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  1. got two trades, which one do i accept?

    you not getting enough with the first trade and i really don't like anything about the 2nd. if he were willing to put in a better RB with wallace i would pull the trigger. You could add the garbage you would drop to the trade might look better to him.
  2. Do I spot a trade rape?

    If you Knew somebody was going to be sensitive about the term then you also knew that there was something wrong with it. If there was no discussion about vetoing the trade....what is the point of this thread? What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Is it a fair trade? who cares most trades aren't fair.
  3. if you would start Green over your current receivers this year then do it. if not then enjoy your depth at te and explore trade options before you declare your keepers
  4. Do I spot a trade rape?

    Never ever never ever never ever Veto a trade! never ever? NEVER EVER! oh and stop calling it Rape. There is nothing funny about the term or it's misuse in fantasy football. I hope one day you will have a daughter and then maybe you will get it.
  5. if Orton was QB there is no way you take this in a PPR league. However Tebow hasn't shone any ability or desire to hit the check down back. This is the only part of Moreno's game i like. I would take this trade now! Moreno has only a limited time to prove himself and Tebow takes away the thing he does best.
  6. Who should I drop?

    Emerging as Denvers #1 WR.....Really? after 1 game he is the #1 guy? even it if that is true he isn't worth taking a 0 for. What do you think his upside is for this year? Can he be better than Jones(only other guy you should consider)? I would take the #2WR in ATL over the possable #1WR in Denver every day of the week.
  7. cam or romo this week?

    what everyone is saying about Cam is true greater upside will probably score on the ground it is all true. However it is just a matter of time before he puts up a real turd of a game. He is a rookie after all and it is going to happen. Probably not this week but at some point it will. Start Cam but don't be shocked if he falls on his face.
  8. Which Crappy RB to Start?

    i think Indy has gone into lets see what we have mode. So i think Carter will see plenty of touches even if they are being blown out. go with Carter
  9. Who should I drop?

    Reasons to Drop Thomas 1 He is playing in Denver(they had to go to overtime to beat Miami) 2 Decker is better 3 Tebow is his qb (that should be enough reason right there) 4 John Fox is his coach 5 He has never been healthy just pick the one you like the best
  10. Who should I drop?

    easy drop Demaryius Thomas
  11. Thomas or Battle?

    Go with Thomas. NYG has a bad habit of playing to the level of their opponents. Seattle is the best example of this. I was Knocked out of 3 survivor leagues because in my mind(and just about everyone Else's) there was no way Seattle's pathetic offense could hang with the Giants. Well i was wrong Seattle won and the same thing could happen this week with Miami.
  12. Gronk went off on Pitt last year with 3 TDs so i am thinking stopping him is priority #1 or at least 1a.... The scoring. modified PPR. 0.5 for wr 1.0 for TE so do i sit Gronk in favor of Lloyd vs Saints? thinking lots of garbage time looks or Crabtree vs Browns? Crabs is fairly steady as of late other Starters are Schaub-qb McCoy-rb Rice-rb/wr/te flex Austin-wr Graham-te Davis-wr/te ????-wr/te flex usually roll with the three te offense with the bump in ppr but i think i like Lloyd this week....thoughts? *this is a Dynasty team with IDPand contracts. This was built over time NOT a redraft.
  13. Going to sit Gronk at Pitt

    ok must be him then
  14. Trade vetoed. Am I missing something?

    i hate trade Vetoing and trade voting in general. No trade should be vetoed ever no matter how lopsided. that being said your trade is pretty even without seeing all the scoring.(don't need to see it). The fact that you can start 2 QBs might swing it from even to slightly your favor. Nothing that should be vetoed.
  15. Going to sit Gronk at Pitt

    Thanks for the reply Piranha-z...Still flip flopping around with this...May be a game time decision. You are or were in WDDL right? Is that league still going?
  16. Plaxico or Heyward-Bey off WW

    sounds about right
  17. Trade Advice

    Pull the trigger. Just because he may be desperate doesn't mean he is stupid... I would never fall into a bad deal no matter how much i needed a position. If you continue to try and manipulate your partner they will find someone else.
  18. Sell high or keep Murray?

    never hurts to shop him around and see what you could get. If nothing blows you away you keep him.
  19. Trade Advice

    need some more info. What does your qb situation look like? going just on value i would say do it.
  20. Davis or Hernandez? non-PPR

    I would go Davis because i just have a real bad feeling Pit vs NE in not going to be the shootout most think it will. In fact i am leaning toward benching Gronkowski in favor of Lloyd even though i get double the ppr for TE.
  21. Bye-Week Blues

    i would go Lloyd, he had 12 targets last week on just 2 days of practice with the team. Expect a tun of garbage time looks as the Saints should have more then a two touchdown lead in the second half.
  22. Arrogant Or Stupid?

    I will give a slight edge to Ballard because he will be more consistent.
  23. Arrogant Or Stupid?

    let me share a little story about projections. I was favored by 72 points last week. Yes 72. I had Rice,Lynch,Austin,Moss and started Hardy over Clemons. They combined for 14 points when they were projected to score 105 combined. I lost 225 to 231. The point is you never know when players will have a bad game(or 5 players) and you should never intentionally take a 0 unless you have to. .