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  1. Which of the 3 Wings Cup teams was the best?

    LOL...bought the cup. Gets your facts straight. Isn't that what *everyone* does? I do believe that is what Colorado did last year and tried to do again this year. The Rangers have tried to do it the past couple years to and have fallen flat. The Red Wings salary isn't that much more this year then it was the past couple where they lost. Guys took pay *cuts* and took less money to come to Detroit. So, what is the lesson here? You can spend a ton of money like the Rangers, but it gets you no where if they don't play as a TEAM and sacrifice for one another and have a coach that demand success and gets the most out of everyone. If all the players do is complain and b*tch about how much ice time they get, well, they lose. :cool:
  2. Can we get a link to the Prognosticator articles in the members area. I searched like mad trying to find it and went out to the main home page outside the members area to get to it. I was looking in the In-Season tools section. If it's already linked somewhere, sorry. Thanks!
  3. Password input?

    Are you guys behind a proxy server or firewall at work?
  4. Yo, DMD. The link to your new auction article is the same as the first one. It is pointing to the file 01auction1.htm I changed it to 01auction2.htm in my browser and the new article came up. By the way, one thing you may have forgotten (unless you'll cover it in the next article) is how to conduct the auction: Open bids or round the table. Open bids is like a regular auction. Round the table is like poker, once you pass, you are out.
  5. Logon box

    You may see this problem mostly at work (nahhh, no one looks at this board at work!) if you are behind a firewall and proxy server. I know when our proxy server starts acting up, I get all kinds of weird things, one of them is the login box appearing more often on the huddle. I think the reason is that the proxy server isn't sending out your cookie properly so the huddle's web server thinks it needs to send you a new one and thus asks you to log in.
  6. Last posted by...

    < cut and pasted from the tailgate, I didn't know what I was doing this morning. ) Hey DMD or WW, In the main topic view on the forum, how about adding a column for "last post by" next to topic starter? I've seen this on many boards and find it helpful. (DMD just posted to that topic, I gotta check out what he said!) Awesome site so far. Love the new boards. Well worth $12.
  7. DMD or WW, Is your account name tied to your forum alias? I made mine the same, but it didn't seem like I had to do that. I'm not gonna try it, but could I create other forum aliases? Just wondering since that was a problem before with one person having several aliases.
  8. Hockey forum?

    Sounds cool to me. Less clutter makes for a better forum anyway. Thanks!
  9. Hockey forum?

    Don't know if there are enough Hockey fans around here, but how about a Hockey forum? Hasek to the Red Wings rule!