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  1. Congrats! You are the winner of a cliaz comment!! Tonight's comment is brought to you by Percocets. "When life gives you melons...wait...errr I hate being dyslexic."

  2. I imagine you naked with a nice Chianti.

  3. I also imagine you naked but covered in cream cheese and black olives with a dash of hot peppers....mmmmmmm

  4. I sometimes imagine you naked.

  5. Aqua, we will truly miss you.

  6. Nutty Professor, indeed.

  7. Czarina has the coolest Huddle Buddy of them all.

  8. Michele Tafoya's Replacement

    wow--I would have guessed that she was 10 years younger than that. (well, I would have guessed that last year anyway) I think the new haircut did her in.
  9. Who else is 0-2?

    In the BOTH Corleone Family, I have this 0-2 team (with normal starters in bold (I just grabbed Heiden off the waiver wire earlier tonight)): QB Bulger, Marc STL 9 QB Pennington, Chad NYJ 8 RB Alexander, Shaun SEA 8 RB Dillon, Corey NEP 7 RB Faulk, Marshall STL 9 RB Moats, Ryan PHI 6 RB Jacobs, Brandon NYG 5 WR Caldwell, Reche SDC 10 WR Calico, Tyrone TEN 10 WR Lelie, Ashley DEN 9 WR Mason, Derrick BAL 3 TE Heiden, Steve CLE 4 TE Cooley, Chris WAS 3 K Vinatieri, Adam NEP 7 DF Baltimore DEF BAL 3 DF New England DEF NEP 7
  10. Michele Tafoya's Replacement

    Sam Ryan looks like a female impersonator. Suzy Kolber looks likes she aged a decade during the off-season. Lisa Guerrero looks like a skank-ho. Melissa Stark was among the best, but with her it seemed like she got the job because of nepotism (given that there were/are at least two other people with her last name in prominant positions in the ESPN/ABC family).
  11. Snyder cheering

    what's the over/under on the length of time it will take before a clip of that because someone's avatar?
  12. 27,604 posts...

    That's good--because you didn't need to pay to use the message boards.
  13. Off Topic

    Well, I wanted the Rams to win and was playing against Warner in my local. I stand by my comment that he did the right thing. :oldjohnelwaygrin:
  14. Off Topic

    I actually thought it was a good idea to not spike the ball. It's not Warner's fault that his guy jumped.