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  1. thanks all, my team has been high scoring overall so I'm trying to get a sure medium points rather than miss completely if Hyde is scratch
  2. Just to point out Allen has 36 fantasy points (19th overall RB)
  3. This is a PPR league I have Hyde as my RB2 but he's a GTD and a late start my choices are : Buck Allen vs Pitt Abdulla vs Minn Brandon Oliver vs Eagles 4:05 Hyde vs Arizona 4:05 Safe choice is to pick Allen? has 10 receptions in the last 2 games as well as 200 total yards and 1 TD
  4. Regarding Dez he's surely up and down and cutting out all his missed games last year he averaged 15 points and ODB averaged 18.5 i know now that's last year. I didn't want to give up Gordon/Dez but figure ODB is elite and everyone else is merely very good with Allen being lesser of the four. I figure to give up two A/B+ players to get one A+ and one C+
  5. Thanks for the reply but alas too late to help me decide. Sorry for the flack, I was asking for a *quick reply* now it's too late. I did offer my other WRs but he was only wanting Dez. I'm going to try to grab Smallwood off the WW in case he takes over in Philly and hopefully Abdulla is not a colossal failure.
  6. Thanks for nothing 27 views no advice.
  7. I had been rolling 3 RB but can switch to 2 RB Hyde and Hunt and try to pick 4 WR i really do not care for Buck Allen should I counter with another player from his team?
  8. My team is fairly stacked but I don't mind making some changes if it makes sense PPR need start 2 RB and 3 WR with one flex the trade I give up Gordon and Dez to get ODB and Buck Allen here are are the respective teams I'm in first place overall I know ODB is an upgrade but is Gordon and Dez (two starters too much to give up)?
  9. 12 Team PPR Draft Advice

    LeSean is gone by then. I mean probably gone. If he's there pick him. I was 9th and picked Gordon over Jordy Nelson have to see who's there but my draft McCoy went 6 and AJ went at 7 but you never know who's going to slip.
  10. thanks, I made the championship game by a last minute TD from Ingram last week., GOOD LUCK to all.
  11. Anyone need him or 1.2 points to win the championship?
  12. give him some F-en Skittles quit fooling around.
  13. helmet on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I checked on the internet about an hour ago said he was good to go.