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  1. Championship week!

    Here we are, about an hour before the first game of the week. Final decisions being made, maybe stressing out a bit. Trust your gut and be comfortable with your decisions. Just remember that it's a game. You made it to the championship! Have fun with it! Hopefully you're playing against a friend and no matter what happens, you get to share the memory of it for many years. And if you lose, use the 24 hour rule - it's OK to be disappointed, bummed out, regretting a lineup decision. But after 24 hours, move on. Again, it's just a game. The holidays are here, so go have some fun with your family and friends. Thanks again for the conversations, advice, jokes, etc. this season. I don't always post a lot, but I read most everything. Good luck to everyone in your Championship (or 3rd place, consolation, whatever) game and Happy Holidays!
  2. From the sounds of it, neither Cook or Mattison are going to play. Boone, Freeman, Washington... In that order over anyone on your roster. KC RBs could be alright, but it's a crap shoot on which one.
  3. Who to start at TE?

  4. Who to start?

    Freeman, Mostert, Brown, Perriman
  5. Pick 2 RBs 2 WRs and Flex

    Jones, Cooper, Brown, Fournette, Drake, Washington
  6. Lost Godwin, need a replacement WR

    I'd go with Perriman...
  7. Which WR?

  8. At flex, Perriman, Chark, AJ brown?

    Perriman and AJ
  9. Need 2 of these guys... Fournette Mostert Boone Perriman Allen Robinson Thanks!
  10. Freeman, Boone and Mostert.
  11. I'd go Henry and Boone. But I think you're pretty safe with Cooper over Boone too. Waller at TE.
  12. Pick two!

    Help me out please, this is driving me crazy!
  13. Agreed, but I think his floor is awfully low too... I'm still thinking about it, but I'm probably leaving him on the bench.
  14. TB has almost no running game; Winston wings the ball all over the field every week; both 1A and 1B WRs are out (and option 3 or 4); they're playing another high-powered offense and will need to keep up; the Houston pass defense is not great; he blew up last week. All the logic says he's going to have a great game, so of course he's going to put up a 3-26-0 stat line.... Edit: Unless I leave him on my bench...