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  1. Hello all. I am the commish of a Game of Thrones themed dynasty league, with custom graphics and an integrated forum. We are entering our 4th year and need 1 active owner. This is a dynasty, IDP league with contracts, tags, rookie draft, super flex, even scoring across offensive and defensive positions, 6 year contract max, taxi squads, etc... The whole 9 yards. Homepage: http://www54.myfantasyleague.com/2017/home/16963#0 Available team is House Daynw: http://www54.myfantasyleague.com/2017/options?L=16963&F=0005&O=07 League Constitution: http://thronedynasty.proboards.com/board/58/tdl-constitution I am looking for an active owner who loves year-round fantasy football. Experience in dynasty and IDP is a must. League fee is $105/year. 100% payouts minus MFL fee. A $50 refundable deposit is required in order to try and make sure that if/when you leave the league, you leave in good standing. It will be refunded once a replacement team is found. A one time $50 custom graphics fee is also required if you wish to change your team name and all graphics associated with it (Team Page, Forum Sig, mini banner etc)... This goes directly to my graphics guy and I don't see 1 penny from it. If you choose to keep the same graphics, there will be a one time $10 charge to just update and recycle your current graphics with your name/record etc... Everyone in this league is 30 and older and we all get along. No drama. Ever. In any event, if you are interested, please send me an email at vitaminb6@gmail.com and let me know your FF experience and why you think you would be a great fit for the league. Looking forward to hiring our new owner! Thanks for reading.
  2. Does anyone know where I can obtain one of those? I have looked absolutely everywhere I can think of and can't seem to come across any. Can someone please help me out. Thanks in advance! Wooters
  3. Playoff Cheat Sheets

    Anyone know of DEEP Playoff cheat sheets that have all the players on one page? So instead of flipping pages all positions are on one page. Oh and they have to be free to download. Thanks Wooters
  4. Boss Bailey

    Quarles while not a world beater, did have 103 solo tackles last year and Bailey has a lot more speed and athleticism. 1-0-0 from a full game doesn't make any sense to me. Paris Lenon is the SLB, not the MLB.
  5. Merriman

    $20 for 100 solos? I would bet my house. That is impossible for a player like Merriman. Sh!t I would bet $50,000 that Merriman wouldn't even get 70 solos.
  6. What I am looking for is a tool to show me how many points teams give up to DL/LB/DB/S on average per game. For example this week I have a decision to make between Kerry Rhodes and Lawyer Milloy. I have noticed that safties that play against the Bills don't do too well, so it makes me want to lean towards Millow this week. But I'm not sure how well safeties against the Saints do. Anyone know where to find something like that? TIA
  7. Boss Bailey

    What is up with him? How can he go 1-0-0 against the Bears as a MLB? Is he starting? Is he a 3 down LB'er? I had him as my #1 sleeper IDP LB'er going from SLB to MLB with his speed and athleticism. Major major let down so far. Thoughts?
  8. Kerry Rhodes

    How do people think Rhodes will do against the Bills this week. Seems to me safeties playing against the Bills don't get a lot of tackles.
  9. Merriman

    They can say anything that they want but they don't have that decision. Matt Wilhelm will get first crack at the job. If he fails then it is open to competition, but the job is Wilhelm's when it happens.
  10. Need one to start. Edwards v.s. Cincy Horn v.s. GB
  11. Why did I take Droughns over Gore?

    While I agree that the OP is over reacting and Droughns will have a decent year, there is absolutely no way on earth that Droughns averages more yards per carry than Gore. None. Gore is much much more talented than Droughns. If you would like to make a bet on this I would be grlad to oblige. How about $50 paypal. Word of honor, pay at the end of the season. Both backs need 150 carries to qualify. Bet?
  12. Merriman

    This may be the worst post in this thread. First of all SD doesn't play a 4-3 the play a 3-4 which means that Sd does not have a MLB. Edwards plays the ILB position. Secondly, when Edwards gets traded or leaves over the offseason Matt Wilhelm will take over his position. Merriman is only as dominant as he is because he is faster and quicker than the o-lineman that he needs to blow by. Merriman shedding a blocker and chasing down a RB isn't going to happen from the ILB position...ever.
  13. Merriman

    Merriman had a great game, but as others have said won't even finish top 30. Perhaps even top 40. Merriman essentially= Joey Porter.
  14. Thanks for the opinions Shiznit. Man it is so tough to sit D.Smith. A MLB on a terrible SF team against an offense that theoretically should move the ball at will against the SF defense. Man this is impossible to predict. Anyone else? Please chime in.