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  1. Indians Starting Pitching

    Usually you use 4. Some teams use 3, if they can't trust their 4th starter. I think Elarton will be in the pen. There are too many days off to use 5 different starters in the same series. They are certainly welcome to if they want.
  2. Yankees Collapsing

    Just figured it was time to bring that back. Nothing is clinched yet. But those free-spending Indians don't appear to be going away, looks like the division will get decided in Boston, and one of the two highest payrolls in baseball will be watching the playoffs... or maybe the Indians do fade, and that series won't matter, but I doubt it. And if Cleveland, St. Louis, Atlanta, Houston, or San Diego (Oakland and Philly too, they aren't out of it yet) take care of business, that'll make 6 different champions in 6 years. Really do need a cap to give even that out some more.
  3. Fantasy Baseball help

    I think Woody Williams has two starts this week. One is in Coors, but he could be an option, depending on your rules and scoring.
  4. Ricky Williams

    Yes, he's eligible to play on Miami's bye week, he doesn't have to sit out an extra week. I wouldn't expect too much production from him Week 5 though.
  5. To Trade or not to Trade

    Another trade that makes no sense for the other owner.
  6. Does this make any friggin sense?

    It makes no sense for the other owner.
  7. Atlanta player fined!

    If by clean, you mean with the crown of the helmet, then sure, it was clean. I read somewhere that he launched himself too, but I don't remember seeing that at the time.
  8. Barry Bonds

    1. I don't know he never failed a drug test. How do you know that he did? I never said he never used anything, I'm sure he has. I'm sure lots of players have. Pitchers too. Lots of NFL players as well, they serve their suspensions and come back. Can a Panther fan not cheer for Julius Peppers? And we know he's failed a test already. 2. Wasn't that what Lewis plead to... "obstructing an investigation?" Sounds like lying to me. And I'm sure Jamal had no idea what was going on. 3. And most people don't like the steroid thing because of what it does to the stats and the records. No one really cares what they do to they bodies. So I was making a point that he's not the only one may have tainted records (May have in Bonds case, certainly in Farve's). And if you really think that Farve only SUPPOSEDLY let Strahan sack him, then I've got a nice bridge I'd like to sell you, reasonably priced. You have every right to boo Bonds if you don't like him, but if you are going to paint all fans that welcome back their best player with an ovation as dimwitted... just be consistent. Paint them all.
  9. Barry Bonds

    The next drug test he fails will be his first.... And I suppose Raven fans that give Ray Lewis or Jamal Lewis a standing ovation are equally dimwitted... they only lied about a murder and made drug deals. At least they didn't hurt themselves with steroids, right?. But Bonds is messing around with statistical records... I see. Better go cheer Brett Farve who would never comprise his offensive lineman or an all time sack record for his friend on the opposing team. Nothing against the Raven or Brett Farve fans, of course, the list can go on and on to probably include fans of every team in every sport.
  10. Holdouts

    Because Walker tearing his knee is going to encourage owners to give out big signing bonuses?
  11. huh - Agassi vs. Blake

    It was a great match. Very surprising that that Law and Order would go on there. Not sure what happened. But it was nice. Blake served for the match in the 5th set too...
  12. Another Mike Anderson trade thread

    He's got Domanick Davis, Tatum Bell Stephen Davis Duce Staley Frank Gore as RB D Givens D Mason Randy Moss Terry Glenn Jerry Porter Brandon Stokley as WR He's also got Gates. I've got Doug Jolley/Kris Mangum McNabb as QB, but I've got Bulger so that's not a factor.
  13. Another Mike Anderson trade thread

    "He offered Derrick Mason or David Givens, and I said no, didn't think that helped me too much." - from above
  14. Standard performance scoring, and we start 2RB and 3 WR. 12 teams, no keepers. I've got Kevin Jones, Julius Jones, Warrick Dunn, Anderson, M Moore, Eric Shelton as RBs. Steve Smith, Donald Driver, TJ Housh, Charles Rogers and Reggie Williams as WR So the Tatum Bell owner wants Anderson. I told him I'd need an upgrade to my WR or TE (he has Gates). He offered Derrick Mason or David Givens, and I said no, didn't think that helped me too much. He came back with Jerry Porter and Frank Gore for Anderson and any of my receivers. Now, the potential upside with Anderson is great. If he sticks with the job, in theory I could then trade one of the Joneses for Holt or Harrison, but there usually isn't a lot of trading in this league. I could see Anderson doing well, then sitting on my bench because no one will trade a top receiver to me. Or Tatum Bell takes over, and I missed out on a chance to upgrade my receiving corp with my #4RB. Opinions are welcome. I'm leaning toward not doing this. Thanks
  15. Advice for draft

    Alexander. But if you can't agree on the 1st round pick, with all the time you had to talk about it... Good luck throughout the rest of the draft.