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  1. I def hold he payment owed....not a D move at all and Id think your boy would completely understand the situation i,e, placing shoe on the other foot. BTW love how everyone always thinks its SO easy to find replacement owners in local leagues (i,e, the pay before draft rule)....if these guys were such reliable owners, chances are you would have included them on the league already! Generally, you're just swapping out one deadbeat for another
  2. Anybody else on the verge of quitting?

    Try watching an NFL game with a. no rooting interest in your hometeam or b. nothing on the line. Believe me when I say its nowhere near the enjoyable experience you remember
  3. Anybody else on the verge of quitting?

    Suck it up boys....there's nothing like the pain of a heartbreaking loss to hang over your head for eight months - it makes us middle aged nuclear family men feel ALIVE again!!! I play in four leagues each year (one online, three local). Made the title game in two of them including my high stakes league with 3 K on the line. Should be thrilled right? Not even close. All I can think of is the effer Devonta Freeman busting that 30 yd TD last night to beat me by three lousy points and knock me out of my my dinkiest pot playoff league. Like I said, its those heart breakers that make you feel alive!
  4. Hyde vs Tenn AJG @ Minn 12 team PPR. We go 2 RB/ 2 WR or 1 RB/ 3 WR no flex. Gordon and Jeffrey are both locked in with solid matchups, but the Rhodes treatment really scares me. Thinking Hyde with Tenn run def struggling of late and missing a few guys Any thoughts? WHIR
  5. Thursday Milk Carton

    Delanie owner who REALLY didn't plan ahead. That said, TEs had been on a nice run vs Vikes
  6. QB's

    To establish a baseline, I'm starting Kap over post concussed Luck in a must win spot this weekend
  7. He had a great game back in week 2 in a workhorse spot. I'm strongly considering playing him over McKinnon with the promise of 20 plus touches
  8. So how are all of your Championship games going?

    Need 3.5 pts out of Matty Ice and VD to win my largest FF pot ever (3 Gs) so Im stoked about that! Also need 52 pts in standard scoring from Gore and Bowman to win a work league... So yeah 1--1 for four leagues with two semi final losses...overall not a bad year
  9. Championship game.....Fitzgerald?

    Sounds like Fitz will start...Id stick with him as opposed to rolling with any of those other choices.
  10. talk to me HK! WDIS at WR #2... Larry Fitzgerald @ Sea or Steve Smith vs NO (1/2 ppr)
  11. +1 Grabbed him with my last bidding buck on Wed night and hes been locked into my lineup since. Should also note that Im a Garcon owner going against a beastly team so Im hoping that the combo TD potential gives me a bit of an edge
  12. Steven Jackson @ SF BGE vs Minnesota Made the finals in a twelve team big money MFL league (1/2 ppr) where we actually play the winner of another league (24 teamer, two separate 12 team leagues). I have a very well rounded squad, except at RB #2 where Ive been getting by with the combination of Steven Jackson, Benjarvis Green Ellis and Donald Brown for the better part of two months. (fortunately Charles is my #1 RB). Im likely going with SJax based soley on volume, but I have this strange feeling the Bengals could be running alot tomorrow. Only thing is a solid BGE day may depend on a goalline score or two. Any thoughts here. Will gladly return the favor
  13. I cant see theoretically how either team would have nothing to play for considering seeding is so close and important when it comes to the first and second rounds. The situation that occured a few years back with the Jets and Bengals sitting guys in a week 16 game was much different since they were both locked into their respective slots. The difference between the third (facing NO/Car winner or fourth seeds (heading to Seattle) is EXTREMELY significant. While I can see the reasoning for taking it easy for certain guys (ie McCoy and Forre, I honestly cant envision a situation where they wouldnt go at least a significant portion of tomorrow nites game
  14. Assuming MJD sits, Im giving some strong consideration to rolling with Todman vs Buff over Gore @ TB this weekend in a standard scoring league.. Talk me off the ledge!!!
  15. A.Brown or Todman?

    I dont think its a crazy move at all to sit Brown for Todman this week, assuming MJD sits of course. Im actually leaning strongly towards rolling with Todman as my RB#2 over Gore in a standard scoring league this weekend.