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  1. Free IDP Yahoo League

    Forgot the key information: Yahoo league ID# 310117 (The 700 Level) password fantasy
  2. AFC: Buffalo - peepinmofo, Hause62 Miami - Duchess Jack, The Wench Patriots Jets Ravens Bengals - TBone Browns - loaf Steelers- Skippy, jakethebuilder, sunysteelfly76, Pigskin Junkie, Menudo, KordellStewartSucks4Life,Jaxfactor, Squeegie Texans- ziachild007, rhino, rbmcdonald Colts - Roller Coasters, CaptainHook Jags Titans- Spain, TitansFan Broncos- SundayNFL Cheifs - Beaumont Chargers- Chargerz, Danskman, Sewer-Ratt Raiders - Raider.Nation, The Vatican Hitsquad, kpholmes, Return Of S&B NFC: Cowboys - DMD, Codwagon, Irish, bustedflush16, KS2000, montster,JoJoTheWebToedBoy,Droobie42, Whomper,Cowboyz1,hotrod,BiggieFries, T_bone65 Giants - Dirty Sanchez, Robash, Matt770, Timmypg, BigMikeinNY, JGcoach, smithkt,FrontRow Eagles- Keggerz, TDFFFreak, Zooty, Phootballphreak, i_am_the_swammi, fitzkek,Eagles Fan, Ebartender, pruss25 Redskins - skylive5, Footballjoe, skins, ROYALWITCHEESE Bears- URLACHERisGOD, Whitem0nkey, Goopster24, Ralph Furley, rhippens, rocknrobn26, blips Lions- Doc Holliday, CHIEFJAY, Puddy, CHUCKB, Egret, PolicyVote, Russman, Furd, Wiegie Packers - Big John, SwissCheezhead, Super Twinky, Chavez, Fatman, Piratesownninjas, Driveby, Randall, PackerFanX, Wizards,cheezhed Vikings - Kryptonite, cap'n grunge, Gopher, BillyBalata, Savage Beatings Falcons Panthers-PantherDave, rdaled Saints- Slayer, rajncajn Bucs - Jolly Rodgers Cards Rams - carrb69,cre8tiff Niners- bier Seahawks-Seahawk37, godtomsatan
  3. Hey just looking for a 10-12 team league on yahoo using IDP. Below will be the starting lineups used. I'm looking for competitive players. Live draft on Sunday. Thanks. 1-QB 2-RB 2-WR 1-TE 1-K 2-DP (any pos) 2-DL 2-DB
  4. 12th pick in 12 team league

    I'm in the #12 position myself with similar a similar scoring scale as you. My advice is go RB-RB in the 1st 2 rds. You wont get a decent #2 RB at #36. You're probably looking at 25 RBs, 9 WRs and 1 QB picked in the 1st 35. That leaves you with slim pickings at RB at #35 - C.Taylor, R.Bush, C.Martin, A.Green, F.Taylor. I'm going to pick 2 RBs in rds 1-2 and WRs in 3-4. I'm thinking the WRs just outside the top 10 will be available at #36 and 37 - R.Wayne, H.Ward, C.Chambers, D.Driver. I'd rather have say...Ronnie Brown, Steven Jackson, Hines Ward, and Chris Chambers than say...Ronnie Brown, Tory Holt, C.Martin, and Chris Chambers. Good luck.