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  1. when I sign in to the home page I am routed to a newer looking home page; its telling me to sign in on this new page. ??? when I click on sign in on the new page, it re-routes me back to the old sign in page, and says I am logged in.. ??? I need my Tunnel Vision and Forecast at work atm, so ill check back here later. and check my tablet on my lunch break.. will check compatibility during this time frame as well. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. its not an auction style.. standard type scoring 12 team league. we get a flex player (WR TE RB) which is why I was leaning toward Hill. I think having 2 (*Potentially*) good-to-great RBs and Julio.. I would be good from week to week. Im confident I can replace Winston's production from some sleepers or good matchup plays from week to week. but If Hill is a beast this year, Im not as confident I can find his production ceiling from the unknown RBs and committee'esque 3-down backs out there (a ton are taken already being a keeper lg) so I would need to hit gold on a free agent draftee.. or keep hill and pray for a return to form. I get another taste for it Thursday's games (grain of salt preseason smoke/mirrors)
  3. its season 2 of 3. we can keep 3 total. I plan on keeping J.Jones and D.Martin (hope and pray for solid production from these two, esp Martin).players not on keeper list(s) get thrown bak into the pool for the non-keeper-draft. it leaves me with a decision. I can throw away all, or keep one of the following; J.Winston Ingram J.HIll Im probably going to throw them all back in and roll the dice on the value draft prospects falling to me. but, am leaning toward maybe keeping Hill and crossing fingers he returns to form, or has his breakout season this year.. or Winston for solid upside QB (if Evans can get the brick hands manicured to catch balls) in season two of this system he had good stats in last year. I have a feeling he may run in some scores in the red zone. any thoughts? is either worth saving in your opinions?
  4. Ray Rice RELEASED

    EDIT did not quote post #41.. This was my question as well, considering he (McDonald) did his act of domestic violence AFTER the initial (weak) punishment of Rice was handed out, and the added weight of his wife being presumably pregnant... I cant see how he wont get $#!+ canned too. in appearance McDonald's case is even 'worse' due t her being preggers.. AND his violation was AFTER the weak Rice punishment. If he keeps his job, is it because there was no "video evidence"? I think the double jeopardy business is null if Rice actually did lie to the Raven's brass and the Commish to down play what he actually did.
  5. Keep Forte or Luck?

    I'd say yes still, McCoy,Charles, Peterson and Megatron will most likely be gone in the first few spots, maybe even Manning..there is a drop off from Forte to Lacy, Ball and Lynch and maybe Bernard as next best backs (maybe less on Lacy) but Forte at 6 is still pretty much a top 3 pick in my eyes.
  6. Keep Forte or Luck?

    I would agree; Keep Forte. Forte is a top 5 RB, possibly top 3 (with no real committee behind him, and a pass catcher, and center piece of Trestman's offense) he will not have any chance of being available later on. But Luck while good, you can find similar production from other QBs arguably later in the draft I would think. you can probably find a similarly good QB in the 5th-up-to-8th rounds.. You will not find a RB with similar production to Forte in those rounds..(unless a starter goes down and a back up or low ADP guy steps up huge)
  7. Drafting Cheat Sheets

    I use the Tier-Ranked League 'X' custom Huddle sheets, + Top 200 (Huddle custom for that same league) Then make a Grid similar to the CBS sports mock draft where they show you the 'Roster Grid' so I can kind of check who needs what at a glance and plan my pick(s) in adv. (I used to do a check or X just to fill the positions.. but this year I think I'll try to write in the players name, and pic number if its not going too fast.. That way Ill have the draft order as well). I mark off the names on the tier sheet as they get called, as it helps to forecast potential Position-value, then use it, the grid and the top200 to help project my own (and sometimes opponents) potential needs/players and key on sleepers for their ADPs value. Prior to the draft; I always check the most recent injury report. mark any players that are hurt or INJURED in Red pen if they were on my radar. hurt players go to the last rounds Injured players don't get drafted, Ill try for the waiver wire for them guys. Simple method pretty good results usually. helps me avoid being "that guy' who calls a picked player.. and the grid helps me to decide if I want to start a run, or target value if I have a need in on a position run.
  8. Looking for some 'New' dinner ideas ?

    Thanks folks!, Bier I will head there to see what I can glean! HBTCowboy's, Sounds delish..will run it by the wife she only likes cooked spinach in my lasagna but this sounds delightful thanks for the idea I may have to tweak it a smidge, but will defo try it out edit; WashD, if you could, PM me that list bud! and thanks again.
  9. Looking for some 'New' dinner ideas ?

    Me, the wife and my stepson (<--14, a smidge pickier eater) kid, err TEEN friendly is preferable.. Seems like the quick reply is a bit more responsive to typing.. but fingers still out pacing the accuracy of input (thanks auto fill)
  10. OK, so I am the primary cook in the house, and lately I've been looking for something to spice up the norm. I am not per say looking for anything too crazy or hard to cook, my schedule is busy as ever, and while I love cooking, time is usually of the essence. I'm not looking for anything too exotic or super complicated; more so, a list of alternatives to add to the usual "Chicken-dish, Taco-night, Pork Chop, Spaghetti, Hamburgers, or the occasional Fish"... etc that is more along the line of the norm for supper in typical week of suppers. So Huddlers and Huddler-etts, lend me your ideas. please post some recepies or websites that you frequent when you, or the primary cook in the household, go to when you looking for 'new' meals that are not in the regular list of go to meals. please and Thank Ye! P.S. Damn! this took for ever to type; the keys don't seem to be responding WTF?
  11. nevermind, settled on BBQ meatballs. Thanks anyhow
  12. Greetings Huddlers. looking for ideas for a simple dish to pass. Salad or quick throw together ideas. preferrably dirt simple and real quick. party is tomorrow so Id appreciate help as quick as possible. Thanks in adv. if you can help.
  13. How can you not love the draft? (local or live, the draft is a mainstay for FFLs, IMO) so I'll pile on + 1 for the Draft. So many thrills involved, what place do you get to pick from, Redraft/Keeper/Dyn? how many Team Managers, and player-positions are there? what is scoring like? soo many dynamics. Runs on a position, filling roster with value and needs, etc.... I also like the competition/rivalry's that have blossomed over the years (at least in my locals). the pre-draft strategies are also big for me too. projecting and scheming those rd 6 + players and sleepers. Sundays filled with ALL DAY football vewing from the time I get up, till I go to bed. then after a long day of work Monday getting to settle down with Monday Night football! (especially when I have vested intrest in some of the players for or against me!) I like how FFL makes the Whole-League more interesting, not just the "Insert homer team here ____" team's players. I like the team management aspect as well, each league/team has different qualities. so much fun. Winning is nice too, but I truly would play for free I enjoy it that much.. but since I have a chance to win some quid, Ill buy in, in hopes I can get a payout!!!
  14. I am in first year of a keeper (3yrs) Brees was my first pick, and he is whom I probably will keep. Ryan was available in the mid rounds I could not pass up his "Value" at the time. My WR Depth is pretty suspect. I am trying to get some help at WR and maybe RB (have R.Bush and others I can package to get more for the bang) this is my first keeper experience currently 6-3 tied for 2nd in my ESPN lg division. (he's got me on pts ) I know I can move one of them, but I am torn, Ryan's been pretty solid thorugh the Harder-first half and has easier sched going forward IMO. truth be told they both have kinda favorable schedules upcoming.. here is my team (pretty standard scoring) Brees, Ryan R.Bush, D.Martin, (Quizz.Rogers, Stephens-Howling, K.Hunter, R.Hillman, J.Battle) J.Nelson, K.Wright. D.Avery (all of whom are on the shelf..) Dressen, Hernandez G.Tate, D.Jones T.Y.Hilton on the waiver wire as on now..going to drop one of the backup RBs and try to get one of these guys.. What do you all reccomend for moving a QB though? I am leaning on moving Ryan, but he seems pretty prime for keeping the next two yrs. I am i letting his potential get in the way of giving him up? Thank Ye.
  15. my Ridley for his Harvin?

    If you guys get pts for Ret yardage, I would make a play on him.. if not listen to the other opinions in the privious posts.. I have Harvin (and Sproles) in a PPR/RetYd lg and man, they get me like 27+ pts a game EACH! (plus I have Foster, and MJD, and BigBen! yeah Im undefeated, in First place, with the most points in said lg) Harvin alone got me 34.8 last wk (ppr, return yds and esclators and such) Sproles got me 34.3. in an non-topic sidebar... I also have Harvin in a non PPR lg (w/o Return yards either) and he netted me 9pts last week (6 for Ret TD, and 3 on 34yds rec) IMO his value is much higher if you get Ret yds (or atleast Ret TD pts) or if its PPR...but still he is a top option for the Minn Offense and Sp-Tms Only AP has more value for fantasy on the Vikes IMO (well, when he is fully healthy anyhow) Maybe see if you guys can do a RB1 WR2 for a WR1 RB2 kind of package?