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  1. 5th Pick - Draft Party Tomorrow

    Thanks RB rankings S. Alexander L T Priest - L Johnson (handcuff) Dillion James D. Davis K. Jones J. Jones McGahee S. Jax Portis Anderson - Bell (handcuff) Westbrook Martin Jordan McAllister Barber Green W. Dunn C. Brown, Ten - Henry (handcuff) Benson / T. Jones Davis / Foster - CAR Ronnie Brown Cadillac Williams Man are nuts!!! McAllister is ranked way, way, to low . Man this guy is the 4th best RB in the draft !! For those of you that pass on McAllister "SHAME ON YOU" . Take McAllister with your pick and then grab a Jones in the second. Man its just hard for me to believe people forget about what McAllister did a couple of years ago. If I remember correctly E. Smith got hurt few times and was never written off. Just amazing.............Do what you think, but you'll be sorry you passed on McAllister if you do . Just sit back and watch!!
  2. McAllister or McGahee

    WOW!!! And I thought I would get pounded on for that pick................lol Just goes to show you that you can't always go by the cheatsheets, including this site. Not that it would have mattered, but I'm glad to here that everyone agrees with my pick.
  3. Yes I took McAllister over NcGahee at #8 in the first round (12 Teams), yesterday in our draft . Many league members shook there heads at this one but not entirely once I gave thiem my reasons. So before you start consider this: 1. McAllister is a proven top 3 RB when healthy 2. NO has an experienced QB.....Buf. has a rookie QB 3. NO has a better OL.............Buf. OL stinks 4. McGahee put up his numbers while Bledsoe was at the helm 5. McGahee was ranked at least 70 or greater last year going into the draft on most cheatsheets So these are the main reasons why I made the decision I did. I feel like too many people get caught up in one year. Especailly if this one year was under a different set of circumstances. Now I'm not saying that McGahee would not have been a great pick at #8. People just tend to forget about what kind of numbers McAllister put up under this same system in NO. He has to stay healthy, but so does McGahee under an unproven OL and QB. I think based on these factors I made a very smart pick and the safest pick, even considering McAllisters injuries in the past. Like I said McGahee has to play with a new set of circumstnces. He has to prove that he can succeed in that environment first. The QB and OL line must prove they can succeed too. You tell me.... Let the bashing begin, but just remember you could be wrong : And please don't bring up the hurricane factor...........that's just taking the easy way out These guys are pros!! By the way I got K. Jones in the second round