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  1. Need 1... Hines @ NYJ McCoy @ Hou Collins @ Ten Ekeler @ Cle Thanks!
  2. Flex appeal

    I like Godwin. Tampa's going to have to throw to keep up with Atlanta.
  3. Shady, Ekeler, Hines...

    Bad RB choices for me today. Please help. Hines @ NYJ McCoy @ Hou Collins @ Ten Ekeler @ Cle Breida @ GB - Can't wait for Monday night to find out if he plays or not.... Thanks!
  4. CLE, ind, chi fans... Fear the Fisher

    I used to root for Fisher in the Tennessee days. He's a former Bear and I kinda felt bad for him missing out on the 85 SB run, since he was on IR all or most of that season. At one point, I think I even told a Titans fan that I hoped he came back to coach in Chicago some day. Now that I've learned, I hope they sign a 3-person committee of John Fox, Marc Trestman and Dick Jauron to serve as head coach for the rest of their lives before they even send a text message to Jeff Fisher.
  5. Whats your craptacular championship lineup

    QB - Goff or Foles - still deciding RB - Collins WR - M. Thomas TE - Gronk Flex - Hopkins Flex - ??????? D - Bears K - Bryant Lost Burkhead, who's been my guy for that 2nd flex spot the last month or so. So now I have to pick between CJ, Crowell, Peyton Barber, Kendall Wright or Kerwynn Williams/Elijhaa Penny. If Williams doesn't go, it'll probably be Penny. If he does, I worry about re-injury and/or time share, so it'll probably be either CJ or Wright.
  6. DeAndre Hopkins misses Thursday practice

    Second worst. Worst case would be another Brock Osweiler sighting under center. 😀
  7. Nick Foles week 15 fantasy stud?

    I'm still debating Foles or Goff. Right now I'm leaning towards Goff - he's got me this far... Plus, I benched him back in Week 12 (vs. NO) to start Andy Dalton vs. Cleveland. Goff scored 3 more than Dalton, which cost me a win and ultimately the #2 seed and a bye last week. I squeaked out a 1.9-point win last week, so it ended up not costing me in the long run (other than a few more gray hairs during MNF), but I'm thinking that may have been a sign for me.
  8. Nick Foles week 15 fantasy stud?

    I'm putting a bid on him and if I get him, am considering starting him over Goff (@SEA) this week.
  9. DeAndre Hopkins Week 15 Outlook

    Take this with a grain of salt, because I really don't have any better options (Crowell? CJ? Brate? No, no and no.), but I'm starting him. I don't expect him to get me 31+ like last week, but he did have 7-55 and a TD in their 1st meeting. Texans are most likely going to be down and will need to throw to win. He's a target machine no matter who's throwing him the ball and he did go 8-90-2 with Yates last week. Granted, that was against the 49ers awful defense, but he's just one of those guys that always makes plays, no matter how much a defense focuses on him. Another guy like that - Antonio Brown - went 10-157 against the Jags. So there's some hope for Nuk to still have a sold game. At least that's what I'm telling myself...
  10. Week 14 MNF what do u need ? Playoff edition

    Lewis - 9.2 Burkhead - 13.8 Not a stellar night by either, but enough to get me a 1.9 point victory!
  11. Week 14 MNF what do u need ? Playoff edition

    Need Burkhead to outscore Lewis by 2.8 points!
  12. Milk Carton time

    Cameron Brate! I paid big to get him to cover me for Gronk this week!
  13. Goff vs. Carr.... Flex help too...

    Agreed. I wish Crowell played late like Collins so I could get a feel for how my matchup is going and decide if I can play it safe or need to swing for the fences. Maybe it'll come down to a coin flip. Yeah, Carr hasn't been spectacular by any means, but he hasn't put up any real stinkers either. The KC pass D is awful and with their best DB suspended, they should be even worse. If their offense shows up like it did last week, it could turn into a shootout. Probably similar to my RB choices - Goff is probably the safer play, but Carr's got the big upside potential.
  14. Goff vs. Carr.... Flex help too...

    Exactly my thoughts too. And the fact that Collins has been hot lately. Plus, he did post good numbers against Pit in their first game (9-82). What's got me 2nd guessing - along with what you said about Pit jumping out early - is that it's on the road. Collins has been decidedly better at home (13.1 pts/game) than on the road (6.7 pts). His only 2 good road games were back in week 3 (9-82 @JAX) and Week 11 against a bad GB run defense (20-49, TD). Even the GB game wasn't that great, but the TD saved him. Crowell's more balanced in that regard, averaging 8.4 in both home and away games. And he gets that same bad GB run defense at home. I guess I've only got about another 47 hours to think about it... And ultimately, probably make the wrong decision.
  15. Goff vs. Carr.... Flex help too...

    Well, you guys are no help... The more I look, the more undecided I am. At this point, I think I'm leaning towards Collins but am still absolutely undecided...