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  1. Trade help

    Agree with others here. If you can give Kelley instead, I would probably do it. But I'm not as high on Kelley as others are...
  2. Should I add James White from Waiver

    I wouldn't drop any of them for White.
  3. Justin Jefferson

    The time to buy low was 2 weeks ago, before he had 278 yards receiving the last 2 games...
  4. Should I do this trade?

    How many RB, WR, Flex spots do you start? I like the Carson/Parker side better.
  5. Trade Jonnu for Kelley?

    I think I'm shifting gears now anyway. I may just flip Andrews for Allen Robinson and roll with Hunt. Sounds like Ekeler and Chubb will both be returning around the same time so I should be able to just ride it out until then.
  6. Trade Jonnu for Kelley?

    I hear ya and I think he's going to be really good the next month with Chubb out. But, if I can deal him now while his value is high for a couple of guys that will help me all season vs. just the next 4 - 6 weeks, I'll be better off in the long run.
  7. Trade Jonnu for Kelley?

    I might be able to go after the Chubb owner, who I know likes Andrews anyway. What's your thought on a Hunt/Andrews package for Carson and a WR? Diontae Johnson or DeVante Parker are probably the targets, but he's got Julio, Lockett and Hollywood Brown as well.
  8. Trade Jonnu for Kelley?

    I was kinda thinking the same, but I'm not big on Conner and his injury history. His only other starting RB is Kamara and I don't think there's any way that's going to happen.
  9. Trade Jonnu for Kelley?

    Just lost Ekeler for a while and the Kelley owner is in need of TE. But I'm hesitant - Jonnu is #2 PPG TE right now and I don't fully trust Kelley. Thoughts?
  10. Fournette waived!

    It's probably safe to drop Andre Reed at this point - the guy's gotta be in his mid-50's...
  11. League plan for Covid 19 shortened season

    We've got a tiered approach... If the season gets cancelled before Week 7 is complete (essentially the halfway point), we're not paying out anything and everything rolls to next year. After Week 7, but before week 14 (1st playoff week), we're going to pay out a small amount to best record and highest points - we usually don't pay either. If it gets cancelled during the fantasy playoffs (Weeks 14 - 16), we'll pay out to playoff teams, based on where we're at and then by seeding. But, we're still not paying out our entire pot and the remainder will roll to next season. In any case, if the NFL season gets cancelled before our championship game in week 16, we will not declare a champion this year.
  12. Championship week!

    Here we are, about an hour before the first game of the week. Final decisions being made, maybe stressing out a bit. Trust your gut and be comfortable with your decisions. Just remember that it's a game. You made it to the championship! Have fun with it! Hopefully you're playing against a friend and no matter what happens, you get to share the memory of it for many years. And if you lose, use the 24 hour rule - it's OK to be disappointed, bummed out, regretting a lineup decision. But after 24 hours, move on. Again, it's just a game. The holidays are here, so go have some fun with your family and friends. Thanks again for the conversations, advice, jokes, etc. this season. I don't always post a lot, but I read most everything. Good luck to everyone in your Championship (or 3rd place, consolation, whatever) game and Happy Holidays!
  13. From the sounds of it, neither Cook or Mattison are going to play. Boone, Freeman, Washington... In that order over anyone on your roster. KC RBs could be alright, but it's a crap shoot on which one.
  14. Who to start at TE?

  15. Who to start?

    Freeman, Mostert, Brown, Perriman