited to NY?????? Now Sarge I respect your viewpoints on this site but come on, dont hide the fact that Smith is from a lesser school, yet , has way better numbers than White. His rushing totals seperate himself from the pack of QB's. He is very smart(graduated as a sophmore) and is tough as nails. Case in point. The road game against SDSU. He took a licking from several players throughout the game that made everyone cringe. The guy is a gamer and durable. KStates numbers dont lie. He is the #1 in nation in passing efficiency. There are other categories that he is in top 5. But, your mentality is like most biased east coast people. A team or player from a non BCS program gets no respect. We play no one, our schedule is weak, cant play with the big boys, no talent, yada yada yada. Well we ripped UNC & Texas A&M big time and we put our reserves in the end of third and whole fourth qtrs. Thats the storyline of everygame we have played this yr. We get out ahead so fast that Meyer takes out the starters for second half and the other team makes a comeback to close the score gap. The Utes could easily have put up 60 on Texas A&M and 60 on UNC. Meyer chooses not to run it up. I am not here to state that UTAH is all mighty, just that they deserve some respect this yr. for the beatings that they have put on their scheduled foes. We'll see who goes farther at the next level(Smith vs. White).................give the guy some credit where credit is due!
  15. New Bowl Projections

    Yeah, Ill be around.......this year at least No, we will be just as good ,maybe better next yr. The Utes are a scoring machine....ASmith is unbelievable......plus our wideouts are unstoppable. Gotta win this Sat. to be included(BCS).No gimme as our rival is coming to SLC..........
  16. New Bowl Projections

    I'll chime in for the UTES! OU would beat my Utes but it would be a shootout. Peterson would rack up 200 yards as our run D is our weakness. Sorry Sarge, but, i would take Alex Smith(running and pass Td,plus, Pass Efficiency, hes #1) over White this year......but, most likely Peterson will win the Heisman. If OU plays in Nat'l game Utah should destroy BC or WVU...whoever the Big Least conference has. Utah would be a great watch this bowl time but, against BC it would lose ratings so fast.......................bummer!!! Theirs an outside chance ,they say if CAL loses, Utes could go to Rose against a rematch of 2 yrs ago ....Michigan. That would get mass ratings!
  17. College Sleepers and Busts this year ....

    Aha ah aha ah aha ha ahah ah a.........(L)YU and AFA into the PAC 10..... What makes you think they want those two crappy schools. Plus, they dont want anymore, period. Enuff said. If they do get FORCED into picking two it definitely wouldnt be a Mormon school that the liberal schools would gawk at & it wouldnt be a fly boyz school that brings absolutely nada to the table.
  18. Least Favorite Team

    UCLA BYU WASHINGTON NOTRE DAME COLORADO in that order.............